Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders – RERO RERO RERO RERO RERO RERO

Jojo done kawaii ❤

So I’ve watched 11 episodes of Jojo today. So far. I’m gonna get to 13. Half way. It’s eeeeeven weird/more over the top than the first series/part 1&2. I count this and series 2. It’s part 3 in the Jojo story, but I just think series 2.

Avdol is already my favourite character. Or Avuduru. Or Abdul. Your choice. I kinda like Avuduru.

And I like his stand too. The Mexican wrestling fire bird.

The posing

And the weird slightly disturbing thing Kakyoin does with cherries…

My dad was in the room when he was doing this, freaked him out a bit lol. He said Jojo was more homoerotic than DBZ. Which it totally is. But in a waaaaaaay more fun way.

So I like it. It’s stupid. It’s loud. It’s over the top. But it’s fun. And after watching a downer like Aldnoah Zero, this is a nice change of pace. And I wanted to save the other half of the series for tomorrow. So I’m not totally out of tv to watch.

And would you believe, according to this poll, Stardust Crusaders is more popular with women than men XD

Joseph and Holly/Seiko are sooooooooo cute ❤

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