GANTZ – Live Action (Somewhat NSFW+Little Spoilers)

I remember reading some of the manga yeeeeaars ago on Spectrum Nexus. And thinking ‘My god this is gross!’. Yet I kept reading, I haven’t read it all by anime means, but I knew the basic premise. So when I noticed ‘Gantz‘ listed on Kenichi Matsuyama’s AMW, I was all ‘YAY!!’. I mean, anything of Matsuken’s is *YAY* but a movie based on a manga that I’d actually read. *Huzzah!* I waited over a year for this movie. From November 2009 to… well it was released in January in Japan, and America got special (dubbed lol but grrrr) showings, but I couldn’t see it until recently. I was interested to see if they could mirror the levels of goryness that the manga had. I’ve not seen the anime so I can’t comment on that, but the manga was super gory, and the chapter graphics were generally buxom ladies wearing part of the Gantz bondage suits. (Come on, you know they are, tight black PVC? You know it crossed your mind!!) The movie got them right. And the guns. Ohh the guns are cool.

Ok, before the cool guns, a very brief description/overview thingy for those who have no idea what Gantz is. Basically, you die/get into an accident, and wake up in the room with the black ball. Gantz transported a copy of you to the room at the moment of your death, from what I remember. And you have to fight aliens and get 100 points, and then pick something off the 100 point menu. What’s on the menu? Watch the movie/read the manga to find out :P. Other than that… hell I’ve probably said too much, but I did say spoilers lol.

They are very snazzy pieces of tech. Very cool.

And the suits… well…

Not seen any Gantz cosplay at cons before. I wonder why...

If they did, they'd win every cosplay contest. lol. Especially if girls did.

And inside the ball..

I’ve not read enough of the manga to know what the hell this guy is. I vaguely recall that he is Gantz, but it can’t be *that* simple, there’s gotta be some higher power. Not that any of that’s explained in the movie lol. Everything that happens in the movie, I remember reading in the manga, although, I didn’t read 8 volumes worth, so they must have skipped a lot to get to the last alien. Hell, I skipped a load too lol, I just hopped a few volumes when I came back to read it a couple of years ago, after I discovered it initially.

I did wonder how they'd do this guy...

I thought he was done pretty well. Like all the special effects actually. I came away pretty impressed, unlike Death Note I think… but making Ryuk look realistic is tricky lol. And it was over 5 years ago now lol.

Wow… is that too dark? Or is it just my screen? You decide. Anyways. Gore is always best done for real. Like in The Thing. Still one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen to this day lol.

Another of the aliens they gotta fight. This guy was freeeeeaky. What happens to his face later in the scene is even freakier though XD

The bufferising of the suits lol

I may lol, but I thought it was done pretty well 🙂

As was this I thought. And the last alien… gaaaaawd this boss went on for ages in the manga XD. Alot longer than it does in the movie lol.

This dude…. just… would not quit. It’s handled a little differently to the manga, which I was kinda disappointed at. BUT I’ve come to expect anime/live action version of manga to be a bit disappointing lol. Luckily I wasn’t as attached to this as I was, say, Death Note.

It was a good movie. The cast was good, although I think Kei Kurono should have been more badass/douchy. And they could have still been high school students, instead of bumping their ages up as movies/drama’s often do *sigh*. Kazunari Ninomiya is too nice/cute/normal to be the douchebag that is Kurono. I reeaaaally didn’t like Kurono in the manga lol. Matsuken was better as Kato, but still.. the hair was wrong… and other Kei (Kishimoto) should have had bigger cans. I had to say it. Least they were brave with the sideboob when she was getting zapped into the room at the beginning lol. I expected no nudity. Of course there was never going to be as much as there was in the manga lol. And the Yakuza boss dude didn’t try to attack her either. Just little inconsiquencial things though… not integral to the story lol.

Overall, I’m definitely looking forward to the next one, which is already available. So is the alternate version of the first movie actually, from a different characters POV.

Oh, one thing I missed, the head chips, no exploding heads or people trying to escape the vicinity, which is what I would have done in their shoes probably. RUN AWAY XD Or at least stayed out the way…

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2 Responses to “GANTZ – Live Action (Somewhat NSFW+Little Spoilers)”

  1. Sneddon Says:

    Hey Meimi,

    Is there much gore and nudity (yes, but its what the series is all about, the violence and the nudity) in the movie? because from what I have seen, not so much of those…I’m a huge fan of the Gantz manga and I don’t want this to ruin the franchise for me 😛

    BTW, are you applying for JET this year for 2012? If you are, are u preparing it yet? I’m going to apply this year for 2012, would be awesome to know people who will might be in Japan next year with JET.

    • meimi132 Says:

      lol, there’s barely any nudity, just the very beginning you get a bit of side boob lol, and violence… I’d say there’s enough, but nowhere near the levels in the manga. But I haven’t read the manga properly in ages, not the very beginning anyways, so I can’t remember the exact levels of gore haha. The exploding onion boy was pretty damn gory I’d say, and then the yakuza guy who gets his leg chopped by the bigger onion alien, then exploded, also done in a manner which I went ‘ewwww’ at lol. It skips a fair amount of the manga far as I can tell, I can understand you not wanting to ruin it for yourself at any rate lol.

      And I’m not this year T-T mainly cos I kind of started again lol, so I won’t be able to apply yet 😦 I know someone who is thinking of applying though, but last he checked the applications weren’t out or something.

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