Hestia is bestia – 1/8th scale Kotobukiya figure


A few months ago I was lucky enough to snag this beauty during a sale on Hobbysearch, she’s now sold out on there too sadly. Their most recent sale prompted me to post this photo’s I took a while ago. Because there were more Hestia’s in this new sale… the Genco mount one, with the pillow(now sold out since this morning), and a Cu-Poche one. There’s one other, but that one didn’t tempt me. However I now have 2 more Hestia’s on the way…….. I think I have a problem… Many many photo’s below the cut…

hestia 2 hestia 1 hestia 6 hestia 8 hestia boobs hestia9 hestia7 hestia5 hestia4 hestia10 hestia11 hestia12 hestia13 hestia14

She’s so goddamn cute XD

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