Adventure Bar Story


I’m not even sure why I downloaded the demo, I just saw it and it looked…. interesting?
But I did. And I played it. And then I bought the full version. Only £3.99, it’s also on mobiles and Vita. It’s a simple game, simple graphics. But the concept…. collect ingredients, or ‘mats'(short for materials I finally realised) and cook food to make money and gain ranks in your restaurant. It reminds me of Recettear. But it involved food, which I love in games. The cooking system is similar to Harvest Moon, and there’s even some farming in this game…


I’ve only played 3/4 hours so far, but I’m playing it every day on the way to/from work. It’s fun as hell. Repetitive, but I like repetitive. I spent a large chunk of my life playing Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. All of which are pretty repetitive, so I can deal with that. And I plan to.

It’s battle system is fairly standard RPG affair, Attack, skills, items etc. The monsters aren’t that exciting, but for me it’s more about collecting the materials to make the food, so I can make better stuff, make more money and beat my competitors!! It even has a wiki with all the recipe’s and info. Which I don’t want to resort to unless I have to.

I do like the retro/classic graphics. They remind me of the original Harvest Moons on Gameboy Colour. There’s no need for a game to over do it on graphics if their gameplay can win you over.


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