Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!!

I know, I know, your birthday was nearly 3 days ago… on the 12th…. I’m sorry… I knew it was in July, but I just forgot to check when in July XD. You’re two years old now! How does that feel? To be in the terrible twos? XD So… two years old… nearly 400 posts, 144k+ views, over 2000 comments… wowza… T-T And I know I’ve been neglecting you lately… and I feel bad about that… there’s just so much to do… o_O … and now I’m home… I always find myself internetting less… but I’ll try to treat you with the respect you deserve :’)

Thankies all to your patronage. Even you random folk who stumble upon this blog and search for ‘pantsu’ which seems to happen frequently XD

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4 Responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!!”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Now where are those Pantsus? Thats the only reason I clicked this post anyways.I demand Panchira of you!

    Congrats! Its funny that many of us started in July 2 years ago.I still didntw rite my post even though its anniversary is now 18 days ago.So you shouldnt feel that bad about neglecting^^

  2. shikinami Says:

    Congrats Meimi!

    I think you’re doing pretty well, since 400 posts in 2 years is more than 1 post every 2 days. I agree with Blowfish about the neglecting feeling.

    And come on, give the people what they want! Where are our pantsu? lol

  3. lightningsabre Says:

    Happy 2nd blogday! Mine’s approaching soon as well… I wonder if I’ll retire by then, lol. And yes, what Blowfish said in his first paragraph. 😛

  4. Cadha13 Says:

    Happy Blog Day! I had my 100th post around the time of my 2nd anniversary. Yeah, not too many and not about anime all of the time, but I enjoy your blog!

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