WHY DID THEY CANCEL SELFIE?!?!? – And the unjust cancellation of other tv shows…

When stuff like The Mindy Project and New Girl(which I do watch to be fair, but I wouldn’t be devastated if it was cancelled) are still going strong, why does Selfie get tossed aside? For the past 3 seasons of new TV, every comedy I have grown attached to, they have cancelled. Two by NBC, Go On in 2012-2013 and The Crazy Ones in 2013-2014, and now Selfie, cancelled by ABC. Why do I always like the doomed ones? I’m the same picking characters to root for, usually they don’t get the girl/fail in their mission.) Why couldn’t I like the popular ones? I’m lucky Community has got to 6 seasons, hell, it was almost cancelled once, the officially cancelled, but then resurrected, so I can be grateful for that at least. But for the past 3 seasons… all my favourites…

Selfie was lovely. Quirky. Funny. As was Go On, and it had Matthew Perry even!! And John Cho… And then The Crazy Ones, which had Buffy the freakin’ vampire slayer and the late great Robin Williams, and still didn’t survive. All of them were legitimately funny. I got my family to watch The Crazy Ones and they enjoyed it. I recommended Selfie to my family too, but that’s when my dad informed me it’d been cancelled. Which made me legitimately sad. I wanted to know the rest of their story. And ABC aren’t even going to show the rest of the episodes I’ve heard. Considering the majority of my favourite shows(Castle, Grey’s, OUAT, HTGAWM, Resurrection, SHIELD) are on ABC, I am torn between hating them and tolerating them for cancelling Selfie. NBC are already firmly in my bad books for their track record. There is literally nothing left on that channel I watch.

I’m not holding out much hope Resurrection will survive, the fact it got a second season was a surprise. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t think it’d survive past season 1.

I’m glad Scorpion has managed to get a full season, and a season 2 is likely. It’s kinda dumb, but it’s fun and entertaining enough.

Under the Dome’s not exactly TV gold, but somehow it lives on, renewed for a third season.

If something like the CW’s Beauty in the Beast can survive to a third season… how do good shows get cut??! For instance, if The 100 gets cancelled, I will be MAD salty. MAD salty. As currently it’s probably my favourite show. It’s scifi, it’s post apocalypse. It’s most of my favourite things in TV. Stuff like Fallen Skies and Revolution never fully grabbed my attention, but yet they’re still going. So I can just cross my fingers and how that The 100 lives another season.

And currently trying out ‘The Last Ship’, if only for the reason that Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin are in it. That said, I really, REALLY liked Last Resort, another naval drama series, which only lasted one season sadly, but ‘The Last Ship’ has a season 2 at least. So it can’t be that bad, surely? It’s another post apocalyptic series set during a pandemic, where a navy ship is one of the last uninfected places in the world. It also stars Kate Beckinsale lookalike, Rhona Mitra.

So yeah. Anyway. How come some really sub-par TV survives while decent stuff gets cut? Is it all to do with ratings? Cos if so, they should really start including worldwide downloads or something. That’d give a better idea of popularity. And the fact that people outside of America can’t even contribute to ratings kind of sucks. If I could have helped with Go On, The Crazy Ones and Selfie, believe me, I would have been streaming them via the official sites. Alas I can’t. Because I’m not in the right region.

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