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Preorder Madness!!

March 2, 2016
I am excite for this.

I am excite for this.

I think I’m actually losing track of what I’ve got preordered… I remember quite a few things but without going through my emails I’m sure I’m forgetting something… I don’t even think it’s that many things…

Preordered and on it’s way

Shiro Kotobukiya 1/7th scale

Pikachu 20th Anniversary Plush

Pokemon 3DS Cover Plates (which technically I already have, so I’ll just resell these)

No Game No Life Collectors Edition Blu Ray/DVD Combi

Preordered and not out yet

Punch Line Limited Edition for PSVITA

Pikachu Nebukuro Raichu version plush

Shiro Phat Company ver

Pokken Tournament with controller

Steven Universe Cardigan

20th Anniversary Mew plush

Root Double – Before Crime * After Days Xtend Edition Kickerstarter

I *think* that’s it… I think….

So… yeah… I don’t just buy this stuff out of impulse. It’s technically all planned months in advance.

And for this. So colour. Much ful.

And for this. So colour. Much ful.


Addiction x TV = Lazy Mei…

August 18, 2009

The past week I’ve been uber-lax about updating my blog… and I feel soooo bad that I have. It’s mainly due to Ally McBeal, this Fish Tycoon game, the Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars and My Zoo games on Facebook, other online gamey type things, and lotsa doodling n stuff during Ally McBeal, since I’ve seen it before, its mainly background chow, half paying attention to it while I’m doing other things. I haven’t even been keeping up with the summer anime! Not even Saki and Shangri-la, my continuations from Spring… Only Haruhi 2 and Umineko no naku koro ni. And Aoi Hana kinda, but I’m one episode behind on that too…

Random, cute Goto-P pic. Love their artwork.

Random, cute Goto-P pic. Love their artwork.


Keeping up appearances…

August 3, 2009

I am seriously far behind on the summer anime I chose to watch… Only one I’ve kept with is Umineko. Not even Canaan I’m up to date with! Others I’m being lazy with are Aoi Hana, Sea Story, Saki and Shangri La. There are others I’d like to have watched, Sora no Manimani and Kanamemo, that just don’t look like it’ll happen this season. Might dl when they’re complete, or if I’ve run out of stuff to watch. Like that’ll ever happen.


Summer really is upon me now. My mothers gone into ‘holiday’ mode, where she wants to do lots of holiday-like things. Trips out, seaside etc. I wanna go canoeing most of all. And any boats. I love boats. Water too, even the mucky brown water of the Thames on the boat ride I went on yesterday was awesome. Trip to london was yesterday. Was awesome. Got meronpan, so I was happy. Got a recipe for how to make some aswell, so I will have to try that out, will post its success/failure when I do so lol.


Kannagi Released in the West!! :Yipeeeee!!!!:

July 17, 2009





Who actually buys anime DVD’s?

July 13, 2009
Ahhh Nagi, Kannagi is one of the series I most want on DVD, but it has yet to be released.

Ahhh Nagi, Kannagi is one of the series I most want on DVD, but it has yet to be released.

I read Neo’s big fansub article in the new issue, 61, and felt compelled to write something, cos I do download fansubs, yes its illegal, but I, unlike alot of people, buy the series when they’re out. And I only watch anime I know I like, I don’t go downloading everything under the sun, that would be a complete waste of time.

In the past year, less actually, I’ve bought more anime than I ever have before. Online, at conventions, in stores. I like to think I do my part for the anime market. And this is mainly thanks to being able to watch and test out anime using fansubs. Anime like Clannad, Ouran High Host Club, Onegai Twins, Kanon, all anime I bought because of the fansubs I watched. Some series I buy just cos I know I’ll like them, To Heart, Midori Days, I hadn’t seen them before, maybe one episode of Midori Days on a anime preview disc from Newtype or something. Other stuff I bought when I saw it cheap, like Bleach, and, god forbid Naruto…(just tried the first part of the first season, didn’t get through the first disc… Bleach was better, have the first season of that. There are also occasions when I rented anime from the library. Did that with Elfin Lied and few others. Tsukihime I got because I had the first volume in a big-multipack of anime and loved it, mostly volume 1’s in the set.


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas from my favourite series!!

Merry Christmas from my favourite series!!

It’s half way through Christmas Day in the UK, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be having our xmas meal soon. Turkey! Yum!! And crackers! Oh the crackers! To much chocolate and over indulgence though…. I’ve had 3 happy hippos and a number of chocolate coins, so I’m doing ok… I only woke up at 9 though…. later than usual…. but I did go to bed at like.. 4 I guess.. cos I was online till 3 after ‘The Ice Harvest’. I musta got about 5 hours sleep then, will be tired tonight lol…

At 6pm today its the Doctor Who xmas special! The event I’ve/we’ve been waiting for ever since season 4 finished earlier this year! It’s got 2 Davids in it! Tennant and Morrisey! :woot: Reunited since Blackpool! (Now THAT was an awesome series, random singing, hell yus!)


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