Lobster Iron Man!!!

Meet Lobster Iron Man.

...the unholy cross of...

...crustacean and comic book hero...

And if this doesn’t give you nightmares… I’m sure this will; (Below the cut people, NSFSC XD)

It's what happens when a Na'vi and a lobster get...friendly... *shudder*

I’m guessing the glasses are there cos of the 3D nature of the movie… but I’m really not sure…

Dubbed simply, Lobotar. I think Crabatar would have been better, but thats for a crab, not a lobster...

And one more I spotted while in Cromer, but I dunno what it is, if anyone knows, do comment & I’ll update & credit the nice person who figures out what it is, if its meant to be anything from a movie/comic/game etc. Jared kindly pointed out that this Lobster below is meant to be Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I knew it looked weirdly familiar XD

Twas just a little trip to Cromer, first place I lived before moving to Norwich, then to the back end of beyond. Cromer is a seaside town, nice place, not too big, not too small, has a cinema among other things, (such as a Charlie Bears retailer XD (so much tempation lol). I was very VERY disappointed to learn there were no fresh donuts though… only at the weekend according to the one place that was advertising them… how it makes sense to sell cold ice cream when theres a fairly cold wind, but not hot-fresh-heart attack inducing donuts I don’t know… the weather was nice enough dammit… sunny… blue skies, just lovely, BUT no donuts… severely disappointed… had a nice pub lunch though. Chicken burger with curly fries 🙂 It’d been so long since I’d had curly fries XD.

I believe these Lobsters are part of a North Norfolk art thing, like the cows were in Norwich. Aparantly there are 80 of these Lobsters spread around North Norfolk seaside places & other places of interest.

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22 Responses to “Lobster Iron Man!!!”

  1. Jared Says:

    I believe the last one is The Shredder, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  2. phossil Says:

    mutant iron man? XD

  3. Blowfish Says:

    Holy Crap!
    Lobster Iron Man is insane!

    Wonder how they even got that idea o.0

  4. Matt Says:

    LOL WTF? Wish we had more crazy stuff like this in leicester. We do have donuts though :3

  5. purplezest Says:

    omg wth hell – i am very happy u took photographs of this horrible lobster iron man though HAHA

    and u missed sexy ass rdj on jonathon ross 2nite – he PURPOSFULLY maldered for the camera omg i nearly died on the spot,

    and yeh i am happy to walk around leicester and never see anything like this HAHA

  6. G.K. Sil Kamina Says:

    The city I live in has swan statues scattered around. Sadly, there is no Iron Man swan. ;_;

  7. peacefan Says:

    The ironman lobster is cool in a way ^w^

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  15. music Says:

    LOL! This is soooo cooollllll!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Iron Man lobster. The Na’vi lobster isn’t really convincing though.

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  17. geekabilly Says:



  18. Shredding Services Says:

    You wouldn’t pick lobster iron man out of one of those tanks for your dinner, that’s for sure!

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