Haganai – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Unsocial folk trying to be social?

Pretty anime is pretty. Sena is so cute XD

So I decided to give this a try after seeing a really cute figure of one of the characters, Sena.

Seems to be about a group of unsocial students. Who get more social together. In a school club. In a church. Righto…

The main character, Kodaka, is like, half English, hence the blonde hair. It’s a nice colour, but makes everyone afraid, that plus the ‘piercing’ eyes. Which I just think are nice XD

The animation so far is really nice, the character designs too, all prettiful :3 And from what I read it’s a harem anime, which I’m totally fine with. I like a good harem anime once in a while, stupid fun. Same with normal TV. This, so far, doesn’t seem to be *too* stupid. But I’m only one ep in.

This figure is the one that made me watch it. Sooooo cute.

lol they’re using religion to open a club to make fake(?) friends… is what I’m taking from her explanation… ok… seems legit…. their club is in a church…. lol
And why does he always have his trousers like that…

Enter Sena. Of course Yozora knew her before… bet you she did… lol. She seems desperate to join. And that voice… I know it… hmmm… if I do, it’s only from Shugo Chara, Amu’s seiyuu. Not really watched more than 1/2 eps of Queens Blade lol. Or Squid Girl.


Oh their boob comparison…ok… little more stupid… but I loooove Sena’s character design.

(If you can’t tell, I was writing and watching lol, probably not the best idea, should give it my full attention. But I’ll remember the names better this way :3)

And just reading up on voice actors… Yozora is Marina Inoue. Yoko of Gurren Lagann! And Kodaka(who I’m tempted to just call Kodak lol) is Akira from Eden of the East.

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