YES!!!!!!! Go Homura!!!! (Spoilers-desu)

Before… And see below the cut for the…



Did anyone else cheer/woop/make any noise of approval? XD I was soooooooooo glad when this happened. But. Of course. Wasn’t gonna last. Creepy sonofa bitch….

Kyubey showing his true colours finally… red evil eyes out of the shadows. I wouldn’t want a plushie of this thing now for fear it would steal my soul in my sleep… Whats creepier than this, is THIS;

Kyubey EATING itself. Or its old self. Or one of its selves. EITHER WAY, its creepy as hell. And a bit cannibalistic too. GAWD Kyubey is creepy……… can’t wait for next week though!! I hope Madoka doesn’t become a Puella. But then what about her dream at the start of the series I wonder… maybe if she’s as strong as Kyubey says she’d be she’d be able to reverse all the Puella’s back into humans? I wanna find out who Homura is in relation to Madoka too.

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One Response to “YES!!!!!!! Go Homura!!!! (Spoilers-desu)”

  1. Persocom Says:

    Rather than cheer, my jaw dropped. I think it stayed that way until he ate himself. Then I had to double take. But yes, it was cheerworthy. Need more Kyubey ownage.

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