Demon. DEMON!!!!!!!!!

Look at that face. Pure evil right? Sinister… totally sinister…


Seriously though. I don’t think Kyubey’s all the marshmallow-y sweetness they make him look like. (I’d dubbed Kyubey a he, even if he’s not, he seems like a he to me.) I think he’s evil. I think he gets something from these pacts… the way he just decides to leave after the girls decide maybe its not a good idea to become magical girls…

I mean it has ears coming out its ears!! How can it not be evil???? XD

I mean, this thing kinda looks like the King of Sorrow from Klonoa 2, right? (SPOILERS for Klonoa btw) (You can just watch the beginning of the vids to see the King of Sorrow. (the actual gameplay starts bout half way through each vid lol))

Distorted demon face...

It has dead marble eyes... you may think Kyubey's cute at first, but don't be fooled...

Again, seriously, look at its face. Look at the dead, pink eyes… IT’S EVIL. And I defy you to prove otherwise. I mean, tis thing goes around making girls into magical fighters, probably sapping their energy, via those stones they have, it probably gets something from the grief seed. And like… like… I bet it gets power from the contracts…

(Also, it magically changes shape, compare the top and bottom picture, top has bigger ears, smaller eyes.)

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8 Responses to “KYUBEY IS EVIL.”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Klonoa Ears —>

    Ryo-Ohki Cabbit Ears —>

    Carrots –>

    Rabbit Carrots ears LOL

  2. Sneddon Says:


    [spoiler] spoilers spoilers spoilers [/spoiler]

  3. Fabienne Says:

    He’s the devil and also some kind of scary 😦

  4. Duqs Says:

    Kyubey is evil because he has “ears in his ears”

  5. Alice Rose ♥♥ x Says:


  6. AS Says:

    Kyubey is not evil; on the contrary everything that happens badly to the main characters is their own fault for rushing into things and for not thinking. Everybody thinking Kyubey is evil here is proof that they would not think and fall victim to the same things as the girls in Madoka if they were in their situations.

  7. SasoriTheOverlord Says:

    Kyubey is not “evil”, just alien.

    He has no emotion, his whole race does not have emotion, so he cannot be considered evil, because they have no morals.

    They act only on pure logic.

    From logic standpoint he is right in his actions, because you have most effective source of power for something logical thing to do is use it most effective way possible.

    • meimi132 Says:

      Bearing in mind I wrote this mid-series before it was revealed Kyubey was in fact basically turning the girls into Witches, making him kinda more evil than I even first suspected, I’m still sticking with the evil stand point. Yet he’s alien, yes his species may function on an entirely different level to us, BUT from a human perspective, he’s still pretty evil. It’d be like saying Borg aren’t evil just because they don’t understand humans and think we should all be assimilated to a higher level of being lol.

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