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Visual Novel conundrum…

December 25, 2010

The Date Warp main menu 🙂

After FINALLY having some money again, I’m looking to acquire a new visual novel game*among other things* (not even having played Remember 11 yet which is stupid, but I’ve been getting tempted by a few for a while now…), specifically an indie visual novel game. Downloaded a fair few demo’s from Hanako Games last week, played *most* of them one after another lol Not Fatal Hearts though… cos the character art on the game page didn’t entice me, the Date Warp characters though, did, and the op theme tune. (Yes the op theme, is that really a way to pick  a game? Probably not, but it can’t hurt XD)


I can haz Minecraft?!

December 17, 2010

I CAN HAZ MINECRAFT!!!!!!!! My lovely younger brother got it for me for my Birthday/Christmas. As I was gonna miss out getting the Alpha price/version if not XD. And after the last 2 weeks of pretty much non stop working, Minecraft is a nice way to unwind. Repetitive and grindy yes, but I like games like that XD I also love building bases and collecting stuff. So will be epic fun. Scared of going to far and getting lost/killed, and losing all my items in the process T-T.

My world ❤

The view from the top of my starter castle. Pretty, ne? More pics of my castle & beacon & stuff after the cut :3.


Ikemen Galore!!!

December 7, 2010

Jdrama is only usually watched one day a week. Saturday nights. With pizza and Supernatural. In just a year, me and my flatmate Purplezest, have managed to get through like 16-17 drama’s. I think… I may be counting the ones I’ve seen solo too… Like Majo Saiban… but still. Tis an impressive number after getting into Jdrama just a year or so ago. Love the fanservice aimed at girls in alot of the drama’s too, tis a nice change from all the male orientated fanservice in anime lol.

We have 3 on the go at all times too. Currently we’re on the final series of Gokusen (3) *sob* (will be so weird when theres no more to watch…), Atashinchi no Danshi and Hana Yori Dango.


Autumn Season Anime (ASA)

December 7, 2010


That’s right, AUTUMN. None of this ‘Fall’ malarkey. Tis Autumn. Or, well… it was… isn’t so much now lol. Its like the whole of the UK has iced over in the matter of weeks. Panic ensues of course because for some reason, we can’t handle a bit of snow lol. (Above pic of the lovely Manami came from here.)

So, I mentioned in a previous post which anime I’d be trying, right? It’s changed a bit since then lol. Oreimo is the only one I’m keeping up with out of them. I will definitely watch Fortune Arterial, just not at the moment. Yosuga no Sora… not sure about… Star Driver was interesting, so I may well watch that at some point too. But right now, just keeping up with Kuragehime, Oreimo and Shiki is enough lol. There are some spoilers regarding plot of Shiki, if you don’t wanna know anything, don’t read that bit lol.


Hmmmmmm… (Whoa.. 400th post, didn’t realise XD)

December 6, 2010

Yes… I’ve once again neglected Itonami-chan… and I’ve yet to decide if I’m gonna update all in one go, or schedule little updates over the next few days…. might be better… Because it’ll cover a multitude of things. Many-many things… Including…

  • What I’m watching, anime/J/Kdrama wise.
  • Days out, because I seem to have fun stuff going on quite often…
  • Everyday stuffs. Ya know. Less fun, but still pretty awesome.
  • Fangirling. Because I just gotta. And I’ve MANY reasons to fangirl over the past few months.
  • Games. Because being in the Games society at my uni (Demon Gamers) has got me playing more often now XD
  • Internet. Pure satanical evil of the internet. The worst possible distraction ever. Which is why I sometimes just put the cable in a draw XD Saves me from the distraction…
  • Lastly, TV and movies. Not the most important here, but still, I love it, and I need to vent, and sometimes Tumblr just won’t do XD.

Righto, well now I have stuff listed out, I’m gonna get right on that :DD. Anime first I thinks…

Also… 400. Huh. Totally slipped my mind that was coming up lol.

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