So many waifu's... how does one choose?

So many waifu’s… how does one choose?

Out of all the shows the debuted during the summer season, few actually gripped me enough to keep watching.
One such show happened to be Monster Musume. Which many manga readers may know of. However if you are not a huge fan of gratuitous fanservice, I’d steer clear of this one. It’s a funny series, but only if you can deal with the levels of nudity and such. Try the opening and go from there 😉

(It helps that the opening theme is adorable and catchy.)

Now I went into it knowing kind of what I was in for. Fanservice, boobs, anime monster girls. And in that respect I wasn’t disappointed. But there was more than just boobs and borderline ecchi. I found the some of the girls oddly charming. And the whole concept of monsters wanting to be seen as human and normal was weirdly heart-warming. Sure almost every five seconds something sort of perverse happens, but if you can look past that, it’s more.
Of the main girls, Suu was my favourite, the slime waifu. Though she lacked an actual personality at first, she was adorable, and as episodes went by she developed well. Miia or Centorea were probably tied for second on my list of potential monster waifu’s. Miia for her tenacity and drive, and Centorea or Cerea for his loyalty and strength. Plus I felt like I could relate to Centorea. And Tionishia, but she’s introduced later in the series. So, to the main girls!

Miia; a lamia, which is half human, half snake, is the first to move in. She immediately falls for Kimihito Kurusu and calls him ‘darling’. Alot. She’s bright and bubbly, one of the reasons I like her. She can’t cook though, and she doesn’t do well with cold weather.

miiaPapi; Papi the harpy, or harpy the papi? Papi the papi. Papi is a bit of a bird brain with a short attention span. Quite simple and juvenile, but the same age as Miia. As a half harpy half human, she’s got wing arms and claw feet, which she often uses like hands instead of her ungainly arm-wings. And guess what? She also like Kimihito. Monster Musume is interesting in concept, but unoriginal in plot that’s for sure.

papiCentorea Shianus or Cerea for short; This centaur is the third girl to be introduced. Seemingly serious and stoic at first, she has a softer side to her that wants to have Kimihito’s babies, as you do(she’s the tsundere of the series if you couldn’t tell). She’s super protective of Kimihito, pledging herself to be his servant.

cereaSuu; Suu is a slime. Slimes’ don’t even have a proper classification in the monster world. She has various powers and can mimic things around her. She takes two forms mostly, a younger version that looks like Papi and a fuller figured version which looks more like Miia or Cerea. Suu cannot wear conventional clothes as she’s liquid, so she dresses in a raincoat. She seems the least interested about getting with Kimihito at any rate.

suu2Meroune Lorelei du Neptune or Mero for short; Mero is a mermaid. Simple. She’s also the princess of mermaids and acts very ladylike. But not so secretly wishes to have a ‘tragic love’ like the original Little Mermaid story (SPOILER ALERT) where Ariel doesn’t end up with the prince. She is my least favourite monster girl. I can’t really explain why. I think it’s just because she’s too nice.

meroRachnera Arachnera or Rachnee for short; A spider girl. Scary to most people, but not to Kimihito due to his leg fetish. She’s into bondage and tying up the other girls with her web. She too has feelings for Kimihito. What a surprise!

Yes, he looks that gormless most of the time.

Yes, he looks that gormless most of the time.

The main character, Kimihito Kurusu is overwhelmed by the appearance of all these monster girls, to begin with. He didn’t even sign up to be a host family after all, it was a complete accident that Miia was left in his care. But it works for the whole ‘meeting cute’ thing so many anime do. Like when a character meets a cute/obnoxious boy/girl at school and finds out they’re living with them from now on. Standard stuff. But Kimihito, or ‘darling’ as you’ll probably know him better by, is pretty blasé about the whole thing. Smith-san keeps an eye on the situation, with the help of the MON team. It’s pretty episodic as stories go, later into the series there is a sort of through plot, but I wouldn’t get too excited. I’d hope the manga is a bit more in depth. That is one of the things I would have changed for Monster Musume, it feels like most episodes are split into two mini episodes, specially at the beginning when they were introducing all the girls. Other than that, I enjoyed the series a lot, fanservice and ecchi aside. I’ve seen alot worse, like Kanokon, Strike Witches or Yosuga no Sora, which was basically borderline porn as it was… So Monster Musume didn’t phase me, but it might phase some, so tread carefully as you go.

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