Visual Novel conundrum…

The Date Warp main menu 🙂

After FINALLY having some money again, I’m looking to acquire a new visual novel game*among other things* (not even having played Remember 11 yet which is stupid, but I’ve been getting tempted by a few for a while now…), specifically an indie visual novel game. Downloaded a fair few demo’s from Hanako Games last week, played *most* of them one after another lol Not Fatal Hearts though… cos the character art on the game page didn’t entice me, the Date Warp characters though, did, and the op theme tune. (Yes the op theme, is that really a way to pick  a game? Probably not, but it can’t hurt XD)

But after reading stuff on the forum, apparently the CG’s for Fatal Hearts are better… will have to play the demo to find out… BUT…  Date Warp. Not the best name, but damn entertaining so far, was gutted when the demo ended T-T, even though Alben’s a bit of a bitch*cough*tsun*cough*, I’ll aim for him first. Don’t like Bradly at all, and seems like there was good(ish) reason by the end of the demo LOL. I must say, VN’s where your a girl as opposed to normally where you take the role of a boy and pick a girl, its nice. Really nice actually. Though Janet is a tad tsun for my liking personally, I’ll accept it. If it means I get to pick from a bunch of guys instead of a bunch of girls XD Of the guys available, which can be seen on the Hanako Game Date Warp game page, I like Alben best.

Moody/broody etc, but still.. long as they arn't properly evil, thats cool >:3

Reminds me of Sawada Shin from Gokusen. And much as I hate to admit it, I like tsundere guys it seems XD in J-drama at any rate, not so much in anime, and not sure about real life… though I do technically know a few guys who could be referred to as ‘tsundere’ LOL

Fading Hearts. The other possible choice...

This game I’ve known about for a while, not sure when I saw the teaser trailer, but I definitely did. The character art is VERY cute, of the two initial girls, I’d pick Rina, very cutesome, but it doesn’t seem as simple as that…

Rina, on the right, Claire on the left. Rina reminds me of the red haired gal in R2(I miss that... wish it continued T-T )

I forgot about the RPG elements of this game lol, so when actual monsters appeared in the forest I was quite taken aback, but me and my little bro(age 13, we were playing as sort of a collaborate effort lol, he likes VN’s :3) were enjoying it, and lolling quite a bit, not sure why, maybe the sheer randomness, and the little semi-mistakes, like the fact I didn’t find out Mystica’s name, yet the name appeared in my ‘know’ or ‘acquaintance’ or whatever list right after XD kinda spoiled finding out XD unless ofc she did say her name and we both missed it… but I’m pretty sure the deal was, I promise to stay out of the forest, she tells me her name, I didn’t promise, ergo I didn’t get her name XD. The opening is below 🙂 I think you’ll agree the song isn’t as good as Date Warp’s, not to say its not good though!

Anyways… girls… so far… like… 4… no… 5… I’m finding Sophia oddly intriguing, but whether or not she’s a character you can pick/choose is doubtful. Shame though. Seems more level headed than Rina. She does seem like a bit of a flake XD

Now, another awesome thing about the Date Warp game is the op theme, which I listened to over and over again today XD did the first time I heard it too lol, but on second play on the demo I had to put it on repeat all over again XD I thought it’d be cheesy, but I was so wrong XD Love it XD, here’s the opening/trailer for your enjoyment :DD

Right now I’m leaning more towards Date Warp, because the story enthralled me and I wanna know more of these guys, plus, game where your a girl = win. Fading Hearts is very very pretty… but I’m not even finished the demo yet XD it might be taking so long cos I was playing with my little bro, but still XD I have stuff left to do on the demo hehe.

And I’m literally nodding off… struggling to keep my eyes open, plus I gotta chuck the cat outside and find my scabby workshirt XD. Oh yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays, all that jazz lol :DDDD Twas my birhday the 23rd too, so this is the ONLY time of year I ever get any presents, unless I’ve pre-decided with friends to stretch it out and do my birthday later in the yearlol. Must do something when I’m back in Leicester, I wants Lasertag….sooooooo much fun XD

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5 Responses to “Visual Novel conundrum…”

  1. Aya Says:

    looks like a great Visual novel not Eroge at least haha anyway Merry Christmas and happy new year

  2. Muse Says:

    I’ve played both, and for what it’s worth, I think Date Warp is a better game. SakuraInteractive’s support isn’t around much, and adding patches you are kind of on your own. (there are two patches, and the writing was just horribly typoed before the second fix by SakeVisual.) Plus the art is GORGEOUS but the plot ends up a little flat, imho. It’s definitely worth getting in the long run, but I still felt Date Warp had a far better plot to it, and the art is very nice. (My only qualm with it was I wasn’t a fan of the “true” ending, but that’s just me.)

  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    I’d like to play Alice in the Country of Hearts myself, I like the manga so I imagine the game is much better. But I’m definitely going to consider this Date Warp game.

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