K – Giant floating swords and invisible naked cat girls

So. K. Hmm. Ep 1 definitely seemed a little… hectic… random… whatever the word… I was a little confused… maybe more than a little. Only on ep 2 did I get into it more. And accept it’s… oddness. Cos it is. Odd. The style. The animation(in places). It’s kinda artsy. It is a beautiful series. Beautifully designed. Gorgeous to watch. But I’ve got to ep 3…and we’ve jumped back to a part of ep 1… with the giant floating swords, which was one of the parts that confused me most. And then that part where the naked girl ran through the school.

I love how in anime you can see them through clothes, but if they’re wearing less, BAM. Gone.

I was happy with the white haired Isana Yashiro being chased about by the androgynous bishie with long hair called Yatogami Kuroh, or Black Dog, along with the naked girl/cat who most people can’t see. Neko is friggin adorable. But very naked lol. But has the advantage of being that kind of naked where there’s no detail in certain parts. So it’s…. safer for work? XD Though even girls with their eyes out missing their pupils… isn’t exactly suitable for work is it… *cough*

Trailer for the series. I just remember seeing it plugged somewhere, maybe ANN. And I read the Dannychoo post about K too. Neko is the most popular in polls. For an obvious reason. Ok. Well technically two reasons ;). Don’t deny it.

So all this king stuff. Factions. Red and blue. The gangs. The Shiro lookalike. The psychic stuff. The talking trashbins. It’s a bit like… ‘ok then’ XD

The thing that actually got me to watch was a gifset on tumblr. Of Shiro blushing after Black Dog catches him in ep 1. Which I thought was cute.

And the Seri chick. I like her hair.

It seems interesting enough though. And a bit weird. Which is enough to keep me watching, for now anyways. I watched 3 eps in a row at any rate.

This girl/cat doesn’t like clothes. XD

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