Sword Art Online – SAO – Making me wanna play MMO’s SO BAD XD (Some spoilers~)

So. SAO. Of the anime I’ve seen over the past few months (Another, Tsuritama, Accel World, few others) this is probably the one that grabbed me fastest. I mean I loved MMO’s before, and this just made me re-love them. And want to play MOAR. (So I/we went looking at picked Eden Eternal lol)

And I knoooooooow loads of people are watching. Even one of my students (who also watched & read Accel World) was watching and reading it(light novel origin like Accel World, which I later found out was written by the same dude XD)

Anyways. Yes. SAO. GAWD I want an MMO like that. Minus the being trapped and the possible death of course. But GAWD I would love such an immersive one. With much hacking and slashing. (Below the cut, smut, spoilers and stuff)

And among all the awesome leveling and mad op’ing that Kirito and Asuna do. After finding out he was only 14 starting the game… and after having read this… (because naturally if I read something has been taken out for reasons of this kind, I’m gonna go looking lol. It’s like if there was smut cut out of Haruhi novels XD) I can’t help being a little o____o at him and Asuna. Cos in this time frame… he woulda been 14 still, and she 16… so… even in game……like…. o____o I shouldn’t be focusing on that though. I should be focusing on the fact they were a lovely couple and had a lovely relationship with a lovely fake daughter and a lovely digital house.

Which then got ripped away from them as they were essentially chucked out the game before the 100th level boss. I was kinda like ‘oh…’ when they decided to beat the final boss 25 levels early… I mean they coulda time-jumped again like before… but no… and the reveal of the big-bad… I was kinda sad it was so… easy… even my friend guessed… and I just hoped it wasn’t…

And now the new arc. WHICH. Like… I dunno, 5-10 mins into, I’d called the brother-complex/onii-chan loving. And I am looking forward to the new MMO. But wouldn’t they have scrapped this technology if it can be hijacked like that? The headgear thing I mean. I spose we gotta wait until the next ep to see if they actually still use the headgear though. And little sis will totally be helping out, as per the new opening. And the super creepy guy who’s trying to marry Asuna… eww… he was like.. as soon as his glasses shon when he walked in. You knew. You just knew. Only in a comedy do shining glasses don’t mean evil. And even then sometimes they still mean evil…

Debating which of the new new series to watch. I already tried OniAi(just cos…. the name… I knew it’d be another bro complex series… yet I watched anyways………. not sure what that says about me. And I tried the Shinsekai Yori series too. Could be interesting. I made a list to try. Like Busou Shinki. Gotta try that. Though it’ll make me miss my Shinki’s T-T.

And btw, hello again ^-^

The images were either off google, or off animepaper, but I used scaled down versions 😉 You gotta go there for the stupidly large full size images 😉 And you can click them for the better quality images ;3

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3 Responses to “Sword Art Online – SAO – Making me wanna play MMO’s SO BAD XD (Some spoilers~)”

  1. darkkai3 Says:

    I dunno about the questionable nature of Asuna and Kirito, mainly because (spoiler) when they first get together it’s been 2 years since they started playing, meaning he’s 16 and Asuna 18.

    I’m more concerned about what they’re going to be like when they leave the game and enter the real world, as their bodies won’t have moved for 2 (at least) years!

  2. JSG Says:

    SAO….the concept was rather interesting, fighting scenes are vibrant and cool,which attracts my attention.However…I am rather disappointed by the way the story goes.It’s just too predictable, further more most character lack of development(Lizabeth, Clint, Slica.etc), which it really isnt very good, I even forgot the “Dragon’s tamer” name for a moment there.When Sachi died, there wasn’t really much emotion going on in me, because there wasn’t much of a “Bond” between the audience(me).Personally I find Space Brother even more interesting than SAO, it is really a pity that SB didnt get much attention…Anyway, I’ll give SAO a rating of 6/10 for Anime addicts(such as myself), but a 8-9/10 for newcomers.SAO is the type of anime that is perfect for new anime watchers IMO.Pardon my bad grammar!!

  3. aninditablog Says:

    Is there any other season of SAO? I heard that this story isnt complete at all..

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