Danny Choo @ SOAS

I was sitting here to begin with, but moved before the talk started 🙂

Last night, as many of you may know, Danny Choo gave a talk on creative industries in Japan, at SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies, (where he got his degree in Japanese 🙂 ) And, as many of you may know, I got to go! lol. I will try and keep the fangirly flailing to a minimum ^_^; but this was pretty much on the same level as meeting Misha Collins/seeing David Tennant live. Danny has had such a big impact on my life, consciously or otherwise lol. I still blame him for me wanting to buy loads of figures hehe. And Dannychoo.com is where I first found Chie Yoshioka too… my wallet still cries for its lost brethren… so much lost… but so much gained 😀 (More pics n stuff below the cut.)

Lots of fiddling with the lighting lol. Went on & off a fair few times before it started.

Twas fully booked. Almost got turned away cos they couldn't find my name in the list (grr) but they did eventually. I was stand-by ticket 8 in case though.

Now, cos my camera sucks, (or rather, not my camera, the stand in camera, as I’d stupidly left my other battery and charger in Leicester, so I couldn’t use my own, slightly less lame camera lol) I didn’t take loads of pictures, didn’t take any during the talk cause I was just listening lol. Couldn’t have done much else lol, I planned to write notes, but I just listened. It was awesome. Inspiring is definately the word to describe it. Gets you pumped!! There were some techical differculties during the presentation. Mainly due to the projector I do believe, caused a few laughs lol, must have been frustrating for Danny though. I wish I had my little audio recorder aswell… could have recorded the whole talk, but alas, that was left in Leicester too. I have now learned NEVER to leave my tech behind, and that my parents are WRONG in telling me I only need to bring back the bare minimum during holidays… as all my Figma’s, most of my Nendoroids and all my Gunpla are still in Leicester… all the portable stuff… had PVC’s here obviously… but not so easy to transport. One guy did bring a figure though, from Densha Otoko. I wants her…

I want to fangirl… I want to gush, about how strange/awesome it was to finally meet the guy who’d been writing the stuff I’d been reading for the past coming up on 3 years now(joined DC in late 07). Sooooooooooooooo glad he came back to the UK. Had been hoping he’d come for some reason or another so I’d have a chance to meet him lol, just glad it was at a time I could get there, and didn’t have to pay through the nose for travel 🙂 Oh yeah, that reminds me!!!


There was, in total, including me, like 6 people in the entire carriage. And there were 3 carriages of First Class seats XD total overkill since most people wouldn’t bother paying the extra. I only did cos it was £1 extra compared to a normal ticket. Oh-so quiet and oh-so-nice. Seats were a bit odd, but that depends on the train usually doesn’t it?

And finally, the social/meet thing after the talk 🙂 I don’t generally mingle/go to clubs/parties/talk to total strangers, BUT that’s what the evening was about right? Though in actual fact they weren’t total strangers, because I knew alot of them from DannyChoo.com XD.

Daughters of lucky lucky people. So very pretty... I wasn't expecting any Dollfie Dreams to be there, first time I've seen them up close in real life. Yoko, Fate & Mio... a Mio....already...she's only just come out lol

But I’m a total wuss bout talking to new people anyways lol, was suprised I spoke the number I did lol. Guesstimating bout 14-16 people… Which was cool 🙂 Handed out some business cards. Which was cool 🙂 I did NOT need 100 lol. But that was the minimum order for the place I got em from, and they did it very quick, and well and with no hassle 🙂 So thank you PIP. I wasn’t the only one who got some printed specially for the day hehe. Good to know. I got 5 business cards, though I’m pretty sure I got a few more… there must be somewhere…  That 5 included Danny’s 😀 which I got signed. And I got a picture with him and some others I met, but on other peoples camera’s(at this point I was half-panicking in case I was late for my train ^^;), luckily those people are some of the ones I met, so I’m sure I’ll be able to get them to email a copy to me 🙂

Oh yeah, probably the most awesome thing, he knew who I was straight away XD wasn’t expecting him too lol, but I spose I was in Otacool 1…. amongst other things… its not like I’ve ever been a lurker on DC lol. Always endevored to be a presence lol. GAH And he asked me when I was gonna adopt a daughter… I said I already had one picked out 🙂 which I do, Mabel, its just a case of aqquiring the funds. Heck, I even have a dress and extra eyes for her… stored away safe and sound for when I finally get me a Dollfie 😀

So if you don’t already, follow him on Twitter, join DC and join Figure.fm!!

Oh, and one last thing, business cards 😀 Took photos before I started typing this up 🙂

The cards I collected 🙂

Got Danny to sign the back of his card 🙂 Thankies su

And finally, my cards. I have waaaaaay too many, but least they’ll last a while, and its not like I’m ever gonna change the username I use haha.

I could have gone doublesided, and had Chie on the back, as more people see her & think of me on DC, but I went with Chiemi only. She so needs a new outfit(I have one in mind)... I'll get done for plagerism if not I bet... eep...

Ok, now I really have to go lol. Going for a sleepover thing in Ipswich with friendlies 🙂 Had an awesome-awesome time at the Danny Choo talk/meetup. Next time I meet him I hope it’ll be when I’m in Japan for some reason 🙂

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19 Responses to “Danny Choo @ SOAS”

  1. Hummy Says:

    It was great to meet you yesterday, I’m glad you had a great time. I have a very blurry photo of you with Danny, I’ll try and upload it soon.

  2. Danny Choo Says:

    Hey Meimi!
    Thanks so much for coming down to London for the event. Was great to meet you after all these years!
    Promise to come back to Blighty more often.

  3. ephemeross Says:

    Nice write up ^^
    Really wish I could have gone but it was really short notice to sort out travel + hotel; since I live in Cornwall (。_。) .

  4. Wolfheinrich Says:

    Looks like a fun event!

  5. stefkov Says:


    In the third image the guy in the green jumper near the bottom of the frame… that’s me.
    No way you were sat there. I should have said hello.. damn nerves.

    • meimi132 Says:

      Ahhhh coolio! Well I was sat there to begin with, but I moved to the center-back to sit with people I knew/half knew before the actual talk started 🙂

  6. Sneddon Says:

    hey didnt see u there! shame, but it was a great event nevertheless

    “asian guy with odd hair” best way to remember who i am, lol

  7. sergeant gordon Says:

    Hey Meimi, don’t worry about having too many of your own cards. Give 1 to me. No I’m serious. ^^; e-mail me gordon008 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] sg Can give you some of mine if you want. ^^;

  8. Hammy Says:

    Wow you got Danny to sign his card!
    I was lucky enough to grab his used face mask ^^
    It truly was a pleasure meeting so many DC comrades and fellow bloggers at the event.

    • meimi132 Says:

      You were lucky :D, if only I were near the front… but I never would have been bold enough to go up there and grab one of the lanyards so fast lol.

  9. lovelyduckie Says:

    Cards 🙂 cute

  10. SG Says:

    Hey Meimi!
    I was there as well. The guy wearing a hat XD Gray hat.

    I didn’t get much chance to speak with everyone, hope you had fun there. I did.

  11. eliawithbirds Says:

    Oooh I spotted myself in one of your photos ^_^ Was such a good night, I’m barely on DC so I don’t know any of you (;-;) but it was nice to be around everyone ^^

    I’m a student at SOAS, so it was really wierd to see Dollfie Dreams in my lecture hall xD

  12. phossil Says:

    I would like to share my b-cards with you too If you’re agree. send me an email ^^

  13. biotoxic Says:

    It really looked like fun. The SOAS lecture theatres look very similar to the lecture theatres at my uni. ie the projectors never work as intended, the lighting goes crazy, and none of the lecturers actually know how to use them :lol:.

    I considered coming down to London from Edinburgh to meet Danny, but the travel time and cost was just too much. Such a shame since it looked to be really inspiring.

    • meimi132 Says:

      Mmmm uni’s all seem to have similar problems lol XD

      Shame you couldn’t make it down, but from Scotland to London… woulda cost a helluva lot… not sure I would have paid that… although….no probably not… *sigh*

  14. d.ark Says:

    If you do get around to acquiring yourself a DD one day and she wants to hang around and play with other vinyl/ resin girls and boys then do pop along to one of the London Monthly Meets!

    We are happy-go-lucky bunch of people that always welcome new attendees ^^

    Check out http://denofangels.com/forums/. If you are not already a member, send me a mail, I will get you an invite ^^

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