Spring Anime Season 2016 – Round up

I love Ako. And her psuedo yandere-ness XD

I love Ako. And her psuedo yandere-ness XD

So I tried out quite a few of the new series out this season. Too many even… with the 3 episode rule used in most cases unless I couldn’t even get through one episode… These aren’t in any order. I just watched as they came out, but wrote stuff not in order. Because I’m a heathen. OP’s & pics of said 27 series below.

kuma miko

Kuma Miko – Tried ep 2… still not grabbing… think I’ve given up.


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – HELLS YES. A thousand times yes. Give me all the time travel/groundhog bullshit you can make!! FINALLY AT A SAVE POINT!! I will eat this stuff up. Put time travel in anime and I am THERE.

Nope. Just nope.

Nope. Just nope.

Bakuon! Dropped like a ton of bricks. Stupid accident that would kill the waifu in ep 1 didn’t kill the waifu. Plus the bike talks. And it’s basically anime for bike otaku. So I’m good without it.

Cute character designs though.

Cute character designs though.

Seisen Cerberus – Kind of interesting concept, but mobile game adaptions never sit very well. I kind of enjoyed half of Divine Gate, mainly for the art and the op, but I lost track and got bored.


Sousei no Onmyouji(Twin Star Excorsists) – Liking so far, on ep 2. Like the art style, interesting concept, want to know more about his powers… and his black talisman. Half expecting a time skip forward and them to be married with twins, hence the name. But I don’t think it’s that simple. Still enjoying it though.

Onigiri Anime Poster

Onigiri – Cute op, but not substantial enough to keep me watching even if it is only 4 mins-ish long.


Super Lovers – I hate myself for even watching episode 2… but I’m gonna keep on just to see how creepy it gets XD I’ve seen ep 3…… I need to be stopped… it’s like when I watched/read the majority of Kodomo no Jikan, and bulk watched Kanokon… it was out of gross curiosity… car crash TV, I just can’t look away XD.

Me thinks I'm the wrong demographic...

Me thinks I’m the wrong demographic…

12 Years Old/12-sai – There’s something vaguely unsettling about an anime about young girls growing up at 12/13, getting boyfriends and having first kisses and periods. Specially when I had my first kiss waaaay later than that…

anne happy

Anne Happy – Fluffy happy school shenanigans. My little brother will love it. Not for me at the moment. Unless there’s a random zombie apocalypse added in for good measure.

Looks perfectly cute and normal there...

Looks perfectly cute and normal there…

Big Order – YES – Saw ‘Future Diary’ pop up on screen during the op sequence of ep 1, thought it was a coincidence. Boy was I a fool. Looks to be just as messed up as Mirai Nikki. Seen 2 eps now. It got weirder. She doesn’t seem as yandere as Yuuno, but still.. pretty bad.


Boku no Hero Academia – YES – It’s kinda stupid, but it’s sweet. Looking forward to seeing how things develop 😉

bungou stray dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs – New season Kekkai Sensen. Unsure about this because I can’t pin it down… it keeps flip-flopping from serious to comedy… not as badly as Big Order though. Talk about emotional whiplash.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou – THE LAST SONG – YES – More jumping time periods and bright colours please!


Endride – Crystal otaku’s would love. Too shounen & standard.

flying witch

Flying Witch – So adorable. Kiki’s Delivery Service for all those too young to remember it. Or just modern day Kiki. Will definitely keep watching.


Ace Attorney – No. Low quality, movie was better.

Boobs were better in Valkyrie Drive. They raised my standards LOL

Boobs were better in Valkyrie Drive. They raised my standards LOL

Hundred – Seems a bit like Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, but with less boobs and fanservice… which somehow makes it less fun… will give 3 eps though.
So this is like… Valkyrie Drive Mermaid inverted then? They have to make out to STOP the powers. o_____o sure. Okay.

yo angelo

Jojo – Still stupid, still fun. Now with a Togepi stand.

joker game

Joker Game – Quite heavy going, but will give it 3 eps. 2 already seen…
EDIT: Seen 3 eps now. Will continue watching because I’m not sure if it’s going to become ‘Spy of the week’ or if there’s going to be over-arcing story.

Kiznaiver – Looks cool, acts cool, must be cool cos Kill la Kill. Ep 2 was good. Looking forward to finding out stuff to do with the cliffhanger. Won’t say cos spoilers.


Kuromukuro – Alternate world where samurai had giant mech battle machines even back before the modern era. YES. On ep 3 now. I still need more to explain things though. It feels like Dimension W… but less fun… But I want to know where the alien mechs come from.

Look familiar? Well it's cos this is the guy responsible for the Shingeki No Kyojin anime. He got his own anime. And made it exactly. The. Same.

Look familiar? Well it’s cos this is the guy responsible for the Shingeki No Kyojin anime. He got his own anime. And made it exactly. The. Same.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – Attack on Steampunk Zombie Trains. YES. Watched ep 2 with questionable subtitles… random untranslated Japanese ‘otou-sama’ and ‘Mataku’s left in. I didn’t mind that, it was mainly the missing subs that bugged me. I did wonder why there was a QR at the end of the ep… seems it was a slightly early release…

Macross A – Maaaaaaaaybe. I think I only sat though Frontier cos I watched it with friends… liked the music though. Explaining it to the bf was fun though. Idol x mechs XD


Mayoiga – YES. And I called it. I fucking called it. Looking forward to the weekly cliffhanger being resolved XD What’s up with the Lost-esque Smoke monster noise though?

I love Ako. And her psuedo yandere-ness XD

I love Ako. And her psuedo yandere-ness XD

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? – Harem. Cute character design, good voice actors. And I like the concept that they all place games in the dark. Seen eps 2 and 3 now. I FUCKING CALLED THIS TOO. ALL OF IT. It seems fairly basic in harem terms. But the set up seems nice. And I still can’t tell if someones going to flip… And the animation seems really good 🙂 And the op theme sounds oddly like Oreimo’s.

sakamoto desu ga

Sakamoto Desu Ga – Ep 1 was oddly entertaining. It’s 4koma-esque but I know it’s not. He’s just too cool.
Seen ep 2 now… it’s ridiculously. I know it is. It’s meant to be. I’ll probably keep watching because it’s stupid harmless fun. And the op’s pretty good too.

Shounen Maid – Ep 1 was cute and sweet. I hope it continues on this path. Seen ep 2 now. Also cute and sweet. Reminds me Ouran High School Host Club a little. And Kuragehime. (I also like the ED alot, so I linked it.)


Tanaka-kun was Itsumo kedaruge – This show makes me sleepy. It actively makes me want to do even less than I already do XD. It’s a bad influence. And if the whole show is just him being lazy… I think I’ll stop. I watched ep 2 though… still not sure if I’m gonna keep or drop…

So that’s 27…….. that I have kept count of…….. that’s crazy… can’t keep watching them all obviously… Just counted… 17 of these I am most likely going to try and watch… but not sure I’ll be able to…. a couple were maybes, and the rest were no’s.

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