Latest Addiction; BIGBANG

With the release of Big Bang‘s comeback and newest mini album I’ve become a little… enthusiastic you might say. I completely love this new album of theirs, tis weird, because I don’t think I thought much of a lot of their discography before… but now I’m working my way steadily through the 400-odd MB’s I had on my exHD.

The cover of the mini album, Tonight. Very purdy. I wants. But shall wait. Too many Kpop albums I want haha. If the UK made CD’s this pretty and released them with posters and limited edition card things, I might actually buy more music. BUT they don’t. So its their loss really ;P

This is the ‘band’, group is probably a more appropriate term actually… since none of them play instruments to my knowledge…

From left to right; Seungri, Daesung, TOP, Taeyang, G Dragon. Daesung’s my favourite, he’s got the best voice of the group in my opinion. GD & TOP do rapping mostly, though they all do both, but Daesung’s voice is so strong he doesn’t get enough attention in the songs. Tis very easy to spot the bits he does though haha.

(And because there are only 5 of them remembering names is less of an issue than it is with say, Super Junior or Dalmatian.)

The Music video of the title track from said album, Tonight 🙂 They went to America to film it :3

And my favourite track from the mini album is probably either this;

Tis called ‘What Is Right’ OR

‘Hands Up’ like this one cos of Daesungs parts XD one of em is my current message tone haha.

AND the most wonderfully weird thing is its available through iTunes UK & USA and pretty much the rest of the world. PLUS it got to like number 7 on the US iTunes music chart!!! (It’s obviously more of a big deal for us fans lol) I would get the iTunes version, BUT I want a solid copy. And since the solid thing itself is only about $11 and the UK iTunes download is £5 or so, I’ll just wait :3

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One Response to “Latest Addiction; BIGBANG”

  1. Download Album Says:

    Oh, Yeah.. BIG BANG, Addiction..
    I like this Mini Album, EP of BigBang.
    something funny Skull on Cover :*

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