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I’m gonna use Twitter like a Magic 8 Ball XD

May 26, 2010

Why am I showing you a picture of a sleeping bag packed into its bag? Because this is the sleeping bag James Moran decided I should get XD.

I just asked ‘blue or pink’ I got a reply, ‘blue’, so I went with blue 🙂 I’d been pondering over the two for HOURS literally… Cos I liked the blue check & the pink check… both were ‘pretty’, the blue was more practical but the pink was pink! Both had pro’s & con’s…. so… I used Twitter to decide for me XD.

Why did I need a sleeping bag? Cos the ones I usually use are at home & my parentals+little bro are going on holiday this saturday XD. And it was either this or pack up my duvet & bring it… but I spose I’d eventually need my own sleeping bag anyways XD

Also, lookie 🙂

Super Junior – Bonamana *busy fangirling*

May 10, 2010

Super Juniors new single, Bonamana, 미인아 Its trending right now on Twitter. Love it. Even the YT tag is trending ffs!

So glad I got my timing right and was browsing the SuJu fanforum to know when stuff would be released. And thank god I checked Youtube when I did XD

I really like the new single, does sound reminiscent of ‘Sorry Sorry’ & ‘Ring Ding Dong’ though. Not a bad thing I say. 🙂

132,132 :)

May 7, 2010

I know, its not a real benchmark or anything, but its 132!! Even though the numbers meant nothing to me originally, but over the years I’ve grown to love them :3

132132 views. Thank you. There was a weird spike in daily views about a month ago when I got around 500 a day for 2 weeks-ish cos of my Digimon post… which was odd… not complaining, I just still have no clue why, as theres no pingback or links from anywhere to it x3

Ofc, in mini-celebration, heres some Chie Yoshioka :3 Some CG’s from TH2AD 🙂 My favourite ones.

I do wonder why there arn’t more ToHeart figures in swimsuits… plenty of the main girls yes, Konomi, Tamaki etc, even Yuki has one, but there are charcters who don’t have them. As a Chie fangirl, I just want more Chie figures lol XD

I wish eroge CG’s were higher res… 800×600 just isn’t good enough…. how do you make good wallpapers out of those? They’re so pretty they deserve higher res images… *grumble*

And Chie deserves more coverage :3 She’s adorable!! Such lovely green hair, like Tsuruya-san, similarly quirky I do believe too :3

Otacool 3 – Workspaces

May 2, 2010

Its that time of year folks! Time to get your camera’s charged and at the ready! For submissions for Otacool 3 are open 🙂 This Otacool is all about workspaces :), be they at work or at home, but more often than not, its gonna be where your computer is situated XD, unless you’re Chun… where ‘workspace’ entails so much more than just a computer :3 Go here to see what I mean if you don’t already know 😀

Before a slight rearrangement.

My entry for Otacool 3 has been posted up to Might change some of the pictures… might not… will see… fading light is such a bitch sometimes XD But its there. Only posted a few pics here, not final ones either, the proper ones are on

Can ya guess what I was watching/had on TV while taking these pics? XD

On a side note, some awesome news regarding Danny Choo!! His TV show is definitely going ahead and we’ve got new details about it :DD For fullsome details, do visit this page 😀

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