Inception – The two and a half hour long mindf**k

Saw Inception on Friday(tis Saturday for me already, may still be Friday for you). It was awesome. Very awesome. I love movies (and TV) that mess with your head. Its one of, if not, my favourite kind. And boy does Inception screw with your head… XD In a very good way ofc, and I’m betting even the dumbest/dippiest/dopiest person will be able to understand it, seeing as it goes at a fairly gentle pace and doesn’t throw everything at you at once XD (Do NOT read ahead if you don’t want to be spoiled, because I tell you now, there will be some. Not many, but I can’t say much without giving some things away…)

I loved that it kinda started out in Japan. Was a major win. The *only* reason I was at all apprehensive about this film was Leonardo DiCaprio. I do not like him. I never have. Nor will I ever I think. BUT Inception at least made me dislike him less XD

I loved the ‘totems’, makes me want my own totem. I have a few things in mind… a few things that’d work pretty nicely. BUT I don’t really need one, as I don’t really need anything to center myself, to confirm to myself that this is the real world now do I? XD

The whole cast was brilliant, even Tom Hardy who bugged me as Heathcliff in ITV’s fairly recent Wuthering Heights. Then again it was probably more Heathcliff that ticked me off. What a major douchebag… And though I may dislike DiCaprio, I don’t deny he can act. Cause he can. Very much so XD I did notice one thing about the cast though… they all seemed quite short… men too… I think the tallest may actually be Ken Watanabe, which is a win in itself. DiCaprio isn’t short… but I’m a little taller than him, so I don’t consider him tall for a man either XD(I know that to most girls 5’9 is quite tall enough, but its like 3-4 inches shorter than me, therefore not tall to me XD And one of the only females in the cast is only 155cm or 5’1″ tall, so they all seem tall compared to her XD) Ah, Michael Caine is joint tallest with Ken Watanabe, both standing at 188cm, or 6’2″. (Tis just me obsessing over height XD)

At first, the whole ‘safe in your dreams’ made me think of the Memory Warehouse in Dreamcatcher, but that seemed to feature less as the movie went on, so I didn’t make a big thing of it XD. Also, the whole dream within a dream within a dream within a dream thing seems a bit ‘jumping the shark’ to me though, or high concept, not sure which o.O. But doing a whole movie about one of the biggest cliches in the business, twas a bold move. Felt a bit Matrix-y at points, but covering this kinda ground, it wasn’t not going to was it? XD Its definately better than the two Matrix sequels though, not sure if its better than the first Matrix… the first Matrix is still friggin’ brilliant…

Love the music too. Brilliant score. Reminded me a little of Star Trek, big epic booming in places kinda thing. Reminded me of something else too… would have to check who did the music to see if I do know some of the composer’s stuff.

I’m not a big fan of the new Batman’s at all. I like old cheesy Batman. Not dark gritty growly Batman. Doesn’t help that Christian Bale can only do one of two things really… shout or growl… Anyways… can see that its more Frank Miller, but I still don’t like it. Memento however, another of Nolan’s movies, thats good. Also kinda mindf**ky. Which I like.

I don’t really wanna say much about the actual plot… would give stuff away, and you really should watch it without being spoiled. Best that way. Oh, and THANK GOD they didn’t release it in 3D. I can totally imagine someone wanted to do that… but whoever stopped them, BRAVO. Seriously. Its bad enough they’re releasing Toy Story 3, Narnia : Voyage of the Dawn Treader(fave of the books…) and Harry Potter 7 in 3D. I mean WTF. None of the previous movies were in 3D, so WHY BOTHER?! ARGGGGGG! I know, I know… its to make some extra money… but its a stupid friggin’ gimmick and I hope it dies off again soon…

*ahem* Anyways… Inception. Love that most of the stunt-y stuff was real and not CGI. The corridor scene… dude… just wait and see… I saw how they did that on a T4 movie special earlier tonight, and thank god, cos I would have been wondering for AGES if not XD. Many-many sets on the tilt, tis all I shall say :3 The movie is very visually impressive, very pretty. I think the pretty may overshadow the story a bit…if I’m honest. I could just stay blinded by the awesome, but the effects were soooo big they couldn’t not overshadow the story a little…

Righto… not sure what else to say really… apart from I will be posting pics & stuff of my newly won figure tomorrow/later today XD :3 First figure I’ve ever won, super super happy, and she arrived in 4 days, from Canada o.O didn’t expect it that soon at all XD Courtesy of Akihabaka :DDD

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3 Responses to “Inception – The two and a half hour long mindf**k”

  1. Steve Morris Says:

    Hahaha, Leonardo is pretty cool in his latest movie. I love Inception! It’s such a awesome movie that I think it killed the chances for me to enjoy any other movie!

  2. Cindi Gentile Says:

    Inception was one of the most confusing movies I’ve ever seen! I liked it, but through out the whole movie I just kept on saying, “WHAT THE HECK!?!?” I have to see it again, it was certainely unique!

  3. Troy (トロイ) Says:

    The title of this post actually made me LOL. I totally agree it is very Matrix-y!. I wrote a review of it with my thoughts on the ending, but i also think the action was amazing! AND GLAD IT WASN’T IN 3D!!

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