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And Nintendo wins again.

And Nintendo wins again.

We’re all familiar with the Animal Crossing series right? Cute character living in a cute town inhabited by cute animals? Earning money to pay off your debts by collecting fruit, fish and fossils? Furniture hoarding? Making the perfect house? Right? Ok good. So Happy Home Designer is Animal Crossing, without all the money grabbing and town management. It’s literally just the furniture hoarding and making the perfect houses. Which is great. One of the best parts of the game. I miss the rest of the game of course, but I still have New Leaf, so I’m alright with that.

It’s simple. A villager asks you to make them a house, and you do just that. As you design more homes, you get more items to do it with. No money changes hands, so I’m not sure how they’re not bankrupt yet, but I don’t care, it’s adorable, you get to design the town too, and schools and restaurants and hospitals. I do wish you could change your outfit top though. You start as the newbie at the company and they just have you do everything. Lazy sods.

animal crossing

Nintendo also released a buttload of cards to go with the game, Amiibo cards. You don’t *need* them for the game, but because I’m a collector of many things, and a long term lover of Animal Crossing, I needed to get some. I’ve not gone full overboard and got all the cards yet, I know some people have, and considering they cost £3.49 a pack for just THREE cards, I can’t imagine how much these people have spent. And there’s more than one series of cards…. 3 or 4 that I know of… series 1 only had 100 cards in…. Kiki was in the first batch though, so I’m super happy.



These aren't all my cards now... I have a few more... I think I have 40-ish? I think...

These aren’t all my cards now… I have a few more… I think I have 40-ish? I think…

And the album itself is so cute, and hardback!!

Back inside cover :3

Back inside cover :3

And I have the New 3DS case to go with it. There are other cases, but this was the brightest, cutest one.

ac cover plate

I have been neglecting my actual Animal Crossing town because of this game… very naughty… but still, it’s a fun game.

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