My History of Gaming

(This is a very very long post, probably TLDR for most. I warn you now. And I’d do cliff notes of sorts, but that’d end up being quite long too I’d bet XD)

So the earliest games I remember playing are on PC. Things like Quake, Duke Nukem, Doom and Bedlam, great things for a 6 year old to be playing I’m sure. But I was playing Catz and Dogz and Adiboo, along with Sonic and other more wholesome PG rated games too. Like Hex. And Prince of Persia. And the Disney platformers of course. My betting is that EVERYONE remembers getting stuck on the stampede level at least 5-10 times. I’m not even sure I ever got past it. Our copy of Jungle Book was glitchy too, so I honestly I can’t remember completing it. Aladdin I also remember very fondly.

As well as PC gaming, from an early age, I remember being able to play Sega and Playstation round my friend’s houses. Paperboy and Echo across the road at my friend’s place, when I was like 5-6. And round my brother’s friend’s house I got to have my first experience of Final Fantasy. 7 to be specific. I remember very well catching Chocobo and trying to breed rare ones on the air ship. And Chocobo racing at the Golden Saucer of course, because who doesn’t love that? And the pointless mini games to make points. We also got to play the slightly less suitable Bloody Roar. Which I reveled in beating my younger brother on, probably button bashing madly, but still, I beat him. And that’s all that mattered back then. I was the rabbit. He was often the lion or wolf. I punched him to the tune of jingle bells. I remember very very well….

Back to PC gaming now, and I believe Sonic CD, along with a well overplayed Sonic 3 Sonic and Knuckles demo was acquired, at PC World I think, via a grandparent if my memory is that good… Many an hour was invested/wasted playing Sonic. Depending on your view of gaming. But gaming has been a big part of my childhood. It was part of my bonding with my brother, socialising with others too at creche’s when I was dropped off in Norwich. That and watching Fern Gully over and over.

Skipping ahead a bit, we didn’t get a console until I was 8 I think. And that was much to the disapproval of my father. It was a Playstation. A chipped Playstation at that. Bought by my dear Grandfather. Along with an assorted of illegally copied games, and a couple of legit ones, Gran Turismo being one of them. Crash Bandicoot 2, Croc, Tekken 3, Spyro, Overboard, Gex and a number of others being the less legal ones. But by god we played them. We were 7 and 8. We had no real concept of how wrong it was to play copied games at this age, would you have at that age? You wouldn’t question the fun, you’d just go with it, and don’t pretend you wouldn’t! You’d be 7/8!!

Tekken 3 had to be the most played. Multiplayer definitely. Even on our own we’d play through the story modes for each character to get the end movies and extra’s. Eddy Gordo and Yoshimitsu were my characters of choice. I love Eddy’s fluid attacks and quick switches. It always looked so confusing him flipping about. And Yoshimitsu I loved for certain moves. Fun moves. The roll flip kick which I believe was a Down+X+O, could be wrong. And his helicopter blades were always a good troll. Plus his blade in general. Pretty cool. But I always preferred Eddy. And I still use Eddy to this day. Lili has become a fast favourite while I was using stick control in arcades in China though.

Enough of Tekken for a minute, and for more suitable games for 7 and 8 year olds to play. Like Spyro. And Croc. And Crash Bandicoot. These are games I will always love for nostalgic reasons if no else. But Crash 3 was brilliant, and Spyro was also brilliant. Who doesn’t love a game where you get to be a flying dragon? Croc is the one of the 3 I believe didn’t get as much love. Or as much publicity. Croc: Legend of the Gobbo’s, was, if I remember correctly, an oddly dark story if you look past the fluffiness of the Gobbo’s. And it did get trixily hard at certain points. So much so we had to redo levels a number of times before we beat it. We definitely finished it though.

We had racing games too, we had most of most genre’s in fact, Tomb Raider too at some point, where I mostly played in the mansion, as the main game freaked me out, wolves and such. Though the butler was also pretty freaky. My dad played Tomb Raider religiously for a while, as did my my mum play quite a bit of Crash Team Racing for some reason I think, but CTR was stupidly fun(and I will forever vote for it over Mariokart, fun as I know Mariokart is, CTR is my first party racing game and I love it to bits.). We had the army/war games too, Medal of Honor, though my bro and dad mostly played them, I had a go, but I was a young girl, and it was war. So meh. Tekken at least had prettiness and fun. I wasn’t so good at FPS even then though.

Overboard was an odd game we had. Sort of mini battle pirate ships. Most fun multiplayer, but we didn’t play this much, or the weird fire fighting game… Destruction Derby was a firm favourite though. So much fun crashing cars XD. We had lots of demo discs too. All the scary J horror stuff…. all the Resident Evil’s and Silent Hill’s and stuff… I tried…. and never bought… because I was a wuss. And I don’t care. To this day. I don’t mind. Because it’s humanly impossible to play ALL the games.

Moving on from Playstation for now, as I could go on forever, about the games we got late, like FF7 and FF6(which I preferred). Onto Gameboy. Which I got in conjunction with Pokemon Yellow, sort of, or on the Christmas of the year it came out anyway. I’m kind of shocked that it was released in Europe in 2000… I thought 1999… felt earlier that’s for sure. But apparently I didn’t get Pokemon Yellow, my first Pokemon game, until December 25th 2000. Which now I think about can’t be right…. cos I was obsessed before then…. the last thing I said before it turned from 1999 to 2000 is ‘PIKACHU’ or ‘I LOVE POKEMON’ or something supremely childish… so wiki has to be wrong…. or not… June 16th year 2000 it was apparently released… so it must have just been the anime and cards I was obsessed with before then? I don’t know. Felt like before. Either way. Me and my oldest younger brother both got Gameboy Colour’s for Christmas. And basically our lives, mine probably more so, were changed. Once Pokemon entered my life, it apparantly chose never to leave. It’s been too big and influence on me. So yeah. Yellow. He got Red. Cos Charizard lol. I woulda been happy with Blue, but having all 3 starters was pretty cool. Like in the series. I still remember what I called my Pikachu, Sparky, my Pidgey, became Pidgeot and was called Becker(as has ever Pidgey since), my Bulbasaur, which I kept a Bulbasaur was Sassy, and my Lapras who I loved dearly was called Minnie. Now the other 2 main members of the team are foggy, because I don’t think I used Squirtle much, for obvious reasons, and I was never big on fire Pokemon… Mewtwo(who I called Mew to fool my brother(it worked for 5 seconds lol) became a key member of my team. But he 6th member…. I’m fuzzy on…. Anyway. I was well and truly addicted. I loved it. So did my brother. My cousins. Some of my friends. More so when I got to high school oddly. My primary school was small, and no one really liked Pokemon as much as us… pity… I was a weird one back then too hehe.

So I have got every subsequent Pokemon game since Yellow. One from each gen, sometimes 2, but when my little little brother started played I had to not buy the 3rd installment in case he wanted them :/. Otherwise I probably would have bought Emerald too. I still have fond memories of ordering Diamond from the local game shop and getting my friend to go pick it up while I had class in 6th form XD. We got the import US versions cos we were impatient. But he’d got the import Leaf Green and even a Japanese one before now. Totally not jelly ofc… like of my brother’s friend down the road who had access to the American airbase, and access to the Pokemon Movie on video before the UK……. which I wasn’t allowed to see in the cinema(don’t ask me why… I can’t remember…).

I’ve… gone on about Pokemon a lot… It was a massive influence and I still love it to bits. But I played other games too on Gameboy XD. Harvest Moon for instance. That issue of the Nintendo Official Magazine with Pichu on the front changed mah life!! Went and got Harvest Moon 2 on GBC as soon as I could. And then Back to Nature. And then Friends of Mineral Town when Game Boy Advance was out. These games had as much replay value as Pokemon in my opinion. I spent HOURS. Probably hundreds of hours on HM. Pokemon too ofc. But I never had a Pokemon game wiped by my little brother… I had my HM2 game wiped by him… I was…..very very very very annoyed… god knows how I didn’t thump him… he would have only been about 5 or 6 or something….. he deleted our Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file once too… and released some of my older younger brothers Pokemon…. like his lvl 100 Charizard on Gold, which he’d traded over from Red…. seriously…… GRRRRRRRRRRRR. He was prone to this kind of thing. Which led me to get my own memory cards and keep them out of his way.

So as you can tell, me and my brothers were all gamers. Since the youngest one was a bit young to join in he did miss out on stuff. But we like to think he’s as bad as we are lol.

We did have a Gamecube too. Not sure when we got it. But we had Kirby’s Air Ride(AMAZING MULTIPLAYER. HOURS OF FUN.), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, again, HOURS of fun, mainly due to the Chao garden. But pretty much anyone I know who’s played that loves the Chao garden more than anything. We missed out on the N64 until we inherited my Uncles and got some old games for it, Pokemon Snap, Lyatt Wars/Starfox, Pokemon Stadium, other things. It was never played as much, as we’d got it after we had the PS2, verrrry later. So it was more a novelty for us. We seemed to be very much Sony kids, apart from the hard on for Gameboys. Which I retained for longer than my brother. Who stopped buying Pokemon games at Fire Red… pity… I wish he continued, but I had friends who still played, and always got the alternate version to me, which we made sure of lol.

As for the Playstation 2. I honestly can’t remember how late we got that. But I do remember the first ever game I owned on it was Klonoa 2. And I played that to oblivion. Waaaaaay too much. I replayed levels on that…just for the music. Which I loved. I got the Beach Volley Ball game for it for crying out loud! On PS1! And eventually got the original. And the Gameboy Advance game too. I loved Klonoa cos it was kinda like Sonic, but cuter lol. The voices were so cute.

OMG .HACK//. I almost forgot… .Hack//Infection. And the rest…. but I got stuck at the end of the 2nd one… because I wasn’t high enough level and I had no way to back up to grind some more, it was like time frozen before a major boss, so the only way I’d win was sheer luck. I tried SOOOOOOOOOO many times……… but eventually had to give up. I’ve seen the full OVA for it though. I love the .Hack// mythos and back story. The whole MMO thing. Which I got into after we got broadband in 2006-7. I was very into RPG’s. JRPG’s mostly it seems. And I eventually got into the MMORPG scene after Neopets and Powerpets had done all they could for me, Gaiaonline is still present a little. Since 2003 :woop: I revisit it once in a while, check I’ve not been hacked again or anything lol.

So. MMO’s. Illutia, originally known as Aspereta, was my earliest experience I think. A 2D, very very old school looking MMO. But fun as hell. Even with all the grinding. I remember bonding with players, planning to play with people, being soooooooo happy at getting cat ears. Which was a very sort after item back in the early days. I remember playing this on dial up. DIAL UP. That god awful noise.

Fast forward a few years and it’s 2006 I think, or 2007, and I’m getting Guild Wars Nightfall with a friend so we can play along together. Got City of Villains too with the same person. But that wasn’t as fun, or free lol. GW was goooood. We had a guild. It was bad ass. And then one day we just…. stopped playing. Him first I think. I had more staying power :P. I probably got distracted by other games though. Other MMO’s maybe. OR I had finally got my hands on Ever 17. Which I’d been pining over for months. Which sounded AMAZING. A visual novel, the first I’d play. Harvest Moon is entirely to blame for this. Because it had VN elements, and I wanted more of that, the picking and choosing and such. And there was a definite limit to games available in English. And that weren’t 18+.(Which I did end up playing some of eventually lol.)

Ever 17 was just….. I loved it. To bits. I remember playing it through over and over, through he night even, to get every ending, every girl, the bad and good ends, and the true-true end. The game was a total mind fuck, sort of like Lost, probably why I liked both so much. I didn’t like easy explanations. It was boring. So Year. Ever 17. And when I found out there were others in the series(untranslated at the time) I was quite sad…. it took literally years for these games to become available sadly. Like… 3+ years later… But I’ve played all 3 of the main series now at least. The 3rd and most primitive original one I haven’t *technically* finished yet… but I kinda went to China and had other things to do XD. Either way. Visual Novels=fun. Give em a try even if they’re probably not your thing. Reading is still fun 😉 And pick your own adventure stuff is always(imo) fun too.

I was still happily playing PS2 games all this while.  J-games like Disgaea and stuff I’d missed out on before I had a job and the money to buy them.(And stuff like Tekken sequels, Crash sequels lol I also got a PS2 slimline while I had the money too, and Persona 3, 4 lots of other JRPG stuff). But I got to play Xbox stuff too, and 360 games, had friends with them ;3, I played Gears of War(to a adequate level I like to believe, co-op Legendary mode bitches!) and Bioshock, which I found kinda creepy, Halo ofc, cos who didn’t play some Halo, and other FPS too. I had a well rounded gaming experience, but as everyone does, I had favourites that I gravitated towards. Niche Japanese games seemed to be my catnip. Games which I had little chance of ever playing in a UK release. Like 999 a few years later. I ended up with plenty of DS games actually… still accumulating, and as most people who played Nintendo games, a mild to not so mild addiction to Animal Crossing(from GC to DS). Still not got a 3DS yet, waiting till I absolutely have to for Pokemon X in October… which is getting ever closer… gotta make sure my Pokemon are all out of dream world actually…

*ahem* So next gen stuff. We have a Wii, 360, Wii U, no PS3 though, which I’m still gutted about, BUT for ages there were no games I wanted on it. Only more recently have there been any temptations. And a PSP… is something I’ve always meant to buy, but never got round to. Cos I still want Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

The time I spent in Uni I went all PC gaming, cos I had a PC good enough to play the games finally. So I got Steam, and a limited number of games. Played alot with the society though, lots of Left for Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2 And retro titles too. And when we hooked up consoles for events and stuff, console stuff too. Mariokart and Rock Band and stuff. Twas awesome. TF2 was really fun though. And I got Minecraft around this time too. Wouldn’t run on my lame ass laptop(circa 2007-2013, still alive and kicking, just). But it ran on my desktop and I got well and truly addicted. Built a bad ass tree house and sky village, and then went to China. And had no access. They got a new server while I was away, my town was gone 😦 but I started a new one. Still building 🙂

I think I’m getting pretty close to current day actually… I mean I spent 16 months without access to a console, just my DSi with me in China, and my laptop to play sub-par PC games. (Thank god it can run VN’s at least). And I got my parents to send me Black 2 through the post cos I couldn’t not have it… I wasn’t gonna wait till I was back… Waiting for Black 2 was the longest I’ve waited for a Pokemon game since Pokemon Yellow I think lol. Oh yeah. I’ve mentioned on here before, but I’ll mention again, as it’s relevant. I got to go to the Black and White release day event in London, and meet Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori. Which felt like the biggest honor ever, cos Ken Sugimori. He’s been designing them for YEARS. His name has been on Pokemon cards for EVER. And my DS was signed by them. And I was massively happy. It was a good good good day. With a bunch of equally manic Pokemon fans too. It was brilliant. Even the queuing. And the fact we got to go back and get a 2nd autograph, even though it was just meant to be one, sooooooooo happy I hung about a bit. So yeah. Pokemon. :woo:

Now. I’m currently playing Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns. In Summer of my second year and just about to marry my bachelor of choice. WHO I GOT TO PROPOSE TO ME. AWWWWWWW YEAH!!!!!!! Only after I got all excited about it did I realise, it kinda makes sense, cos every other game I’ve been a boy in HM, so I’ve always done the blue feather giving, but generally it’s harder to do, but I maxed that boys points out and his damn housemates. I got that big bed, and he will now be forever mine. He’s so cute. I somehow ended up picking the cutest of all of them… and the youngest looking one… I feel there’s something wrong there… but he was the nicest… It was him or the florist, and Hiro was just… nicer… so yeah. He’s mine. As well as that, still on Pokemon here and there, but it has been a mass 2 weeks of HM since I got it under 2 weeks ago. Days take FOREVER to complete, and there’s no timefreeze in houses anymore, which kinda sucks, means I have to close the lid or open a menu every time I was pause time… First World problems obviously lol.

I still have other games to finish and play. I wanna play more TTT2. And Revengence. And I wanna try(and probably fail) at Dark Souls again too. Plus I have all these Steam games I’ve got in Humble Bundles and stuff which I’ve not played probably yet…. Awesomenauts has to be one of the best ones of the bunch I’ve tried. And Little Inferno is oddly fun considering it’s disturbingly pyromaniac antics. Dear Esther was a hauntingly beautiful game which I took sooooooo much screencaps of. And there have been others too. But too many games. Too little time. I do have to look for a job as well, otherwise I will be forever screwed. But gaaaames. So fun. That and TV and movies and stuff. Life is too short by far.

I *think* that’s most of it. I’m sure there’ll be bits I’ll remember and probably add in later, kicking myself for. But this is a looooooong thing. A very TLDR post. I don’t expect many to read it. But I just wanted to get it down in writing cos I was thinking about it while dozing and thought it’d be fun.

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