Otacool 3 – Workspaces

Its that time of year folks! Time to get your camera’s charged and at the ready! For submissions for Otacool 3 are open🙂 This Otacool is all about workspaces🙂, be they at work or at home, but more often than not, its gonna be where your computer is situated😄, unless you’re Chun… where ‘workspace’ entails so much more than just a computer :3 Go here to see what I mean if you don’t already know😀

Before a slight rearrangement.

My entry for Otacool 3 has been posted up to Figure.fm. Might change some of the pictures… might not… will see… fading light is such a bitch sometimes😄 But its there. Only posted a few pics here, not final ones either, the proper ones are on Figure.fm.

Can ya guess what I was watching/had on TV while taking these pics? XD

On a side note, some awesome news regarding Danny Choo!! His TV show is definitely going ahead and we’ve got new details about it :DD For fullsome details, do visit this page😀

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5 Responses to “Otacool 3 – Workspaces”

  1. Matt Says:

    Whaaa…..! Cool workspace Em! I should put mine on in the next day or so. Hve to comment on yours on fig.fm:3 I need to get some figures as I only have gundam>.<

  2. lostty Says:

    You have such a great workspace it looks like it has such a happy vibe to it! Are you watchign Friends by the way?

  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    I tend to keep all figures away from my workspace, I really don’t trust myself being aware of my surroundings when I’m on the computer. I could easily see myself knocking into a figure I love. Your space looks great though.

  4. Awein Says:

    oooooh.. that’s a nice computer table, you really should build the rest of yer MGs. Gelgoog looks lonely at the back of the laptop😀

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