Autumn(Fall) Season Anime 2011 – My picks… so far…

As I mentioned before, so far I’ve seen Persona 4, Un-Go, Ben-To, Guilty Crown and Kimi to Boku. I’m sure I’ll try a few others, like Mirai Nikki, when I get the chance. I’ve not even seen this weeks Castle yet, or Being Erica… but I’m writing for like 3 different websites now, including a new kpop blog :DD So being kept thoroughly busy :3 Onto the anime I say!! First up, Persona 4!!

Cute fanart of the immensely cute Chie X3

Reeeaaally liking Persona 4, because of how similar to the game they’ve made it. All the day transition stuff, battle graphics, the music and even his skills chart, they’ve kept it all XD which is amazing! I wonder which clubs he’ll join in the anime… I went with Basketball and Music myself, and he better end up with Chie… not Yukiko… she always bugged me…

HOLD THE PRESS!! Why was I unaware of the Busou Shinki anime??!!!?? It wasn’t listed on the new season anime charts I’d seen before now, and I stumble upon this one! Seriously, I know they’re just shorts, but why wasn’t it listed on the other ones I’d looked at??? I mean seriously!? It’s making me wanna break out the old Shinki’s again XD

ANYWAY, back to new anime I’ve actually seen :3

You can feel the cavities growing already can't you?

I’d read that Kimi To Boku was basically reverse gender K-On! without the music on Something Awful, which made me just HAVE to try it ;P. And it pretty much is exactly that. It’s equally as fluffy, equally as slice-of-lifey, just minus the music. Now, I started out sceptical, but the opening theme is really nice XD and usually opening theme’s can hook me even if the show itself is naff. So I will be trying more of Kimi To Boku…

As you can see, panda hat thing on left, buxom panda lady on right. Go figure.

Now Un-Go, was just something we tried at one of our movie/TV nights. It was alright, but not sure how much I liked it. I liked the girls panda hat/paws thing, but then she kinda… grew… it was odd. It looks conspiracy-y/detective-y. And I didn’t finish Gosick, so I dunno if starting another one which I find similar is a good idea lol. Looked cool though, and the premise sounded cool. It might just be that it’s not for me lol. I just found this while looking for pictures… Ryo Katsuji, from Tokyo Dogs, is doing the lead character’s voice?!?!?! Instant re-evaluation needed XD And he was in Battle Royale 2 DX so was Yuma Ishigaki… of Gokusen/Hana Kimi/Azumi/13 Assassin fame. ARGGGG BR2 totally needs a rewatch sometime… but I only gots the first one… but Purplezest_ had the second one DX (You are witnessing the workings of a ‘Chain of  Flail’ right now, it’s like a giggle loop, only worse XD) And not only is Katsuji-san in it, Aki Toyasaki!! The lovely Yui!! Oh, and I had to include the Beauty and the Beast dress from the first episode XD. Alot like Belle’s, right??



Now, for Guilty Crown. The one I’d heard numerous good things about prior to trying, I think mostly because of Supercell and I.G lol. But for the most part I’ve found them to be true. The animation looks awesome, the voice actor’s are good. (Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad is in it ❤ Sort of instant-love XD I thought it might have been Kyon at first, but Tomoya is equally as awesome :DD) I watched the opening on MV because there was no low res enough download for a while, but even the stream was sticky. Not all of us have computers that can handle 720p!! 480p is more than good enough XD Luckily when I next checked, there was an AVI file out XD *huzzah*. The opening was really cool, a nice set up, kind of throwing you right into the action without any warning. Which I like. I’m a fan of confusion, if it’s too easy to predict, where’s the fun?

The song on the opening is really pretty too. By an in show group called ‘Egoist’ it seems. Watched episodes 1 & 2 so far, gotta say, very very very Code Geass-esque lol. From the robots/mecha used, to the government/terrorist stuff, there’s even a crazy prince-type character lol. But I like that. There’s also a little Elemental Gelade thrown in too, I feel. You’ll see what I mean when/if you see it. (Their suit things also bare a slight resemblence to NGE plug suits lol.) I’d recommend giving it a go at least though, because it’s well put together, shows promise and most of all, purdy graphics :3 Examples below :3

Inori. Pink haired cutie, wearing a very impractical outfit considering she's on the run lol.

Not a screen cap or anything, but still sooooo pretty XD

Now Ben-To was a wildcard/surprise addition to my list this season, we wanted something stupid/fanservicey to watch last night, and this was the choice, I was hoping for some eroge adaption actually, am in the mood for some stupid comedy fanservice lol. It was picked once again because of the Something Awful post about new season anime, which I’ll be consulting to find myself a suitable stupid fanservice-filled show, as they’re super derogatory of any anime adapted from an eroge, shouldn’t be hard lol. Anyway, Ben-To, seems to be about fighting for half price bento’s at a supermarket. Which seems like a stupid premise. As SA puts it “Silly shounen comedy show about intense fighting for supermarket bentos, or something.” BUT it surprised us by being not bad at all. And it even had some fanservice too. (The chick with blue/grey hair and red eyes totally looks like Rei right?? XD We all thought it when watching lol.) We found it weirdly entertaining for what it was. But the odd thing is, there’s some truth to the mad dash for the half price stuff in Japanese supermarkets isn’t there? I’ve seen it before elsewhere I think lol. Of course this show is a big exageration on that, but it’s fun. The animation’s good too. So I might actually end up seriously watching it lol. Few more pics because I likes em :3

I find it kind of odd the main male character is in the background of most of the pics I’ve found, or not present at all. But I spose it is shounen, so they’re selling it to boys, and cute anime girls work better for that lol.

I like the megane blonde, but I’m fairly certain she wasn’t in the first episode… not introduced at any rate…#

That’s it for all the new season anime I’ve seen so far. I’m not sure what else I might try… I’ve marked some things on this though.

So, basically, hearts mean I likes, so far anyway, and question marks are ones to try/look into 🙂 If anyone has any suggestions that I haven’t marked that you think I might like, by all means, tell me 😀

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