Obsession Regression – Love Hina Vol 1

Last night I read Love Hina volume 1 again. Sadly online, because nearly all my manga’s at home. Apart from volume 3 of Cat Paradise I think lol. But yeah, Love Hina…

When I first read it I was 13 pretty much, so reading it with a much more innocent mind. Now I can see all the fanservice comedy stuff in a completely different light. Which hasn’t taken away from it’s enjoyment, it’s just… odd. Keitaro’s still a lovable moron, Naru’s still tsundere, Shinobu’s still jailbait, only I think back when I first read it, I didn’t use the term jailbait because, well, I was her age XD. Mitsune is still a predatorial drunk. Motoko’s still a cold kendo queen, but still one of my favourite characters lol. There are certain similarities we share, more now than before I thinks :3 Su’s still funny, but there’s not all that much of her in volume 1. I still remember the Love Hina dating sim on newgrounds fondly, which I shall now have to link XD. I spent god knows how long playing that game getting each girl XD

Looking back on it now I’m not sure if I should have been allowed to read Love Hina, or any of the 16+ manga I did back then. But I read Akira when I was 11… that’s probably worse… Actually… what’s worse? Possibly disturbing/gross imagery in Akira or over sexualised teen comedy in Love Hina? For a early teen I mean lol. Like alot of manga and anime, it was deceptively cute in design. I suppose the nudity was only half-drawn sort of thing, but still. I wonder what kind of impact it had on me lol. Would I have grown up as fangirly if I hadn’t read Love Hina, Chobits(probs more adult than Love Hina really lol, but written by women. *shrugs* I dunno… XD)? And by fangirly… well… if you’re on tumblr you’ll understand what I mean by ‘fangirly’…

In other news, I’m currently looking at new anime for the season. So far I’ve seen at least 1 episode of Persona 4, Un-Go, Ben-To, Guilty Crown and Kimi to Boku. I’ve got Mirai Nikki but have yet to watch in it’s entirity. But I shall see… My only problem is I have to finish Persona 4 in two weeks if I want to avoid spoilers in the anime DX.

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