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So I’m going to China :D On sunday XD

January 14, 2012

I probably should have posted something earlier. Woops… But yeah. I’m going to China. For a year. To teach English. To Zhoushan. Dinghai specifically. It’s a bit south of Shanghai, on the east coast, in a collection of islands. I still haven’t completely 100% processed it. I can’t believe this time next week I will be in China…
Oh yeah, my flight is sunday. So… a day. Pretty much. This time tomorrow my stomach will be doing somersaults I’m sure XD. I think the least fun thing about preparing for this is the packing. And trying to figure out how to adhere to the 20kg luggage limit. And then the 7kg hand baggage… and which bag do I carry as my free small bag allowance o__o;

Enough of that anyways. I’m here to leave a list of ways to contact me, if you so wish it. As I won’t be able to use wordpress in China unless I get a proxy, and at first I definitely won’t. I’ll survive. Because I know certain things are available.

Weibo It’s like basically Chinese Twitter, with Facebook-like aspects, not that I’ve grasped alot of it yet. It’s just helpful that it’s got the same layout as Twitter really…

Gaiaonline I am on Gaia as Meimi132, ofc. I can be contacted there.

Skype Even if I didn’t have it before, I’d have to now. For video chats with parentals/grandparentals/aunts/cousins/friends/everyone else who cares I’m on the other side of the world lol. Meimi132 on that too. When in doubt, that’s my username lol. I can use to post updates and photos of my escapades in my free time too lol. Which there shall be many :DD I AM getting over to Japan in my free time. I just HAVE to. HAVE to.

As for email addresses and MSN messenger, google talk/chat. Have a guess. What might mine be? Surely not…no…couldn’t be that could it? (Well I’m not gonna type the actual emails, cos I don’t want anymore spam than I already get. But if you put Meimi132 in front of the and, you will get me.

There’s also Tumblr which I will *hopefully* be able to use… but I’ll see… it has good and bad days. And my China Tumblr blog is here I may change the name… not sure… probs won’t this late XD

I think that’s all the big ones. The important ones I’d use for a blog like thing. Since all blog platforms are blocked far as I can tell… sadness. But you have this lot. So does everyone. So hopefully, I should be able to let people know that I’m alive lol 🙂

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