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I can haz Minecraft?!

December 17, 2010

I CAN HAZ MINECRAFT!!!!!!!! My lovely younger brother got it for me for my Birthday/Christmas. As I was gonna miss out getting the Alpha price/version if not XD. And after the last 2 weeks of pretty much non stop working, Minecraft is a nice way to unwind. Repetitive and grindy yes, but I like games like that XD I also love building bases and collecting stuff. So will be epic fun. Scared of going to far and getting lost/killed, and losing all my items in the process T-T.

My world ❤

The view from the top of my starter castle. Pretty, ne? More pics of my castle & beacon & stuff after the cut :3.


Lost Encyclopedia (Spoilers desu)

October 23, 2010

When it costs £10 instead of £20. And for a bigass hardback like this. I couldn’t say no. Specially with the Lost-shaped void in my life after it ended XD.  Twas a preorder technically lol.

Pretty dustjacket. But not as pretty as the proper hardcover.


This just in ~

October 19, 2010

Ka. Wa. IIIII. Ne? XD

So… this is a like a giant/mass report on the last month pretty much. Everything thats happened and everything thats going to happen in the next few weeks. I think…

So, I’ll start off with the fact I’m back at uni :woop: Living in student digs free from the reign of the parentals! Exact same room as last year, one of the same roommates, but one went awol just after christmas, so we have a new one. Still assessing… might be a bit too chavvy/noisy for our liking :\
Course wise, you may not know I switched. From Animation Design to Graphic Design & Illustration. Just lots and lots and LOTS of drawing. Which is goooooooood. Takes up a fair amount of time, but thats cool. I’m managing to balance the education with the recreation. Skip below the cut to see what I’ve been up to ;).


This week I will be mostly eating…

June 25, 2010

…Meiji Apollo Creme Caramel!! XD

;D New flavour for the 40th Anniversary 🙂 Same flavour as the Kabaya Pudding Chocolate. I like Kabaya's better I think 🙂

(And bravo to anyone who got The Fast Show reference in the title XD)

June London Trip :3

June 24, 2010

TAIYAKI! Finally I got to try some XD

Had an awesome time with Purplezest. Got some awesome lootage too. It was kinda, unintentionally a Japanese-themed trip XD, all the stuff we ended up doing/seeing hehe, didn’t get to the Namco center though, one giant arcade seemed like enough somehow XD Had much fun spotting Pudding too 🙂 And we saw a guy on the tube who looked scarily like Robert Downey Jr… XD


I’m gonna use Twitter like a Magic 8 Ball XD

May 26, 2010

Why am I showing you a picture of a sleeping bag packed into its bag? Because this is the sleeping bag James Moran decided I should get XD.

I just asked ‘blue or pink’ I got a reply, ‘blue’, so I went with blue 🙂 I’d been pondering over the two for HOURS literally… Cos I liked the blue check & the pink check… both were ‘pretty’, the blue was more practical but the pink was pink! Both had pro’s & con’s…. so… I used Twitter to decide for me XD.

Why did I need a sleeping bag? Cos the ones I usually use are at home & my parentals+little bro are going on holiday this saturday XD. And it was either this or pack up my duvet & bring it… but I spose I’d eventually need my own sleeping bag anyways XD

Also, lookie 🙂

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