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Little bit a lot in love with Steven Universe

October 28, 2015


This was the first I saw of Steven Universe. I thought it was a pretty song and looked cool, but I didn’t watch any of the actual series till way after.


Bee and Puppycat – Gloriously weird and gloriously adorable.

September 18, 2014
This show. Instant love.

This show. Instant love.

So much so. I literally lost count of how many times I watched it after I discovered it. And then I found out there was a plushie of Puppycat available. A talking plushie. Naturally, I had to have it. That. And a tshirt and her dress from the show. Which can be seen after the cut, aswell as the actual show itself, well, the pilot anyway.

Beer and Puppycat. Geddit? GEDDIT?!?!?

Beer and Puppycat. Geddit? GEDDIT?!?!?


How to Train Your Dragon – How to make an awesome movie about awesome dragons, more like :)

April 9, 2010

Lovely, lovely movie.

Saw this on Wednesday instead of seeing Chris Addison at the Norwich Playhouse, which sucked… parentals forgot I’d be home for the holidays, so didn’t get a ticket for me. BUT it gave me the chance to go to the cinema, and I hadn’t been for weeks, one of the things that sucks bout living in the countryside, you gotta drive/be driven to get ANYWHERE.

I loved it. It’s a wonderful movie, made me smile sooo much. I remember seeing the trailer god knows how long ago, and thinking it looked cool, right after I played the ‘How to raise a dragon‘ mini game on Armor Games. Thought the dragon looked adorable. The dragon in question being ‘Toothless’, a Night Fury. Apparantly the scariest of all dragons because no ones ever seen one and lived to tell the tale.

How adorable is that? I mean really, Toothless is damn adorable... I want a toy of it....him I thinks...

More pics below the cut. After seeing the movie I became a tad obsessed with tracking down a plushie or toy, just something!!


Avatar didn’t need to be in 3D…

January 24, 2010

Seen the movie 3 times now. First two times in 3D. And today, in 2D. I’ve wanted to see it in 2D since I first saw it lol.

I do love the movie, I didn’t want to, but I do… I just don’t see what 3D adds to the experience… all the special effects & CGI look just as good in 2D, and you don’t have to wear those damn clunky 3D glasses that block out everything around you. Until theres a way to see 3D movies without making us wear the glasses… I think they should stop plugging it so much… its such a gimic *sigh*… I can’t wait till this 3D phase dies down…

Sure it has flaws, and a few continuity goofs I noticed, but I’m willing to overlook them lol.

Oh, I kept forgetting, but remembered just now lol, the noise alot of the creatures on Pandora made reminded me of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. I think it was the horse-things(Direhouse/Pa’li) & the banshee’s(Ikran)… Yeah… definitely Jurassic Park.. the noise Raptors make.

An Edwardian Butler?

October 18, 2009

Last…..I’m not sure when actually, we got given our characters for this year. I pulled ‘Obstinate Butler’ from the bowl of impossible things. But not only a Butler, he has to be.. Edwardian… Which is a freakin’ vague era, Victorian would have been so much more obvious lol. BUT since most Butlers look alot alike, I’ve got it easy, my other teammates(super happy with my teammates btw :woop: I was lucky. Sooo lucky!), not so easy. Ladies and Heads of the House, Maids n got knows what.

As I sit here eating Monster Munch with my left hand and trying not to get my keyboard greasy, I present to you my preliminary sketches. I took obstinate to be obstinant, which I thought was grumpy, unwilling, that kinda thing, thankfully I was right, so it didn’t put  a kibosh on my plans. I want him kinda slimey and slinky, so tall n lanky are a must imo.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

More pages below the cut.


A couple of things…

October 8, 2009

Right, I might aswell start with the most recent thing, fresh in the memory and whatnot. Thing 1;

The vid above is one of the awesome animations by RJDM. Check out their site! Do it!!!!!!! Their company name is like a combo of RDJ and JDM. Heh. Heheh. Hehehehe….. Yum.

Uni has now properly kicked off. One class on tuesday, which I’ll mention a bit later… and one today, meant to be two, but our teacher was ill. Man-flu or something lol. Today, was awesome. Met the head of RJDM. An animation company based in Northamptonshire. And, unlike how I usually do, I went on the site to see what they’re done that I recognised.

More below the cut, do read on!


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