2011 Spring Season Anime Picks 1: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

The lovely Ui ❤

It’s those eyes. The blue with green. It’s not that common to do that with (optical)eyes. And I LOVE Feng’s artwork. It’s too cute. Theres that figure in the polkadot bikini I still want. I think I like Ui because facially they’re quite similar, hair colour isn’t dissimilar too. And both have a cute hair decoration. So yeah, I’ve fell for the main chara in just the first ep XD, the ditzy, stereotypically moe girl, so what? They’re meant to be appealing!! I don’t mind moe, I get that theres been WAY too much of it recently, but it honestly doesn’t bother me lol, I simply don’t want much of the moe-driven anime. But when certain character designs attract my attention, I give them a chance at least.

I’m 2 episodes into Hoshizora, enjoying it, its mindless kinda fluff, but the very beginning of ep 1 reminded me of the beginning of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. (Skip about 2:30 into the vid to see what I’m referring to if you like :3)

It’s just the whole sepia, childhood memory thing mainly I think, since the actual meeting isn’t seen in Hoshizora lol (I know the songs the little girls singing has stuck with me FOREVER though. Hell, I even worked it out on Animal Crossing to be my town tune on Gamecube years ago too XD.) Anyhoo. Hoshizora. Seems fairly typical so far. As eroge-to-anime titles go at least. I’ve seen a fair few lol, H20 being one of my favourites, amongst quite a few others which I won’t bother mentioning lol. The animation is pretty good, and its very pretty, even if the animation was naff, its prettiness would be an incentive to keep watching.

LOOKIT THOSE EYES XD How can you not fall in love with those? She's too adorable XD

The little shota bro….. don’t know what to make of him. Not a huge fan of shota, yet I sat through Kanokon in its entirely. In sort of a dazed stupor I think XD. So much ecchi, so much shota… yet…. it compelled me to finish it XD I can’t defend my actions…. nor explain them haha.

The blonde’s(names evade me right now, am about to watch the 3rd episode, later tonight, I only remember Ui’s name XD) rack is too big. Otherwise I like her design. I don’t like the tsundere one with white hair… and I dunno bout the shrine maiden from the end of ep 2 yet… though if she gets in the way for Ui…. grrr…. I don’t wanna spoil anything, not that there’s really much to spoil, you can probably guess the plot when its this kind of formulaic pap. But nice pap. Like Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives(or other pap you might actually admit to watching ;D). You know its trash, yet you still find yourself watching. Hands up who’s guilty of that then huh? XD

A pretty nice vector of the lovely Ui 🙂 Next time I'll post some of the other girls, promise ;D

~All images located at the wonderful Oreno.Imouto.org. Under this tag, page 1, 2 & 3 I believe :D~

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3 Responses to “2011 Spring Season Anime Picks 1: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi”

  1. FOOLZU Says:

    Reckon there’ll be a season 2???

    • RJay Says:

      sadly it probably won’t happen because the heroine has already been decided but who knows maybe it’ll be like clannad and have a second season showing what happens after they get together. i think the anime world needs more of those

  2. teaa Says:

    well is there season 2 ????

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