I’m so going to Japan >:D

I know what I’m doing after university. I’m going to Japan. Its been decided. Spent ages talking to a friend bout it tonight, they’re the one who told me about the program(will get to it), so THANK YOU!! You know who you are ;D

Summer Matsuri, tis the season, ne?

I’m gonna achieve getting to Japan with the JET programme. Spending a year as an English teaching assistant. Have read all about it and it sounds AWESOME! I honestly wouldn’t care what part of Japan I was in, Tokyo would be awesome, but its Japan! I wouldn’t care as long as I was there!! Besides, I’ve been stuck in the rural countryside for years now, I’m used to it, thankfully Japanese public transport is better than the UK’s poor excuse for public transport XD.

Tanabata, bit early I know, but still, its a summer thing all the same, & its friggin baking in the UK right now XD Shame we don't get festivals like Tanabata here...

And if they like you where your working, they can renew your contract and you can stay even longer… that would be ideal, longer to learn the language too, thats the great thing, you don’t need to be fluent in Japanese, just enthusiatic about learning & about the culture etc. Which I so am… and I know a far amount of words and whatnot, its mainly a case of forming sentances now hehe. GAWD I’m so pumped about this… won’t happen till after Uni ofc, but its something to work towards, cos you don’t need any particular qualification, just have to have been in high education, got a degree. Doesn’t matter what its in XD, long as you have a strong grasp of the English language your golden! I figure I’ve got this in the bag… but I understand it could take a few attempts at applying. Which I’d be cool with. I bet I’d get in first time anyways though 🙂 I’m a bubbly person, enthusiatic about Japan, knows English well, AND I’ve had experience being a teaching assistant, even though it was back in 6th form, kids liked me dangit!! My friend has the plan of going to a high school and hitting on the senior year girls XD long as they’re legal he says XD, if not that, a young teacher haha. I’d prefer the young teacher to students haha, but I’d prefer working with younger kids anyways, I find them easier to handle, but ofc Japanese high school age kids might not be as evil & mouthy as British ones XD. Who knows. EITHER WAY, totally psyched about it. SERIOUSLY so. I have a game plan 🙂

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5 Responses to “I’m so going to Japan >:D”

  1. the master Says:

    totally 🙂

  2. shikinami Says:

    I came to know a similar JET program this year. Was just thinking that JET would definitely make an awesome plan B if my plans for post-grad in the US fail. OBut recently I discovered that in Brazil they ask you to be fluent at Japanese. Don’t ask me why, I really don’t get it. =/

    I’m more enthusiastic about the government sponsored scholarship MEXT is offering annually. They say you have be fluent in English OR in Japanese. That seems great for me since I’ll have JLPT 3 in a matter of two years and am already fluent in English.

    Finally, about Tanabata, I read somewhere this year’s will be on August 08/16, but the source is not trustworthy. =P

  3. Blowfish Says:

    You should go and train in the mountains for all the hardships that await you in Japan like Killer Kancho and Breast/Crotch Fondling by little kids.

    I wish you good luck and hope that youll be able to realize your dream.
    Too bad they dont want German Speakers ^^;

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    LUCKY! Ironically I went to London, England for a semester to work at the London Museum of Science for a semester for course credit. I’m def visiting Japan in 2 years *jingles Japan Savings Purse* but I’ll be visiting as a tourist for about 2 weeks. I would prefer to have an experience more like what I had in England (and what you’re about to have). A situation where I may have to work for most of the day but I get to actually LIVE there. It was nicer experiencing England day by day without getting that rushing tourist feeling.


  5. Sneddon Says:

    So ur looking to do the Jet program for 2012? I’ll be applying soon for mine very soon and hope for the best, been talking to someone who is currently in the JET program and I heard it was very very diffuclt to go into, im abit nerverous as most people got rejected without even an interview…

    But yea, good luck with that, and might contact you again soonish about the application 😀

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