No.6 – I am not a number, I am a free-oh wait, wrong show… ^_^

I always love when I stumble upon new shows. And yesterday when on ANN I saw the review page for No.6. Not sure what exactly about the synopsis grabbed me, I think it was the fact that the whole walled districts separated out into social groups/standings, reminded me of ‘The Wind Singers’ premise. A series of books I read years ago and looooooooved(and will now find online somehow…).

I’m on episode 4 already, just finished 3. It seems to be one of those shoes I MUST SEE ALL OF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! *gnashes teeth*. I am loving it. I love dystopian futures. I love futuristic settings. I love when they have to leave their perfect world and get thrown into the dystopian part. (Some spoilers for eps 1-3, tread with caution :3)

I must say I’m loving the similarities between No.6 and ‘The Wind Singer’. I mean originally I thought it was just going to be the walled city and seperated social groups. But there’s even a big whistley thing at the center of the city… when I finally clocked it I was like o_________o ‘Come on. That’s just…’ I’d love to find out if the creator/writer of this series has read ‘The Wind Singer’ and ‘The Wind on Fire’ series. I bet if that had come out around now, it would be stupidly popular, but as it is… it was too early for it’s time. I know fandom’s would eat it up. It needs to have a comeback… somehow…

So. No.6. Sion or Shion is the main character. The boy who had it all. A brilliant life ahead of him. Great education set up on the ‘Special Track’ with his childhood friend, Safu. Living in the rich part of No.6. He wanted for nothing. But then Mouse/Rat/Nezumi entered his life. Appeared at his window during the typhoon on his birthday and tried to strangle him. As a fujitive on the run would do. But as it turns out, Shion reacts ok to the appearance of a small boy bleeding from a gunshot wound quite well.
And like any 12 year old boy would do, he tends to Rat’s wound and brings him cake. And then gets everything taken away from him. Stripped of any qualifications and awards he had, forced to move to the poor part of town. I felt kinda bad for his mother…

All the names for govermenty things in this show, like ‘Bureau of Peace’, scream oppression to me lol. Like the entire population is being sedated and controlled lol. I mean you go to work, and you have to pledge your allegiance to the city before you clock in XD. So yeah. Bit of a Big Brother thing going on.

And theres quite a big 4 year jump, without any warning, unless I totally missed the sub saying ‘4 years later’ lol. But at the beginning of ep 2, we see Shion, working as a park ranger essentially. And they come across a body, which looks old, but turns out not to be. Then we’re in a cafe with him and his friend, and they’re 16 now. And then it flashes back, explaining why, and we see him working in the park, controlling cute animal trash robots called ‘Walkers’, remind me of Saatchi from.. damn… I’ve forgot… it’ll come to me… later XD. And his friend, Safu, as she’s going abroad to one of the other big city things, No.5, she has a request. And she speaks in a very ‘Bones’esque scientific, no beating around the bush. So she’s basically like ‘YOUR SPERMS! GIZ THEM ME.’ Not in caps obviously. But yeah. She wants his sperm. Or just sex. I think for more like an experiment lol, but she does like him, just in a weird scientific way sorta. Or that’s how she words it at least. And then she treats him like a child after he’s all like ‘but you’re my friend….’. So yeah.

And the next day… Shion mentions how the government might be covering stuff up, as it wasn’t in the news, and literally seconds later his co-worker, dies, of apparently the same thing the guy they found yesterday did. And a bee/wasp(depending on the subgroup XD) flies out of his neck. Which seems to have been… gestating inside him… and then killed him as it reached buggy adulthood… obviously Shion’s a bit freaked out by this. And the official govermenty guys come along, and take him away, accusing him of stuff.
Luckily, Rat comes to the rescue, with his mouse assault team XD They hijack the car, and then have to bail when it’s taken by remote control lol.
And then the running begins. To the outside. Beyond the wall. And that’s pretty much the end of ep 3. Them escaping together. BUUUUUUT we see a little patch on the back of Shion’s neck, like the kind his co-worker and the other dead guy had…..

So yes. (I start ‘so’ too much XD). No.6. Loving it. Am sensing of blossoming ‘bromance’ between Shion and Rat. But given the fact ‘Shonen-ai’ is actually listed on ANN, I’m not exactly shocked lol.

Go watch it. Or give it a shot at least. Specially if you’re a fan of ‘The Wind Singer’ (the few of us that are left and watch anime too lol). You might get a kick out of it, I did/am. 🙂

Oh. The opening and ending. I didn’t like the opening at first. But it’s grown on me quite a bit in 3/4 eps lol. Ending I like less, but it’s still good.

Now I need to try Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and maybe Magi. And wait for ep 4 of K. :3

And you can go here for the full size versions of the pics I used in the post :3

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