I can haz Minecraft?!

I CAN HAZ MINECRAFT!!!!!!!! My lovely younger brother got it for me for my Birthday/Christmas. As I was gonna miss out getting the Alpha price/version if not XD. And after the last 2 weeks of pretty much non stop working, Minecraft is a nice way to unwind. Repetitive and grindy yes, but I like games like that XD I also love building bases and collecting stuff. So will be epic fun. Scared of going to far and getting lost/killed, and losing all my items in the process T-T.

My world ❤

The view from the top of my starter castle. Pretty, ne? More pics of my castle & beacon & stuff after the cut :3.

Since I was told by my brother to build my base near/at my spawn point, I decided to mark it with some stuff, to start out it was just a wooden arch, but I upgraded it with torches and cobblestone too. Tis very visible from a distance at night, and there’s a pole beacon on the top of the cliff too. Torches are so helpful XD

My sad little beginner castle XD I was just gonna make it a single story house, but I went for a castle. Wood looks prettier though.

Animals keep invading… but I has my fence >:DD I may plant some more tree’s round the edge. I want proper windows… and I want a moat. A moat would be cool :3

Ground floor, should I have flooring? I just skipped over that detail, first building and all. And yes, the stairs suck, I shoulda just used the cobblestone compact stairs… am considering starting a tunnel from my house lol… to make an underground base… as I’m this high up on a hill its not like I’d strike lava lol. (I’ve been warned of all the basic stuff, and I’m only playing on a single player peaceful mode game. Learning the ropes so to speak.

First floor. Yes, wooden flooring, dangerous I know! BUT its only the flooring.  Next one I do I’m going all out, may even do sketches of how I want it to look haha, also may do cobblestone insulation and wood on the outside, prettier that way XD. I also want tables and bookshelves and stuffs hehe.

My roof. Such a nice view from the top :).

View from the other side. Love all the trees. I try to plant as I chop 🙂

So. Yeah. Played from like… 2am to 6am last night… possibly 3am… but still. Its excessive XD. I have my bro to blame XD Gonna play some more tonight. It won’t play on my stupid lame laptop though. A game with graphics THIS basic and my crappy laptops graphics card (An intergrated Ati Radeon Xpress 200m) won’t run it. So I have to play on my desktop. Also means I can’t play when I go home, which is soon… which SUCKS…. unless I find a way to fix the problem… doubt it though….

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2 Responses to “I can haz Minecraft?!”

  1. biotoxic Says:

    Cool you started playing Minecraft too :D. It’s really addictive.

    You should try it on a non-peaceful setting. Getting attacked by monsters in a cave is great fun :lol:. Or heading to the Nether and getting your head blown off by a Ghast.

    Probably my favourite aspect of the game is building logic circuits from Red Stone or crazy mine cart systems.

    Oh, if you don’t want animals spawning in your house change the dirt floor to a different block type. Animals can only spawn on dirt blocks, and only if there is enough light.

  2. purplezest Says:

    All i see is repeat textures *damn animation* what is this game even about *clueless*

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