Autumn Season TV – Detectorists

Crook and Jones. Doing their... "thang".

Crook and Jones. Doing their… “thang”.

My dad mentioned this series, and I didn’t give it much thought, because describing it doesn’t do it justice. As it’s basically about 2 guys who go metal detecting in the countryside. It’s written, directed by and stars Mackenzie Crook. It also stars Toby Jones. Who I only just found out does the voice of Dobby in Harry Potter o___o;. But I knew Jones from Doctor Who, Captain America, Hunger Games, Finding Neverland(perfect as Smeeee) and The Mist, which I must rewatch sometimes. Mackenzie Crook I knew from POTC, Almost Human, lotsa stuff. He’s cool. He’s oddly charming in Detectorists.

There are 4 episodes out, aired on BBC4. I watched the first episode because I was bored. But it was nice, so I watched another. And another, and another. Till there was no more to watch. I agree with my dad, that Andy’s girlfriend is a bitch. Lance is slimy and creepy, until the episode where he sings his song with Andy. That was nice/sad. And he’s totally being used by his bitch ex-wife too.

The story revolves mostly around Andy and Lance going out and looking for finds, including the body of the Saxon king, waging a war against a rival detectorists club. And Andy’s home life with his less than lovely long term girlfriend. And then a new girl joins their club.

The rivals who try to muscle in on Andy and Lance's territory.

The rivals who try to muscle in on Andy and Lance’s territory. Simon Farnaby is familiar. With that impressive barnet of his.

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