Mass Update Raging – No.6, Fringe, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, K & Rabu Kare

TV… y u must irk me so…

So I’ve found myself raging at TV and anime this week. Either due to stupid things happening in them, or things I do not approve of, or both. Or more. So here. Do with this as you will…. Rage and spoilers within… I try to keep specifics out of it, apart from with No.6 where I had to… sorry XD

Like… seriously… why…

So I finished No.6 finally. Kinda disappointed with the ending if I’m honest. Not what I was hoping for… and went a bit psychedelic if I’m honest… giant bee goddesses and stuff…. and then the whole… ‘we just achieved our goals, one of us was brought back from the dead, but we’re still gonna part ways and probably never seen each other for a long time’. I was like ‘WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK’ at this. I mean. He was literally crying over Shion’s corpse, and then not long after he’d been revived, quick kiss, and then he slides down a friggin cliff. I MEAN WHAT. Shouldn’t they like, ya know, be together? Happily? I mean I know he was an angsty fucker and all, but JEEEEEEEEESUS. I mean really. So yeah. Disappointed in that. Overall I enjoyed it, but still…the ending…. could have been done better, in my opinion…

It made me actually tell my laptop off… loudly… well not my laptop… it’s Fringe that deserves the talking to…

Like Fringe. Ep 4. Seriously. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WERE THEY THINKING. I mean DEAR GOD. I was so shocked there were no tears. I mean something like that, I would have expected tears. But no. It was so sudden, so abrupt, no tears. No feels. Well. Feels of mild rage. But yeah. WHAT. THE. HELL. I still can’t get over that. And then the latest episode, ep 5…. Peter just made a hugely moronic decision. I mean I know he’s grieving, and probably a little unhinged… but doing what he did is just asking for trouble… like majorly asking for trouble.. *sigh*

Dear god… I just… and with Community not back until February… I don’t even… IDE….

Seems like my favourite shows are intent on making stupid decisions… though I think right now… just Fringe… and maybe Castle nearly….. but that was all trolling by them…. mostly…

Finally a show that doesn’t make me want to rip my laptop’s face off. Ya know. If it had a face.

And then there’s ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun‘. Which I watched the first 5 episodes of yesterday/day before yesterday. I quite like it. It’s quirky, cute, kinda reminds me of Lovely Complex a little, also reminds me of aspects of my own life, but I seem to do that a lot lol. See things in anime/shows that remind me of my own life… either I’m looking for it on purpose of my life resembles manga/anime too much lol.
But yush. It’s a nice show. Pretty. I like the op/ed themes. And unless something goes horribly wrong, I can see it having a happy ending. Of course then there’s the manga as well… but I won’t be looking into that for a while lol. Spoilers and all.

And watched ep 4 and 5 of K too. With the bloody shirt reveal at the end of ep 4. That was all ‘ooooooooooooo’ of course. Either it’s a frame up or he really did it. Or has a twin. Or it’s like Jekyll and Hyde. Or just a normal split personality thing. lol. Normal. But yeah, not looking good for him at the moment. And still a very odd series… seems quite mixed up in it’s genre… but I think it’s meant to be like that, with 7 different writers/collaborators and all.

Hmmmm is that it for anime/tv….. Oh. Manga. I read one of the manga from the writer of ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun‘,  only googled to see if she’d done anything I knew of. But nothing sprang out. One called ‘Ikemen Paradise’ reminded me of Hana Kimi… since the Jdrama’s subtitle/alt title was Ikemen Paradise, but this manga was entirely different. The one I ended up reading was a selection of 6 short stories called ‘Rabu Kare‘. Which, I’ll be honest, I only clicked on cos it said ‘smut’ in the genre XD. So yeah. Rabu Kare. It can be read on Evilflowers online reader, here.

And this was written while I was still(am still) a little intoxicated(if you couldn’t tell, with the extra, ‘so yeah’s, and ‘but’s lol)  from the night earlier on. Was out with a fellow girl doing actual girly things for once lol.

Enjoyed my doodles? XD I’m just playing with the tablet I got for £30. 8×6 inches. HUION brand, Chinese ofc, works quite nicely :3, I just figured since I can’t really scan stuff in without a scanner…. and the schools one is hooked up to the dodgy computer XD

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2 Responses to “Mass Update Raging – No.6, Fringe, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, K & Rabu Kare”

  1. JSG Says:

    Have not watched any of the anime yet, due to exams…(beside No.6…Dropped it, my brains can’t take BL).I like your doodles, they are cute/kawaii d( ̄  ̄)

  2. KC Says:

    Nice to see you using the tech to express your art. Tried not to read too closely your reasons for being annoyed with Fringe, but I get that you’re peeved. How bad is it?

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