About me (Updated)

I’m 20 21 22 23 now! Live in the UK, spent 2012 and part of 2013 living in China currently working as an English teacher :3, but I’m back now, moving to Birmingham soon and gonna live how I likes :). Real name’s Emily. I’m probably what some consider ‘otaku’, or as close as I’m going to get to being ‘otaku’, though right now my attention is spread over a number of obsessions, so ain’t just otaku for anime/manga… for JJ Abrams… Tennant…Dr Who… Lost…some groups/bands… XD.(I am completely aware of the negative view some have of otaku, but I care not, since otaku isn’t just a word for anime/manga geeks, its for any obsession, for trains, stamps, anything. You can be otaku about cooking!!) I love Japan. Anime, manga, PVC figures, the place itself. My money gets used up sooo fast. Usually on books, dvd’s or plastic. Sometimes games. I am juvenile. But hey, that’s obvious right? And I love it. Whats the point being grown up yet when I still have time to do what I want before I’m really an adult. I buy models of pretty girls and watch cartoons, and still have very-very childish duvets. My room used to be a haven of over 100 tiny women in varying sizes, from 4cm to 26cm tall, quite a number of them are at Uni with me currently. And I’m aqquiring more as I go along lol. And just to warn you all, I do have a big thing for David Tennant. Yay for the tall scotsman.

I’ve chosen(so far) to stick with a simple template, I like the shape of this one anyways, and I dont wanna complicate things by changing it and messing it all up.

I found this at this blog http://feelinglistless.blogspot.com/ and thought it would be fun to do one also. (Theirs can be found on their ‘About me’ page. Now I stayed up stupidly late (2am) doing this, no clue why, I told myself to stop at 1am, but I just kept on going…

THIS IS SO OUTDATED XD This was correct in 2008. Can’t be bothered to read through, otherwise I might update things XD

It has now been updated where needed lol.

01 The first thing I remember being read to me when I was little were Russian Fairy Tales.(Babayaga and stuff) And Greek Myths
02 I love the dark.
03 I’m a chronic nail biter…. I know I should stop, but I’m so good as it now theres almost no need to cut them.
04 I always carry a water bottle with me. Where ever I go. And its always a M&S Still Water bottle. It’s what I used to. 2013 I still carry a bottle around, but not an M&S one, jut any bottle will do.
05 I dont like change. Change is bad. Getting out of the norm….naw…..but going to new places I dont mind.
06 My eyes are a weird combo of blue, green and a little bit of brown.
07 I’m blonde, or at least wish I still was, I’m probably more what people(women)call strawberry blonde…..men will call it ginger…. I yearn for the days I was still properly blonde with no red tints!!! 2013 I have come to terms with my hair colour, as pretty much everyone has sad it’s lovely, when my hair has gotten mentioned, hairdressers, random people, nurses, whatever XD. Chinese people liked it especially, but they called it yellow or golden.
08 Born in December, 23rd, on Christmas Eve’s Eve lol
09 I was born at 1am in the morning, so that just makes me a Capricorn
10 I wear earrings cos I have since I was 10 I think….I wear a bracelet, a wristband, and a wristbelt, my fave accesories, all so fave they are wearing out.
11 My dad was/is a novelist. Family life kinda put a stopper on him writing.
12 Oh… favourite films…. Dogma, Independance Day, Pokemon the first movie, My Neighbour Totoro, From Dusk Till Dawn, Serendipity, Long Kiss Goodnight, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Anything with David Tenannt, John Cusack or Jason Lee. And loads more. I love movies. 2013 These are still pretty accurate. Too many new ones to count though. I did see Star Trek 5 times in the cinema though XD
13 I’m a very optimistic person. I’m usually happy even if everyone around me is sad/angry etc. Even if I don’t show it, I’m still happy and content.
14 I don’t smoke.
15 I spend way too much time at the computer, if its not online, its watching the backed up anime I’ve got, and some alot movies from many very naughty friends of mine(lol). Maybe playing games too. I can ramble, I do in essays….
16 I get a bit of a lisp if I get to excited and loud. But I control it, I’m hardly ever loud. 2013 Apparently I’ve gotten louder over the years XD
17 I still live at home, going to uni this year. No key fob, I own way to many key rings and danglies though. I have nowhere to put them really… I live at home for now, moving in the next month.
18 I have a Myspace, Bebo and Facebook account, but dont use them very often at all. The one I used most often was Bebo. 2013 I still use twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube, various social media sites.
19 I once dreamed, when I was very small, that my dad was put through a thing on my wall which consisted mostly of cogs, and then was folded up in a suitcase at the end of the cog thing. I also dreamt, slightly less disturbingly, that I crossed a giant rope bridge to buy all the cuddly toys in the Banham Zoo giftshop.
20 My mobile ringtone is the tetris music. I downloaded it years ago when I first got my phone(same phone, had it since 2003) I also have, among other ringtones, Aha-Take on Me, The A Team theme, the benny hill music, the ducktales theme, various final fantasy tracks, one from pokemon, one from harvest moon, kung fu fighting, the theme from laputa, sailormoon, sex and the city, the its a small world music, various zelda music, the theme to Angel, the bubble bobble music, the chobits op theme, gaybar by electric 6, a mortal kombat track. Theses are all polyphonic and very outdated. But they still all rock. 2013 My phone has many ringtones, atm it’s B1A4, Troublemaker annnnd… various different ones for different people.
21 I have never cried so much as I have at the end of the Fuko story in Clannad. Movies which have made me cry, Pokemon the first Movie, when Ash is dead, My Neighbour Totoro, at various intervals. I also cried at Bye Bye Butterfry and Goodbye Pikachu. I was like 11. It was traumatising… Even my dad cried at the Pokemon movie. Oh! How do I forget Doctor Who?! The end of series 2. OMG. And when the dad died in 8 simple rules.
22 I dont write poetry. Couldn’t stand studying it in school.
23 I haven’t had a real first kiss yet. Unless I count that….*stunned to remember…* god I completely forgot…. 2013 I wrote this god knows how many years ago, ofc I have by now.
24 Four things I’d eat on the last day of your life: Noodles and chicken, Cake, many cakes. Waffles with beans/hoops and Turkey Twizzlers(If that bastard Jamie Oliver hadnt got them taken off the market…)and  Pancakes. All kinds of Pancakes. 2013 Cake is still on this list, so many kinds of cake though. And then there’d be a bagillion kinds of Asian food. Sushi, noodles, ramen, you name it. TURKEY TWIZZLERS IS STILL ON THIS LIST. And lastly…. maybe Billy Bear ham…
25 I’m not religious. I’m athiest. Although going to a church primary school for 4 years did lead me to be in the what I now refer to as ‘God Club’ which I try not to think about. I was young and impressionable…. before that me and my friends went through a wiccan phase, but they were scared of summoning stuff so we never got that far….:sulk:
26 I’m either going to De Montford University in Leicester to study Animation Design, or going to University College of Creative Arts in Maidstone to study Animation Arts. So either way, Animation lol. 2013 Animation was not for me. Neither was Graphic Design… I went to China instead XD
27 While studying for exams I adopt Sakura Kinomoto’s ‘Invincable Spell’.(I’m sure I’ll be alright) Thats my philosphy, or as close to one as I’ll get.
28 I was born in the year of the Snake. And love it. Was a bit disapointed with the Snake in Fruits Basket if I’m honest. Kureno or Kyo are my faves.
29 Probably some of the most comfortable times with friends are when I’ve been just watching movies with them. Eating junk, and generally having a laugh. Not a care in the world. 2013 This is still one of the funnest things I can think of doing. Just hanging around indoors, playing games, eating yummy things and watching stuff. If it’s with the right people everything is fun.
30 I *think* I’ve been in love, but I can’t really tell until it happens again can I? 2013 Again, think I have, not entirely sure… probably more sure this time…
31 I have a christmas card in my room which has been up for probably over 3 years now. Theres also a strand of tinsel which is now up for constant decoration. 2013 The Christmas card is gone D: but the tinsel is still here 🙂
32 I have a chest which I made in Design Technology which I keep all my items which relate to favourite memories. I dont know if I should bring it to uni or keep it safe at home…. 2013 It’s still under my bed I think. Still full of keyring’s and memories.
33 I didnt really pay attention to the world of music until my parents got a Digibox and I had access to 2 music video channels, TMF and The Hits. And Kerrang radio, which was cool. 2013 Massively into Kpop since Jan 2010, still like Jpop and other music. But Kpop has eaten my music listening time lol.
34 There are presents I’ve forgotten to give, I’m trying to think if any of them were something I really wanted…..but I dont think so….
35 I dont have many postcards. I have 3 that I can remember. Two from one friend and one from another. I never write postcards on holiday, if I did I’d forget to send them. 2013 I have a few more now. One with my name in Chinese on, one from a coffee place in Dinghai, Hiro’s little place. Such a cute one. Waaaay too many coffee shops in Dinghai though.
36 I love creative writing. But *almost* always I’m influenced by something else to get me going. I’ve always been told I was too informal when writing essays, but I love my chatty style of writing. 2013 I’d say it’s still pretty chatty lol
37 I have watched Friends soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much on the repeats on E4. My least favourite episode is the holiday armadillo one, it bugs me for some reason.
38 I rarely drink. I’ve never been drunk. When I do, I like it sweet, cos beer and wine still taste like crap to me. Smirfoff Ice, WKD’s, anything which is basically a fizzy drink with a bit of alcohol in I’m fine with. 2013 I drank enough in uni, but not excessively stupid amounts. In China however… I leveled up, so to speak. It’s so cheap there…. but it was mostly beer. Inoffensive beer, but still. Beer. I much prefer a sweet cider or something.
39 No film has ever made me throw up. Even though the movie theatre person warned me that Cloverfield had made others run out and puke lol.
40 One day I hope to live in a big city. Or it could just be Norwich. I dont mind. I’d quite like to go to Canada. 2013 I’ve lived in cities. Leicester, Dinghai, loved it, and moving to Birmingham, an even bigger city. So I’m all good 🙂
41 Ghibli movies just make me well up, cos they’re just so fantastically fantastic. I can hold tears in well, but I’ve got softer and softer over the years, all this girly manga…..
42 Personality is imperitive. They have to be intellectual, otherwise it wouldn’t work. We’d have to have at least some similar taste. They must have a sense of humour, I have to be able to laugh with them. They have to be the same height, or taller than me.(At my height thats differcult…) I will accept slightly shorter if they fit into one of 3 catagories, ‘Is Japanese’ ‘Is Scottish’ ‘Is Irish’. And my dad always says, if they try to change you, they’re not right, and the same goes for you, you shouldn’t wanna change them. 2013 I had some stupid rules back when I wrote this. Shorter is more than fine. Lovely Complex is probably partly to thank for this.
43 I liked having a relatively uncommon name. But then it became popular… and now there are loads of little Emily’s running about and I keep turning when parents or people call the name….
44 Christmas is my fave celebration! I love Winter! I think its cos I was born in winter. I cant stand hot weather either….
45 There are quite a few people who I really dont wanna lose touch with. I shant bother listing them yet cos I havent yet. 2013 I have lost touch with plenty of people from high school, which I’m not fussed over really, I’m still in contact with the ones I want to be, and who want to be with me. So that works out. Though one of them is in China still. I’ll see him sometime I’m sure.
46 There is no one, in my year, and at the entire school, who is as big a fan of Japan as I am. I have never had anyone to really talk to about it. Until I slowly got some of my friends to read, or watch bits of anime or manga. 2013 I have a number of peoples I can talk to about this stuff, geeky stuff now, one in particular who is especially awesome.
47 I have a cat called Lily. Who I love to bits. And I dont know what I’ll do when she’s gone. 2013 She died in 2010… She was a good age…but I wasn’t with her, I was at uni…that still makes me saddest… that I wasn’t with her… It was the day before The Losers came out in England… that’s how I remember…. I haven’t got another pet yet.
48 My first Job was with Mcdonalds. Oh joy….. But I’m still not bored of the food would you believe, and I’ve gained no weight at all lol.
49 My ideal job would be in a bookshop. Or a gameshop. Either way, to be surrounded by the things you love, must be fantastic. 2013 This is still pretty accurate actually…
50 I don’t like the sound of my voice…. I like the voice I hear, but I know that’s not what others hear unfortunately. 2013 I still don’t like the sound of my voice, but I’ve been told it’s comforting to some…. odd.
51 I first joined the web community properly in 2001. I tricked a teacher into googling virtual pets and I joined Neopets from there.
52 I don’t have a fave superhero. 2013, probably too lazy to pick one, but Superman is probably my favourite. Since Lois & Clark, the cartoon, etc etc.
53 Occasionally I wear odd socks. Was a trend started by one of my friends.
54 I have a really scabby, old, holy plaid workshirt which I use to keep warm if I’m a little chilly. (Like now) It used to be padded, but over the years its kinda lost any volume it used to have. My fave outdoor wear had to be my pink plaid superdry shirt. I still have it, but my mum hates it so she tries to stop me from wearing it. And my waistcoat. I finally got a waistcoat. Black pinstripe(?) with a purple back.
55 I went to Amsterdam in my mothers tummy. lol. My first real holiday was to the Lake District. I distinctly remember a school-style desk in a little room when I used to draw at.
56 I didnt have a big 18th birthday bash. I didn’t feel any different, and I don’t like massive parties. Just get togethers with friends.
57 If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Japan, not sure which city yet, Tokyo would be tempting.
58 Anywhere in the UK, it would be London, maybe Norwich. 2013, and now Birmingham. Massive Asian population there, and soooooooooooo much good food. Good thing I am going to live there XD
59 Anywhere in England it would be London, maybe Norwich.
60 Anywhere in London, not right in the center, but close enough. Anywhere in Norwich, in one of those apartments next to the river/canal.
61 Hmmm, my first alcohol…. probably a sip of wine at some place when I was way too young. My first real alcohol intake, where more than one glass/bottle was had was at the after prom sleepover at my friends house.
62 I’m crafty, I’m clever, I can twist you round my little finger if I wanted. 😀 (I like to think I am XD)
63 I started this blog because I was influence by those who had done the same, and been successful. I hope to be, but we’ll see won’t we?
64 I’m going to see David Tennant LIVE in Hamlet and Loves Labours Lost this year. The first Shakespeare I saw live was Romeo and Juliet at the Globe in London. We got to stand near the front. And Romeo was cute. 2013 I’ve since seen quite a few things at the Globe, and Tennant again.
65 If I go to bed early(10) and wake up at the normal time I feel sleepier than I do if I got to bed later.(12-something) Since 6th form ended, I’ve been using the free time to mainly catch up on sleep, going to bed at on average about 2am, and waking at 11am or 12am to watch The Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. 2013 My sleeping pattern was never as skewy as it was living in China. I reverted back to an almost British sleeping pattern after a while…. I know what to blame for that… and somehow I survived 8-9 months living on this messed up time.
66 My typing seems to be fine even late at night when I should be sleeping lol.
67 If I could meet a famous person and make them fall in love with me it would be David Tennant. I care very little about the 18 year age difference. He’s gorgeous and Scottish and tall.  2013 (I’ve met him, got a picture with him. My life was nearly complete at this moment. Ofc the problem here was, he was engaged/married by the time I got to meet him…. T-T
68 The world is going to hell in a hand basket and I refuse to go along with it. This is depressing. The world isn’t that bad everywhere. I’ve been good places. I know this.
69 No drugs, never. I don’t see the point. I’m happy as I am, if I want a high, I’ll go to a convention lol.
70 In our house we own, Sega Master System, N64, PS1, Nintendo Gameboy Color, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, GB Adv SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, PS2, PS2 Slimline, Wii. We have multiples of some. And a 360, Wii U and 3DS circa 2013
71 My laptop is a Packard Bell. Which I probably only have cos my stupid arse brother(age 16 when it happened)spilt fizzy blackcurrant drink all over my laptop, which I was letting him use out of the kindness of my heart since he did EXACTLY the same thing to his just a few weeks earlier….
72 The first weblog I ever read was Rebbeca’s Pocket. It took me a while to notice other people were doing the same thing.
73 I play eroge/galge. Which some may find disturbing, some may find it hot.
74 My alarm clock is set 18 minutes fast so that after it goes off in the morning, I think I’m late and rush. But it never works, cos I always remember and calculate the real time…. 2013 IT NEVER WORKED.
75 I love computers. I have Vista. Loved XP, that worked. (I also have XP on desktop)
76 Last holiday….I think it was in France… in a big creepy house… that had a cellar….I refused to go down there….
77 My brother always makes family holidays miserable, because he is. That’s kinda harsh really. But he can be a grumpy sod.
78 For ages when i was young, I wanted to be a Vet. Then in High school it turned into something design related. And then in year 10, that turned into Games Designer. It’s now switched to Animator But I do animate games as well right? lol I have no idea what I want in a career anymore. I still love drawing, but uni killed that for me, I still love creating things though. Be it writing, drawing, making, baking etc. So maybe I could start an etsy one day XD. Either way, as long as I have enough money to live, do what I want and be happy, I will be fine. I have simple needs. All my ambition seems to be elsewhere atm…
79 Apparently I was quite good as Science, I got an award for it at the end of Primary School. The in year 9 or High School, it all went down the toilet.
80 I was great when learning German. But then stopped learning in year 10 and forgot almost every word lol.
81 Depending on how fast I write, my handwriting can differ. Slow its good, fast its pretty bad. But not as bad as one of my friends.
82 The only fish I eat is in fish fingers or fish cakes, I dont like fish much. Specially not raw. I tried sushi. Not nice…. 2013 I LOVE SUSHI. I LOVE RAW FISH. SASHIMI. GIMMEH. I want tuna and salmon and there’s one I LOVE but forgot the name of again lol. And fish off the bone, pain to eat, but sooooo delicious seasoned right. And in Zhoushan they know how to season/sauce their fish. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.
83 I tried wearing a watch when I was younger, but when the battery on it ran out I just stopped wearing it. I use my phone to tell the time now.
85 I’ve never stolen anything. Never will. I hope I will never be that desperate or stupid.
86 The only comedian I’ve seen live is Dylan Moran. And boy was he fantastic. 2013 I’ve seen quite a few stand ups now.
87 My name has appeared in print various times, first time was in the Pokemon World magazine, where I got a picture published too, I was 13 at the time. More recently I’ve been quoted in Neo magazine numerous times, from the Neomag forum. And I’ve got two letters published. Very chuffed with myself for that.
88 I’ve never been on any kind of factory tour.
89 Even tho my middle names nice, I don’t use it often. I like to keep my name short and simple lol. The middle name adds too many letters lol.
90 There are many famous people I’d like to meet. The creators of Pokemon, Harvest Moon and Lost(JJ ABRAMS WOOOOOOOOO) Geena Davis, cos she rocks, Samuel L Jackson, likewise. Among others. 2013 I’ve met many now too. DAVID TENNANT ❤ for example.
91 Ok more… The members of Clamp, the creator of Haruhi. The people who sculpted the amazing figures that I own.
92 I’ve been on the radio once. On Radio One. I’m not sure how long ago now. But they told me to say ‘Alright Treacle’ as a greeting(to this day I have no idea why) and they tell you the answer to the question lol. It was with Scott Mills.
93 One time, while I was working(at Mcdonalds)a person tried to go through drive through, but we weren’t allowed to serve him. Not untill after a certain time anyways.
94 I don’t know what its like to be drunk, nor tipsy. But I use the intake of alcohol to act more giggly than I would normally. I’m usually quite reserved lol. 2013 I know very well what it’s like to be drunk, tipsy, giggly etc.
95 When I lie, people don’t know. Usually because they don’t expect me to lie. I don’t lie often, but when I do, I’m convincing.
96 I’m probably a film buff. I watch way too much tv, and own way too many dvd’s.
97 I got through this whole thing without giving anything truly horrendous lol.
98 I have appallingly few clothes for a girl….. it feels…. wrong…. 2013 I have slightly more now. Since China. I got a bit… happy when I found out they had cute stuff which fit me XD
99 I have over 100 plastic women in my room. 😀 It’s creepy if I dont explain it lol
100 Think of something you think you wanna know and ask lol.
101 I can speak and understand basic Mandarin 🙂 Pretty proud of that.
102 I bake sugary deliciousness LIKE A BOSS. But that’s been known for years B)

Though now I think about it properly, there are quite a few things more I could have put, like the only movie to truly scare the crap out of my was The Grudge(american version, japanese version just didnt). Anyways. Tis all for now.


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  1. omisyth Says:

    Yay! Another UK residenter…person! And fan of Doctor Who! (Although anyone would be crazy not to love Doctor Who)

  2. Blowfish Says:

    Its 4 am and i have nothing better to do than reading this *sigh*
    Its nice to know a bit more about you^^

    So you learned German?
    That screams for some chatting with my crappy english and your crappy german

    Im off to bed TADA!

  3. hikky Says:

    Over 100 figures? OMG^^ That costs 1000000000000€ or something like that. The list is really interesting, somehow. Not as interesting as your bag content.

    As Blowfish sayed: crappy german/english chat want! ( I have lots of messenger IDs http://austrianotakulife.wordpress.com/about/ xD )

  4. Trevor Says:

    Hi Meimi

    I hope your animation studies are going well. It was fun teaching your group some of the basics of animation. I’m looking forward to the next session where things get a little bit more complicated and interesting.

    Hope you are having fun.


  5. paperdreamer Says:


    I see you have me on your blogroll! Thanks.
    Good luck with animation studies 🙂

  6. nintendokid Says:

    YAYYY somone from the uk who has done amazing in the anime comuntily (besides danny)

    I can never find anyone who likes anime ,i just get beaten up 4 likin it

  7. nintendokid Says:

    U cant i own a youtube acount were i review figures i just started the second seson wich is mostly anime figures

    and at the end of my vids i always say thanks for watching by and subscribe so sorry if i counfused you

    amazing blog by the way : )

    http://www.youtube.com/user/nintendokid100 just if u wanna check it out

  8. Chro Says:

    That’s a lot to read :p

  9. konadora Says:

    Hey, mind if we share links? I’ve added you to my blogroll 😀

  10. nintendokid Says:

    I cant think of 10 words for mine and you make over 150 sentences………………….your amazing(or im just reeeealy bad) ethier way its good!

  11. Orcinus Says:

    Added your blog to my blogroll.

  12. Arein Says:

    I was browsing the ‘about me’ of a couple of blogs, read some of yours and was surprised that we have the same birthday.. :3

  13. rockleelotus Says:

    ive visited you blog many times but this is the first time i read your about page ^^; quite a read, very interesting facts. i also noticed we share the same bday too, awesome!

    i just started an attempt to blog recently, i will be adding you to my blogroll ^^

  14. thetsundere Says:

    Hey hey ^^ mind if we share linkage? Shall add you to my ‘roll

  15. Guy Says:

    Dude, 6’1″ is tall for a male 😀

    • meimi132 Says:

      I’m aware that the UK is a short country yes, it sucks major ass. I’ll need to go to Germany or somewhere to find a tall enough guy…..
      I did say I was very tall for a girl T-T. lol

      • Guy Says:

        Heh, the only place where the girls are your size is perhaps the pro-tennis circuit 😉

        That’s (sports) the only place, aside from modeling where a girl who is 1.70 meters is called “short”.

        Heck, you’re taller than me, and I’m taller than average for males.

        • meimi132 Says:

          lol Tennis. Hate Tennis. Like Badminton though.
          And lol at the 1.70=short. Tis true, but still funny.

          I’m taller than most of the guys I know. Theres just two who are around my height, one slightly shorter and one slightly taller. I remember willing them to grow taller in mid-high school hehe. It worked, which I was happy with, since the one whos now taller than me was shorter than me by a fair bit when we were younger.

  16. Cello Says:

    horray for 6 foot tall nail biters! woo! I am not alone!!

  17. Ederuferuto Says:

    100 figurines! Do want!

    Very very detailed introduction. ^~^

  18. Arein Says:

    Hey there again.. Mind a blog link exchange?

  19. hoih Says:

    are you a lesbo?

  20. epi Says:

    Whoa, I’ve just come across your blog through clicking a number of links and I have to say, we’ve got an awful lot in common! All the way from Harvest Moon to Lovely Complex, to height. Neat! Interesting read.

  21. Kodama Says:

    You were looking for the Temptation Tamaki? The Kotobukiya one? The Anime Stop here in Ottawa found one buried in the back!

    site contact: shoppeanimestop@hotmail.com
    or call 613-226-2319 ( Canadian Phone number)

    Store Hours:
    Mon – Tues, Sat: 9:30am – 6:00pm
    Wed – Fri: 9:00am – 9:00pm
    Sun: 11:00am – 5:00pm

    Ask for Whitney, she has it set aside for you if you want it. Tell her it was the one Mark asked about.

    • meimi132 Says:

      ohmygod… ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod O_O Thank you!!

      • Kodama Says:

        You’re welcome, my dear..

      • Kodama Says:

        Oops, this ended up in the wrong thread.. lets try again

        They sent a reply, are you going to get it? Shipping is the expensive part..

        Whitney said she found a second Figure of the same type, since..

        • meimi132 Says:

          I’ve been replying back & forth 🙂 I deffo have to get her thats for sure 😀 I got 4 prices on shipping or the total cost, am not sure, am waiting on another reply atm lol. One was like $50 & the others were $100+ so I dunno if the $50 one was just missing a 1 off the front XD. I haven’t actually been told how much the figure is on her own lol.

          And second figure of the same type? Both Temptations? Not the black version or the other newer one?

          • kodama Says:

            Didn’t see it.. She just mentioned that she found another when I was in the the store for my weekly visit..(picked up the novelization of “Rocket Girls” – Recommend the anime if you can find it..)

            Well… off to work..

            Ja na!

          • Kodama Says:

            Question. Does your DVD player support all region codes? Or is it UK only?

  22. Kodama Says:

    um… how do you sign up?

  23. xingsta Says:

    Hey Emily, I’ve had a good time reading your profile 😀 you seem like a nice girl.

  24. Catherine Meyers Says:

    Hello Meimi,

    My name is Catherine Meyers; I work as the admin of a web and blog directory with page rank 5. I have to say, I really like your blog, it’s a fun read, Good job! That is why, I would love to have your blog in my directory, that way my visitors will also visit Meimi132 no Itonami.
    If you are interested in this link exchange, please let me know.

    Good luck with your blog!


  25. Araxiel Says:

    Hi, I found your blog [strangely] while looking for information on the pink concert Zaku. Unfortunately, it seems like the pink Zaku’s discontinued, but on the plus side, I got to spend an afternoon reading through your very enjoyable blog. ^^ It’s always good to see a fellow animator who isn’t part of the whole ‘all anime is the same and not proper art’ thing the tutors all seem to be pushing!
    Keep up the blooging and the otaku-ing, and I’ll definitely be following the blog in future.

  26. Araxiel Says:

    Hi, I found your blog [strangely] while looking for information on the pink concert Zaku. Unfortunately, it seems like the pink Zaku’s discontinued, but on the plus side, I got to spend an afternoon reading through your very enjoyable blog. ^^ It’s always good to see a fellow animator who isn’t part of the whole ‘all anime is the same and not proper art’ thing the tutors all seem to be pushing!
    Keep up the blooging and the otaku-ing, and I’ll definitely be following the blog in future.

  27. keroroslayerケロロスレイヤー (@keroroslayer) Says:

    At first I thought you’re a guy! Drinking problems:P and way of writing. I was suprised to figure you being a woman! NICE and in addition one that study animation, great as it can be. Added to blogroll! Peace! ps. I’ll write about you on a blog of mine *w*

  28. JSG Says:

    Are you artist?Tried finding your artworks in this blog, but failed, lol.
    Anyway,you seem to be a rather interesting person to hang around with, but too bad, I’m too far away from UK, and it would be really suspicious for a stranger to suddenly ask to hang out.Sorry, I’m a rather happy-go-lucky person, so I might be a little open.Personally I am 17, and am pursing my dream/interest in art.I enjoy interacting with artist, and also, of course enjoy admiring artwork.

    • meimi132 Says:

      I am, among other things. Stuff can be seen on my DeviantArt, all kinds, not just the manga-style stuff XD. So. Yeah. I’m actually in China right now anyways lol. Not even in the UK.

      • JSG Says:

        That’s weird…I never knew I created a wordpress…anyways, your drawings are quite nice, at least an average from me XD(I hope I’m not looking at the wrong deviantart account XD), My favorite is the Devarera and the bytes mascots!!My drawings are still not that good…working on it though XD(I’ve warched you on DA)China?Hmm…does that mean you understand/can speak Chinese?It would be hard to live there without being able to communicate with anyone (゚o゚;; …

        • meimi132 Says:

          Yeah, that’s the right one, I tend to use this username on most things lol. And you still got plenty of time to practice :). That’s all it is anyways. I did those like… ages ago actually XD
          I can speak and understand some basic Chinese so far, I know when people are calling me a foreigner, or tall, or beautiful XD (I’m very pale, good thing here it seems XD in England not so much lol.) And I know how to ask/answer questions like where are you from, how old, how tall, how long you been here. And I can order plenty of different food hehe, but there are other foreigners around, so if I wanna talk English, I can. We’ll go to the cinema and stuff aswell.

          • JSG Says:

            You did those ages ago??I bet you could draw even better now ( *`ω´) You must have been happy when the people praise your looks and stuff in Chinese, and you understand him/her XD I don’t see how is being pale bad…well.Since you can speak and understand Chinese…do you know how to read it ~(・・?)) Wouldnt it be lonely to leave your country for another?

            • meimi132 Says:

              Hehe, well yes and no. Education sucked my passion for drawing away. Only recently has it come back. But I spose I am better than back then lol.
              Hehe it is nice, and never happened in England ever, so I’ll miss that when I’m back home XD. It’s even nicer when the cute boys say it *squeep* And being pale isn’t bad. I love being pale, always have, but people in the UK prefer tans so much so that you will see alot of fake tans about lol.
              I can read a little Chinese… I know the characters for where I live, meat, girl, people, english, Chinese, guangzhou and some other places and stuff. But I can’t really read anything properly lol. I’ll just recognise stuff here and there XD

              • JSG Says:

                EducationXD!!Though in my country, I notice quite a number of doujin artist are also in the educationsector o.o…well XD Cute boys?Like your students XD? Personally I really don’t have any special preference, doesn’t matter if you have tan or not(Just saying).It’s fine, Chinese is a hard language….(Chinese myself XD…actually I’m Asian ._.)In my country, Chinese is the weaknessof many XD even for local chinese people XD though it’s a piece of cake if it’s someone from china lol XD

            • meimi132 Says:

              LOL not my students. Most of my students are like 5-8 years old XD. Very adorable, but not the cute I was meaning ;3
              There was one named Frank who was all anime-liking and stuff XD. Probs a good thing he’s not my student anymore tbh… he was 17-18…. XD The cute boys I mean are in like arcades and stuff. Though they usually turn out to be younger than I expect too T-T
              And I don’t have any special preference really XD. Makes me lol when some of my coworkers call themselves ‘black’ because of their darker skin tone though XD. When they’re blatantly not XD mistranslations… XD
              I did figure you were Asian lol… you are from Singapore after all XD
              There are just so many characters to learn XD so much kanji…. I don’t know how they remember it all XD aswell as all the other studying they have to do too!!! The students here are worked sooooooooo hard… I feel bad for them… they have no free time… English kids are so freakin’ lazy in comparison… me included DX.

              • JSG Says:

                I’m 17-18 and all-anime liking as well d( ̄  ̄) Maybe I’m cute too ( ̄▽ ̄) I’m just joking, LOL!!I hope you’re not thinking I’m flirting with you, I just have a habit to communicate with people I find joyful to chat with XD anyways, Chinese/ kanji is really a language that can be master easily if taught since young.The students here are hardworking bunch of people…china people in my country somehowalways seems to end up as a scholar…well, english kids are different probably due to the different merhod of parenting.Honestly, lazy people are everywhere XD(Me included.)

  29. S Says:

    I love your blog :3 Currently I am having a hard time choosing between Visual (Fine) Arts or Science/Engineering for university. I love anime and manga. I played 3DS games as well. I love bookstores like Kinokuniya. I love DW too – Matt Smith is funny but David Tennant is great also. I am from Australia.

    • meimi132 Says:

      If you love art alot, and don’t mind people telling you what to do, go with art. I found education ruined my love for art. Science/Engineering would be more practical, and would likely get you a better job. Since art degree’s are next to useless XD

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