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June London Trip :3

June 24, 2010

TAIYAKI! Finally I got to try some XD

Had an awesome time with Purplezest. Got some awesome lootage too. It was kinda, unintentionally a Japanese-themed trip XD, all the stuff we ended up doing/seeing hehe, didn’t get to the Namco center though, one giant arcade seemed like enough somehow XD Had much fun spotting Pudding too 🙂 And we saw a guy on the tube who looked scarily like Robert Downey Jr… XD


Covert July Loot – Fufufufu

July 15, 2009
We start off we a photo of my brothers evil cat. I have an adorable black tortoise shell/tabby cross, they are sisters though, my bros is fat, mine is thin, my bros is violent, mine is timid, but they're both lovely really.

We start off we a photo of my brothers evil cat. I have an adorable black tortoise shell/tabby cross, they are sisters though, my bros is fat, mine is thin, my bros is violent, mine is timid, but they're both lovely really.

Due to my brothers new interest in anime, visual novels(thats right, he’s progressing that fast!!) and light novels etc, I thought I’d get a couple from amazon, was gonna get like 5, but due to the Book Depository’s stupid shipping arrangement, I woulda had to pay £2.75 per book, which is a total rip, but if you think that normally they cost like £5-6($10) then its a good deal if its like £2.50 for the book itself and another £2.75 shipping… still.. I’d rather not all at once lol. So I just got two.


London Expo Weekend – Figures + Cosplay + More!

October 27, 2008

Expo has now come and gone. And so has over £250 of my money. But all to a very good cause!! Which you will see later on.

This is the first time I’ve been to both days of the Expo. Usually I just got for the sunday, cheaper travel and alot less people. I didnt realise just how many less people went on a sunday… Saturday was so busy….. too busy…. So busy I’m almost definately never going on saturday again…. We got to the Excel Center a little later than we wanted… because one of our group got lost.(They weren’t travelling with us to begin with, we met up at the hostel we stayed at.) So… we got there just before they should have stopped selling fast track tickets… but they’d stopped early…. so we had to join the MASSIVE normal entry queue….. which we were stuck in for just over an hour I think… might have been more… I can’t remember well… have blocked it from my mind….

After we got in the queue people continued to turn up… it was insane… And we didnt start moving properly for AGES…. it was so boring…

Getting closer… round the corner of the building lol

Finally…. So nearly there…. Along the way I did get some shots of random cosplay though. Not all bad being stuck in the queue.

Name that Twilight Princess character…. since I’ve forgotten her name… lol It’s a really awesome outfit though. Great headpiece.

Name that cosplay! I think they’re from Final Fantasy….12?


City of Ember Movie Review

October 19, 2008

On Friday I got to see the movie version of the novel, The City of Ember, named, City of Ember!! LOL, so much difference… wonder why they dropped the ‘The’ though… Anyways, onto the movie. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by it, I was expecting to be disappointed. My expectations were crushed months ago when they decided to cast a 24 year old as the 12 year old Doon, the male lead alongside the female lead, Lina, who is meant to be the main-main character, it even says that on the wiki page for the novel… but it’s not made clear in the movie at all who’s the lead… Especially in the adverts, its cut to look like Doon is the main character…… GAH….I want to mega-rant about the huge errors they made… I do…. but later….later…

(Much more review below.)


How to choose?

July 15, 2008


When one has such a vast choice of DVD’s, how do you choose what to watch? Sometimes you just know what your in the mood for, but right now, I’m not sure at all…. Am I in the mood for a comedy? Thriller? A Kevin Smith movie? Geena Davis? John Cusack? Or anime? Oh its hard to choose….. And there’s nothing on TV tonight to distract me…. Of course I could always read a book, but normally I only read in the car/train/other time when I’m not surrounded by other things I could play with… And there’s another thing, my PS2 Slimline which I forked out money for, I’ve hardly used it!! Which is pathetic considering I went and bought Disgaea 1 & 2, La Pucelle Tactics AND Phantom Brave (FINALLY!) After years of waiting for the oppurtunity to play them alot! I havent! I tend to do that with games….(apart from with Pokemon & Harvest Moon) I finally get them and then hardly play them!!! Tis why I avoid buying games too often and stick to figures, dvd’s and books.

Anyways…. that was just a little rant to fill the space of where I just can’t choose what to watch/do/play/read etc

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