Fraulein Revoltech Rin Tohsaka – My 1st Figure Prize :D

On Friday I got a big surprise in the post. My Rin Tohsaka Fraulein that I won from Akihabaka had arrived. WAAAAY earlier than anticipated XD. It was only posted 4 days previously. Canada to England in 4 days, not using any fancy expensive kinda postal service. Just normal post. How the hell did it get here so fast? o.O I think its Canada, last time I got something from Canada it got here really quickly too XD. Love Canada ❤

I know alot of people don’t like Fraulein Revoltech’s much, due to many things, one being their faces. They think they’re too wide I think, I can see why they think that, but I really don’t mind it. I think I prefer Fraulein Haruhi’s face to Figma Haruhi’s. I like Frauleins cos they feel chunkier, sturdier, even if with the older ones, they weren’t XD. But so far with Rin, I’ve had none of these issues 🙂 No weak joints, no falling back, nothing. third time lucky I must assume as this is my third Fraulein Revoltech 🙂 Pocco being first, Movie Yoko being second. Both of which had issues. Pocco’s right thigh & elbow joints were loose and Yoko’s right thigh joint was loose.

The usual Fraulein box. Its nice when a box is super pretty, but it really doesn’t matter to me because I just don’t have to space to keep boxes anymore XD Just keeping ones for transporting the more fragile figures like Fumie.

It’s a very early Fraulein, so not many accessories. 3 spare pairs of hands, and a pretty little knife 🙂 I’ve not seen Fate Stay Night ever(just watched ep 1), so I know very little about the character, getting Rin has kinda prompted me to finally watch it all the way through XD So I’ll know what those things she’s got in the pair of hands on the left hehe.

I’m a big fan of the shoulder joints of Frauleins I gotta say. They look more realistic imo. And their hands, arn’t as scarily dainty as Figma’s. I always feel like I’m gonna accidentally break Figma hands when changing them XD. I’m sure I’ve said this before hehe.

There may be a limitation of forward movement because of the skirt being made of a fairly stiff rubber plastic, but it is removable XD So if I did wanna have her sitting like I can have Yoko sitting, I can always take it off XD. I love that Frauleins can stand up on their own, without much worry of a breeze tipping them over XD

Love the sculpt of the clothes. Always thought that when eying her up at various conventions before now XD And I do like when the shine is painted onto the hair, I know it doesn’t always look good, but with one of the Mikuru figures and the Win-chan figures it looks so pretty :DD

As I said, ain’t seen Fate Stay Night yet, so I don’t know what she’s holding here XD.

Ahhhhhh pretty knife :3

Should have put her on something pretty for this photo really… rather than the jiffy bag she came in XD

Long hair on posable figures is always a problem, restricts head movement, and I like being able to move the head back a fair way, like my Yoko can, more so than any Figma I’ve got I think… Haven’t got a Figma that can sit like a Fraulein can either. Drossel came closest I think…

Anyways, I like Frauleins. I like them because they remind me of old school action figures by their elbow and knee joints. But better, cos action figures I had when I was younger were pretty lame compared to Figmas and Frauleins and other Revoltechs XD Rin is sitting by my bed atm, where all new figures go until I get a new-new one XD. Last figure before winning Rin was Figma Kagome I think… Haven’t bought a scaled PVC one in yonks T-T. And I still want Yui T-T Reminds though, I never did posts bout Nanoha or Kagome. Or…. Aegis… did I…..?

So once again, THANK YOU AKIHABAKA!! Never won a figure before, so was over the moon when I found out I had XD

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8 Responses to “Fraulein Revoltech Rin Tohsaka – My 1st Figure Prize :D”

  1. phossil Says:

    Cool. I still dont have any Revoltech figure yet. 😛
    Hey, sorry for the delay, I will send you my meishi ASAP in these days. ^^

  2. flyzice Says:

    As the matter fact, I broke my Figma Saber’s rice of bowl when exchanging her hands. 😥

  3. Tommy Says:

    Canada Post itself is an expensive postal service…though I heard UK’s mail service is more expensive and that’s why you’d think CP is not expensive.

    I think my Rin has a falling back problem, so look out for that. I super glued it an it’s not a problem anymore. 😉

    • meimi132 Says:

      I dunno how expensive Royal Mail is, not too bad I think, Parcel Force & the special delivery services, more expensive obviously, but I got no clue what it is in comparison with CP. Our Royal Mail is known for sucking quite a bit anyways.

  4. Troy (トロイ) Says:

    Cool fig. I kinda prefer the figma version but you still manage to get some cool poses from the Revoltech so its all good! ^^

  5. shikinami Says:

    Did you just say you’ve never watched Fate/Stay Night? Do it nao! Rin’s an awesome character. I’ll even risk picking a fight here by saying that Saber’s overrated and that Rin deserves much more devoted fans. =3

    I like both Figmas and Frauleins, albeit preferring Figma versions. So far I’ve got no problem with Figma but, on the other hand, my very first Fraulein, Asuka (which was released jsut after Rin), has the infamous falling arm problem, which renders her useless, being kept in her box since I’ve bought her. Lately I gave Revoltech another chance though and I’m not disappointed: It seems that most problems were were limited to the very first figures of the Fraulein series, test plug Asuka and mini-Revoltechs Asuka and Rei have had no problems so far.

  6. Persocom Says:

    That’s so awesome. I’ve never won a figure from anything yet XD She looks pretty good, and you really can’t say anything bad about a free figure prize 🙂

  7. lovelyduckie Says:

    I dislike most of the Fraulein Revoltech’s BUT I think Pocco was done really well. I also really like Revoltech’s Yotsuba line and their Prof. Layton a lot.

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