This just in ~

Ka. Wa. IIIII. Ne? XD

So… this is a like a giant/mass report on the last month pretty much. Everything thats happened and everything thats going to happen in the next few weeks. I think…

So, I’ll start off with the fact I’m back at uni :woop: Living in student digs free from the reign of the parentals! Exact same room as last year, one of the same roommates, but one went awol just after christmas, so we have a new one. Still assessing… might be a bit too chavvy/noisy for our liking :\
Course wise, you may not know I switched. From Animation Design to Graphic Design & Illustration. Just lots and lots and LOTS of drawing. Which is goooooooood. Takes up a fair amount of time, but thats cool. I’m managing to balance the education with the recreation. Skip below the cut to see what I’ve been up to ;).

And with that, onto the TV & Anime! TV wise… all the usual suspects… How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, Supernatural… in that order, Monday to Friday XD. Possibly Castle… am already 3 eps behind or so though. The Event looked… good… but I’ve only seen 2 eps. Obviously if I don’t feel like the urge to dl it at 3am in the morning, it can’t be that good.

Anime wise… I’m trying a few things this season. I definitely wanted to try Milky Holmes after seeing the 4 seiyuu’s at Hyper Japan(Oh yeah, more on that later XD), have ep 1 dl’d, just not watched it yet… I don’t think its meant to be great, but I kinda guessed that, it’s a magical girl series after all. Kinda generic. But its Sherlock Holmes related XD. Other anime I’m trying, Yosuga no Sora, Fortune Arterial, Star Driver, Ore No Imouto and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt(which I watched the first 5 mins of & switched to Star Driver XD), so doubt I’ll be continuing with it… I wanna try Kuragehime though. That looks awesomesauces. Squid Girl has been recommended to me also. I got Psychic Detective Yakumo ep 1 in stock, but ain’t watched it yet.

Fortune Arterial. Really happy this got an anime, as theres no game translation yet(?).

Star Driver. Really like the character design for this series. Couldn't tell if it was serious or not though... seemed a bit... camp? XD

Yosuga no Sora. I still want that Sora figure...

So far I’ve watched 2 eps of Oreimo, 1 of Yosuga no Sora, 1 of Fortune Arterial, 1 of Star Driver… and… thats it I think. Got ep 2 of Yosuga & Fortune ready to go though :3. I think Oreimo ep 3 is out, so can dl that too :3 Oreimo’s very cute. And its got Yuuichi Nakamura doing the lead male voice. Tomoya-kun ❤ Love hearing voices I recognise. Makes me bond with the series XD

Tomoya is on the left for those who haven't seen Clannad.

Hmm… what else… oh yeah, Hyper Japan. A con in London. All Japanese stuff. Food, drink, clothing, culture etc etc. Went with a friend, wouldn’t have even known it was happening unless he told me XD. I got me the Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid because I just couldn’t resist that damn cute face T-T AND I got the Black Rock Shooter phone straps. They were the most important thing. Ever since I saw them in the OVA I wanted em XD Glad they got made in real life :3 I got to see the cutesome seiyuu’s of Milky Holmes there too. They did two of the songs from the show too. So cute <3. I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting lol.

How can you resist that face? XD I couldn't... almost got the Figma too... Nendo was most important 😀

Adorable XD

Yes, crappy photos... we weren't too near the front and the woman in front of me's hair kept getting in the way... grr...

You can see more pics of the cute seiyuu of Milky Holmes on Danny’s post.

Wasn't the biggest of cons, but it was pure concentrated Japanese-ness. So alllllll good :DDD

Other conventions… well there are a few coming up. Can talk bout them closer to the time. Though one thing I must flail about now! Seeing Benedict Cumberbatch on stage with a bunch of other awesome actor types in this ‘Children’s Monologues‘ thing on the 14th of November. Yes its like… over 3 weeks away. But OH-MY-GOD FLAIL!!!!!! We(me & my fellow Cumberbitches) were gutted when we realised we’d missed him on stage mere days after it’d finished. So finding out about this was epic luck. And we’re just 5 rows back from the front ❤

There’s also the possibility of seeing JYJ in a showcase for their new album… but thats not set in stone yet. Hopefully if they broke the west it would pave the way for another kpop bands. Jpop too I’d hope. :3 (My friend Purplezest is a HUGE fan, so if you want more kpoppy stuff, go to her XD)

The one in the middle, JaeJoong(currently top trend on Twitter) looks like a Dollfie to me... very porcelain features...

Oh! Movies! OMG OMG OMG I can’t believe I never did a post about Scott Pilgrim! T-T  Totally in love with the movie. Loved the comics beforehand, so very glad the movie turned out awesome. I know it didn’t do as well in the box office, but its definitely got a cult following in the making :). Shame more people didn’t see it though, twas so epic, wish I saw it a 5th time in the cinema, nice round number XD, feels better than 4… New movies… I’m looking forward to seeing RED. Looks awesome. Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman? Heck yeah. Plus Karl Urban as well :3.

I need to see this again XD. Why the HELL do we need to wait till the 27th of December for the DVD when America gets it on the 9th of November? DAMMIT!!!!!!!

(Top image comes from here btw. All anime related images come from Moe/ actually. Will specify if not.)

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16 Responses to “This just in ~”

  1. Sneddon Says:

    Nice! pretty much same as my time in university right now.

    As for Hyper Japan, i think i saw you walking outside with someone holding a BRS bag (but then again, everyone was holding a BRS bag lol) :S I was there (as promised, striped jacket) with my fiance in bright pink hair. xD

    Milky Holmes are lovely, they really are, I love the 1 who likes Macross Frontier and she likes May’n 😀 and the other likes Evangelion, those 2 are like soooooooooo Moé~!

  2. meimi132 Says:

    I saw you during the Milky Holmes stage thing I think, you were off the right hand side? But otherwise I didn’t T-T.

    Yellow & Blue were my favourites ❤ So damn cute!! I want more seiyuu to come to the UK! Guys & gals! Awwww I'd so like to meet Kyon/Yuuichi's seiyuu! And Yuuichi Nakamura too… and Mamiko Noto… and… and… well.. lots XD

    • Sneddon Says:

      lol yea that was me hiding, god I want more seiyuu and jpop artist to come to the UK, especially because US get all of them already, like May’n etc etc… :S

    • Sneddon Says:

      Just to let you know, the video u commented about misha collins and the marriage proposal, yeah…the guy was me and she is now my fiance 😀

      • meimi132 Says:

        WHAT??? And this is the same Dannychoo Sneddon I know? Holy CRAP DUDE!!!!!!!!! That was amazing! How did you manage to wrangle that!!!!!

        • Sneddon Says:

          yeah its the same DC Sneddon lol, i was so supprised you commented on that youtube video (which i didnt even know about).

          As for how I managed it, gonna try to keep it a secret so my fiancé will never find out 🙂

          • meimi132 Says:

            Hehe yeah, con talks always get recorded by someone, so something like that was definitely gonna get recorded :). I was hunting for vids of Jason Manns gig(was there for that though, was EPIC) and of the Misha stuff I missed. I also got your proposal on an audio recording actually XD it ain’t going online though.
            I’m spreading myself quite thin between fandoms & obsessing about one thing & the other, but Supernatural is a big one X3 so expensive though lol.

            Haha yeah, tis probably for the best lol. Friggin’ amazing dude. Congrats. Seriously.

            • Sneddon Says:

              lols, supernatural and criminal minds is what my fiancé really really into, and also cosplaying (the girl who did Sasara from ToHeart2) so shes very much the same

  3. Sneddon Says:

    Na just whether she can afford going to one of those 😛

    • meimi132 Says:

      Tell me about it… I could barely afford this one really XD & got my ticket for A6 next May months ago…in May I think lol…. so not backing out. Even though with the demand for tickets I totally could XD.

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  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    I’ve been meaning to watch Scott Pilgrim, I read the first comic and liked what I saw.

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