Pan panchira pan panchirain!!

Narugino is so cute <3

Narugino is so cute ❤

Just saying I love this show. I love it’s weirdness, it’s character design, the fact it’s written by the same guy who did the Infinity series, Kotaro Uchikoshi!!!! After I found out Punchline was made by this guy I was automatically sold. And it turned out to be the same awesome bullshit he always does. I won’t spoil anything. But if you know anything about the Zero series or Ever 17 or any of his other games, you will know what you’re in for with Punchline.

You should definitely recognise this dude :3

You should definitely recognise this dude :3

I’m just so excited over the game. And the manga!!!!!! I have the special edition of the game on the Vita pre-ordered. Since I never expect it to get released in the west, it’s all I can do T-T  This is the trailer, it comes out in April, it was meant to come out before Christmas originally, but I expected delays to be honest.

When I found out would be at Hyper Japan last year I knew I had to go see them, with the hope that they’d do the op song for Punchline, they didn’t, but that’s fair enough, since it’s not just their song.

[DeadFish] Punchline - 01v2 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_19.24_[2016.01.23_23.32.29] [DeadFish] Punchline - 01v2 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_19.40_[2016.01.23_23.32.57] [DeadFish] Punchline - 01v2 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_20.12_[2016.01.23_23.34.00]

Seriously how cute is Strange Juice? I need the figure of Narugino that Plum was meant to be releasing T-T Which would look like this. Hopefully T-T



I just want more of this show. More Kotaro. I need the third Zero Escape game too… I need a re-release of Ever17 actually, one that will run on my laptop T-T

[DeadFish] Punchline - 02 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_04.53_[2016.01.23_23.29.56] [DeadFish] Punchline - 02 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_01.37_[2016.01.23_23.29.17] [DeadFish] Punchline - 02 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_09.49_[2016.01.23_23.31.03]

How can you not want more of this?? I just don’t want to spoil the series itself. But if you like stuff weird and wonderful with a smattering of fanservice, this is so for you.

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