B1A4 – Let’s Fly!

Because of the way these boys promoted before their debut, I got quite attached. Seeing manhwa on AKP don’t happen often lol. So it caught my eye to say the least. They’re named after their blood groups, 1 is type B, and the rest are A. That and ‘Be the one, All for one’ another meaning behind their name. And the pretty pretty comic below the cut :DD

(From FlightB1A4, the only forum I frequent everyday, multiple times a day haha.)

This was too cute to be true. A band promoting using a comic??!! I don’t follow new groups generally, but B1A4 made me change my mind. And when the teaser for their song ‘OK’ came out. I was even more taken. By that point I’d already picked a favourite from the promo stuff, Shinwoo, or CNU. Jinyoung was almost first choice, when when I found out there was a member called Shinwoo, I knew he’d be my first choice lol. Weird to pick based on a name, but it was a good choice XD.

Such happy peppy music 😄 I listened to it on repeat for sooooo long, and the album came out, listened that over and over too. Hell, I even bought it. Me buying music is RARE. (Becoming less rare thanks to Kpop, all the freebies/special editions… too tempting lol)

After the MV, CNU was even more my favourite. Great voice. And Baro… overtook Jinyoung.

Why couldn’t all this stuff have been around when I was the right age for it lol? I hated boybands when I was little lol. Despised Boyzone and Westlife. I was all ‘Spice Girls ftw’ back then XD. None of them are super young at least, unlike Teen Top *shudder* jailbaity is the word that springs to mind 😄

And and and…. their latest appearance on one of the many music shows. I flailed pretty hard while watching this 😄

Their third music video, for the first promoted song on their second mini album, which came out last month. Also awesome. They’ve done really well for a rookie group too, high sales, big oversea’s following already, FlightB1A4 is 21st in the Kpop forum ranks for most members. And their fancafe has loads of members too, I’m a member too, but reading Korean… not my strong suit lol.

But yeah… Had to flail a bit… Will every now and then. Block B might be next… or BEAST… or 4Minute or HyunA. I dunno. Oh, for the boys who don’t give a crap about Kpop(if you got this far lol), you’ll give a crap about this video lol.


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