Remember 11 – Who am I again?

I cut this together from the game CG, it’s a promo pic, prettiful :3 I added the Remember 11 logo myself for good measure :3

So I finally got to play Remember 11(last year now actually lol). Years after Ever 17. And Never7 is downloading right now. SO HAPPY. I didn’t realise there was a translation for Never7!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And today I saw 12Riven in the bookshop in Dinghai. In Chinese…. which is annoying… but…… if there was a patch, would that work? XD Not that my CD drive works anyway… XD

So Remember 11. For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about(and can’t be bothered to click the link lol), it’s a Visual Novel. It’s part of a series, it’s a thriller/scifi/psycho kinda game. I went into it all excited and like ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeee EVER 17 YAYAYAYAY’, and I was happy that you got to play as a girl, for part of it lol. It’s a nice change,(which is funny cos I also have Starry Sky Spring to play too :DDDD YAYS!!)

I’m not sure how much I wanna reveal about the story… in case you actually want to play it.. so I’ll try to like, avoid major plot points and story. So there will be some spoilers. Nothing too major I suppose now I think about it, but still. Spoilers for a game like this would be annoying to me lol. So you have been warned!!

So theres a plane crash. At the beginning, which you see in the intro, above, and this girl is reading about a serial killer case. You sort of bond with one of the characters on the plane before the crash too, which becomes important later on.

Yuni on the left, the boy you bond with, and Kokoro on the right, the girl you are playing as in the question arc.

And after the crash, you wake up in a room, you don’t know where you are, and well, turns out… you’re not you. You’re someone else. You look in a mirror, and you freak out, naturally. I mean if you saw someone else in the mirror where you should be… you’d freak out. Surely. And after that, you end up switching back to your own body, which is in a cabin. Apart from that. Everything seems normal. I’d say more… but… ya know… spoilers… plus it’s been about a year since I played it…

Wreckage from the plane crash, which you don’t see that early on actually.

Screw it. People might wanna know lol.
You start out playing the question arc, as Kokoro(‘s mind), then after you’ve finished that, you can access the answer arc, where you play as Satoru, and get the reverse of what you had with Kokoro, because you’re switching bodies, you miss what happens when you’re in his body of course, and vice versa.

Realising that it’s not you looking back…

The gameplay is the same as Ever 17, and most VN’s, lots of reading and some choices which decide how the story will go. It can end well, it can end not so well. I know I ended up dying at least twice before the actual end of the game… thank god for so many save files(unlike Never 7 which has like 5!!! How do I backup with that little space T-T means I’ll have to actually play it through without saving before every choice like normal XD).

In the cabin with the other survivors~

The story is set in two different places, every time you switch bodies, you’re transferred to the other place, and as it turns out, other time. Oh yeah, this game isn’t as simple as a body swap. It’s a swap in time and space. There is only one character that appears in both places, which should tip you off rather quickly, but with games like this, who really knows. I mean Ever 17. That had two different play through’s, with varying degree’s of-wait. No. I won’t spoil that too. Not right now. You should play the whole series. Which is apparently 5 games now, 2 more added to the series since the company switch. So I’m like ‘YAY’ and ‘DAMN’, cos I’ve only just got the original 3 with English patches finally XD

So you can literally freeze to death if you make the wrong decision at one point…

Or you can get stabbed. And drowned if I remember correctly…

So the same thing happened with Remember 11 as it did with Ever 17. Once I started playing, it was reeeaaaaally hard to stop. I just played it nonstop until I was done. And VN’s can be loooooooong XD Let me just check my time… ok. For some reason the latest save file I’ve got is on 9 hours… even though I’ve played it through… I’ll be annoyed if my saves were wiped for any reason… grrr…. It was definitely over 20 hours. Plus the extra play time to re-do things to get different endings. And then the Satoru arc… which, I’ll be honest, I can’t remember if I finished XD. I just remember the confusion of the ending XD And I found out that I still have all the CG’s unlocked from the question arc, so… it’s recorded my playtime. And when I loaded a file up, it says the total play time is about 20 hours… so… where are my other files… granted, 60 spaces… all but one has a save file in XD (I’m very save happy XD)

Near the end of the question arc… when things start to get really freaky-deaky.

I love these games though. I haven’t found a VN or eroge I like better. I just wanna play alllllll the games. Date Warp was damn good though. And an otome game. I want more otome games… but more often than not, regular VN’s where you play as the boy are more fun XD Which… yeah… says things about me probably lol. Though the fact usually the girl character designs are cuter… same for Harvest Moon. I will usually pick to play as a boy, if they gave the girl better marriage options I’d be all over that, buuuuuuut they haven’t in the ones I’ve played where you have the option. So I’ve chosen to stick with playing as ‘Kyle’ lol.

Ok. Sidetracked. Remember 11. It’s awesome. Play it. I wish I bought Ever 17 when I had the chance… before it sold out on Jbox/list… and Remember 11.. you can’t get in English, same for Never 7, and 12Riven, and then Code_18, which seems less like the other 4 games, but the completist/obsessive in me must play them ALL!!

And I’ve already started playing Never 7 :DD Got the OST ogg’s too, VN’s without music……would be…odd to me XD. Just gotta get Starry Sky Spring installed now, but that means another locale change, and clearing some HD space… Which I will do! Cos it’s worth it!!

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