Animu I’m watching~ Fabulous posing, PKing ass, lesbinums dancing, tsundere guys and fighting evil by moonlight.

(Firstly, I apologise for calling it animu, it’s a thing/in-joke.) So I’m watching a bunch of stuff right now.
Today alone I marathoned 10 eps of Jojo. Because it’s something I should have watched long ago.

do u even pose

As well as Jojo, there’s Hanayamata, Ao Haru Ride, Sword Art Online 2,(OFC) and the Sailor Moon remake. Which I’m not *that* into for various reasons.

Gun Gale Online is NOT my kind of game. It focusses on PK’s for a start. I avoid PKing like the plague XD

Sword Art Online 2 for me, started out a bit meh, but it’s got better, with the ‘whodunnit’-ness of it all. I LOVE conspiring against characters. And I still say Sinon’s would-be boyfriend/friendzoned guy friend is evil and has something to do with Desu Ganu(as he has become known to us). Though the talking and filler is bugging me… And seriously SAO, will you stop with the GRATUITOUS ASS?!?!? It’s like every 5 seconds, SINON ASS. It’s a running joke when I simul watch it. (Ass examples below the cut. Seriously. All from the same ep, and not the only times in the ep…)

Ass example 1

Ass example 2

Ass example 3 – almost 100% certain these 3 images come from the same episode….

It’s soooooooo tempting to just google to find out who it is. The wiki of the novels is *RIGHT* there. But I must refrain. No spoiling. Only 3 months to go *twitch*… But guessing they’ll be a second arc in this series, like the first.

Probably the prettiest of the anime I’m currently watching. It’s sooooooo colourful and lovely.

Hanayamata probably has the record for making me cry/almost cry at the drop of a hat. It’s not that emotional, no ones died yet, I doubt anyone will. But it has this weird power over me. (Continues below cut.)
It might be cos they’re all so enthusiastic and gung-ho about what they love. They haven’t had their dreams trampled on yet. And that probably solicits a response from me for various reasons. A, they have something they care that much about, B, they work freakin’ hard for it. My ambitions have somewhat gone on the backburners, and I’ve pretty much lost site of what I wanted to do with my life.

Hana is too freaking adorable.

Also the op theme is stupid addictive. Both me and my little brother were waiting for this to come out.

Kou says that. He’s a tsundere little bitch.

Ao Haru Ride is a nice fluffy shoujo animu. I like fluffy. I loved the first episode. Her relationship with him was like ‘d’awwwwwwww’, and then when he saw her say ‘that’ I just cringed… I wanted her to go after him, WHY DIDN’T SHE?!?!? And then he was gone… for like 2 years? And now he’s turned into what seems to be a male tsundere. And she’s just… weird. But I like her. And I’m just waiting for him to turn nice again. Squishy again.

The angle don’t help, but dear god the legs o_O

Sailor Moon Crystal… I do not like the CGI/Cell shading in the transformation sequences. Wasn’t needed. Totally unnecessary. Not 2D animation works fine, looks fine, doesn’t look like a 3D model with 2D art mapped onto it for one thing.
Plus I was never that into the original Sailor Moon. It wasn’t on a channel we had when I was younger. I only got to watch it when I visited Grandparents, same for alot of anime really. Bar the big ones. And some lesser ones. (Monster Rancher FTW!) Anyway. It’s pretty, I’m glad Jupiter’s finally in it, just waiting on Venus now. They were my preferred Sailor Scouts. Jupiter cos I relate to her and Venus cos I like her hair :3 I think I’m behind on SMC actually… maybe by 1 ep…

Original was definitely more charming. Suuuuuuuure Crystal might have crisper graphics now, but I still don’t like CG in 2D shows.

Though I say I don’t like Sailor Moon that much, yet I bought a set of these;

They're the gachapon ones, cheap but cute and shiny.

They’re the gachapon ones, cheap but cute and shiny.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is something I started watching aaaaages ago cos I was recommended it. It’s ludicrous. Over the top. Overly camp and manly at the same time. But entertaining. It’s like DBZ, but it doesn’t try to take itself seriously, AND it doesn’t go on for hundreds of episodes. And alot of the characters are named after bands from the 70’s and 80’s XD. Speedwagon-san is my favourite. Closely followed by Caeser Zeppeli.

Speedwagon-san is the most awesome. R.E.O Speedwagon-san XD

Speedwagon-san is the most awesome. R.E.O Speedwagon-san XD

And as for my again prolonged inactivity, things happened, shit went down. I ended up in hospital for 4+ months(watched alot of TV, played alot of DS, no access to Steam sadly, but they had free wifi at least…), ended up having 1 planned surgery, 2 emergency and 1 to reverse the 3rd one 3 months later (THANK GOD), so mainly I’ve been housebound for the past…. coming up to a year now. So I have no excuse not to blog, apart from I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Except playing Pokemon, and watching copious amounts of trashy TV. Or the Food Network.

None of that matters now though, for I am better. Feeling normal. And can’t wait to find a freakin’ job and get back to Birmingham. Soon…..

In other news, cosplayed for the first time ever. Not from anime or manga, but from Doctor Who XD. I went as Amy Pond to a series 8 episode 1 cinema showing. Only one other person cosplayed…… aiiiiiiiiishh.

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