June London Trip :3

TAIYAKI! Finally I got to try some XD

Had an awesome time with Purplezest. Got some awesome lootage too. It was kinda, unintentionally a Japanese-themed trip XD, all the stuff we ended up doing/seeing hehe, didn’t get to the Namco center though, one giant arcade seemed like enough somehow XD Had much fun spotting Pudding too 🙂 And we saw a guy on the tube who looked scarily like Robert Downey Jr… XD

We started out by going to Forbidden Planet, as we always have a hard time finding it, even with a proper friggin’ map this time O.o Spent a fair while in there as it was air conditioned and there is ALOT to look through. Got ‘The Losers’ vol 1, a Moomin phone charm & a Droplet art toy(cos I kept seeing em around about & they’re adorable lol.)
After we headed for…ummm…. Covent Garden area I think, that and China Town, Cyber Candy, that general area, its fairly near Piccadilly anyways it seems…
After collecting goodies(always more than planned when it comes to Cyber Candy lol) I think we had a sit down somewhere shady, the weather was very VERY warm… too warm… We had a good wonder round China Town & that area though 🙂

*nom nom nom* So yummy... wish I got more than one... but in this weather I've got no clue where I'd store stuff like it. (Not the fridge I think, would go soggy as its a pancake...ne?)

We were heading for Tokyo Toys & Trocedero, but got sidetracked after finding the Mitsukoshi department store and Japan Centre right next to each other by taking a wrong turn XD Its a tad intimidating going into a shop filled with just Japanese people, makes me think thats what Tokyo would be like, only like… way more people XD Anyways, the magazines, books, DVD’s were in the basement, & I got very excited after seeing a ‘Docomo’ sign outside the door XD, cos I’d really love a Japanese cell phone lol. Bought the magazine I’d seen online before coming in Mitsukoshi, Junon, July issue. After exiting and heading to Japan Centre, right next door, we found more magazinese… one with Ikuta Toma on the front… and the June issue of Junon… I got those, plus meronpan, taiyaki, anpan, a bottle of Calpico and some odd snack things we’d seen advertised on youtube by Haruma Miura lol.

My fan, thank chuck for my fan XD

We decided to continue the Japanese theme and went to Wagamama’s, introduced Purplezest to the wonderment of their Chicken Katsu Curry XD. So very yummy with the sticky Japanese rice, WHICH I just remembered I forgot to pick some up of…. Gah… nevermind. Got lots of yummy stuff anyways. I still remember the first time I went to Wagamama’s with friends & I had the Chicken Ramen, and the guy who was serving us wouldn’t give me cutlery when I asked, cos I was fumbling with the ladle-thing and chopsticks, mainly the ladle-thing though… he did it in a joking way though, that if I felt I *really* needed them I coulda had them, but I managed, somehow… so messy to eat though O.O the soup always splashes XD.

Originally planned to get one... but Junon is damn good...
We continued by heading to the Trocedero center in Piccadilly. Always go in via HMV of course. We spent a fair while in there… Skeeball is freakin’ fun, and I am goooooooood! We got tickets too lol… (I got 400 in one game, 2 50p plays, so many tickets XD) the games were you didn’t win tickets were way fun too. The jockey one… the bouncy sega one… the Pod Racing one I like especially, very easy once you got used to the controls hehe. Forgot to have a go on the Mariokart machines tho, always weirdly fun at an arcade XD

After we went back to Chinatown again, to get our fans. I decided I wanted some odd drink I’d never had before, so looked about, but we both decided Japan Centre had the best stock and went back there.We also checked to see if the issue of Joker Purplezest wanted was in there, it wasn’t(still Eita on the cover :D), BUT they had thew new-new issues of Junon XD, August, which is odd, cos it ain’t even July yet XD. Had to get it obviously, plus the drinks, I got a random grape soda, which turned out to be insanely yummy. So getting more when I can, and a bottle of (what I assume is) original Ramune lol, plus two more meronpan, just because I always regret only buying one… We then dossed around in a few parks, as it was so damn warm, we just needed shade and drinks and cool… *yay* for our fans we got in China Town XD

Wish I knew what this was called, cos it was so yummy... makes me wanna search out different grape flavoured fizzy drinks XD

We ended up following an ice cream van in the distance, which led us to St James’s park, and, what we thought for a while was Buckingham Palace XD, after checking the map properly we realised Buckingham is along the road by St James Park, but its by another park, Green Park, another nice one. Any shade in that weather is good in my opinion XD. We helped a nice American guy with directions to Covent Garden too, we just hope he got there ok XD, I’m not fantastic at giving directions… but as you just had to go through Green Park to get to Piccadilly road and follow that to Covent Garden area…. should be ok… I’ll tell ya something though, I know London alot better now XD the 14 year old A-Z I nabbed off my Dad still works well enough XD

The only new ones are the Moomin and the Coca Cola chupa chup charm 🙂 Finally! Hadn't seen the chupa chup charms in bloody ages XD

After wandering up to Buckingham, taking some pics, wandering through Green Park, we headed for Green Park station to get back to St Pancras, we got there and just loitered about, read/looked at the magazines(as we can’t read much of the magazines really hehe, its good for learning though, I know enough of the hiragana & some katakana to make out some words, damn all the kanji though, I really need to learn some kanji…).
Got back and watched the Zettai Kareshi SP, which I thought ended kinda… abruptly… I won’t say anything cos I don’t wanna spoil it, but I had, well, still have, complaints… not because of the differences to the manga, accepted those, as a 16 year old with a ‘Nightly Lover’ series robot might be a bit odd in a drama lol, and weird that Soshi’s brother in the drama looked more like Soshi did in the manga XD, but Hiro Mizushima was Soshi… so that was fine. But thats not why I was kinda annoyed… After the end of Zettai Kareshi was Gokusen 2 & then Hana Kimi to finish XD.

This is posted to Figure.fm too, a few different pics, but generally the same thing.

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  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Wagamamma is delicious, I was really happy when two opened up in a city near me on my side of the pond. I never knew I liked curry until Wagamamma.

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