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Mass Update Raging – No.6, Fringe, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, K & Rabu Kare

November 4, 2012

TV… y u must irk me so…

So I’ve found myself raging at TV and anime this week. Either due to stupid things happening in them, or things I do not approve of, or both. Or more. So here. Do with this as you will…. Rage and spoilers within… I try to keep specifics out of it, apart from with No.6 where I had to… sorry XD


B1A4 – Let’s Fly!

October 24, 2011

Because of the way these boys promoted before their debut, I got quite attached. Seeing manhwa on AKP don’t happen often lol. So it caught my eye to say the least. They’re named after their blood groups, 1 is type B, and the rest are A. That and ‘Be the one, All for one’ another meaning behind their name. And the pretty pretty comic below the cut :DD


GANTZ – Live Action (Somewhat NSFW+Little Spoilers)

October 23, 2011

I remember reading some of the manga yeeeeaars ago on Spectrum Nexus. And thinking ‘My god this is gross!’. Yet I kept reading, I haven’t read it all by anime means, but I knew the basic premise. So when I noticed ‘Gantz‘ listed on Kenichi Matsuyama’s AMW, I was all ‘YAY!!’. I mean, anything of Matsuken’s is *YAY* but a movie based on a manga that I’d actually read. *Huzzah!* I waited over a year for this movie. From November 2009 to… well it was released in January in Japan, and America got special (dubbed lol but grrrr) showings, but I couldn’t see it until recently. I was interested to see if they could mirror the levels of goryness that the manga had. I’ve not seen the anime so I can’t comment on that, but the manga was super gory, and the chapter graphics were generally buxom ladies wearing part of the Gantz bondage suits. (Come on, you know they are, tight black PVC? You know it crossed your mind!!) The movie got them right. And the guns. Ohh the guns are cool.


Obsession Regression – Love Hina Vol 1

October 22, 2011

Last night I read Love Hina volume 1 again. Sadly online, because nearly all my manga’s at home. Apart from volume 3 of Cat Paradise I think lol. But yeah, Love Hina…


Obsession Regression – Manga

September 2, 2011

One of the covers of the manga... I think I was 12-13 when I was buying these lol

My manga’s always sitting there in my room, gathering dust. I havent’t read any of my own manga in AGES, borrowed Bichi off a friend recently, but thats about it. I’m WAY behind on any anime too. It’s shameful. Got way too wrapped up in B1A4 & their paper idol image stuff(before they debuted they released a manhwa webcomic, which was enough to make me love em from the get go XD). Also Doctor Who, and London and movies, and right now Pottermore.

A few days ago I thought to myself, ‘I should read Love Hina again’ just because it caught my eye as I turned round, and because it was a brilliant series, classic in todays terms I should imagine. And it may give me inspiration for what I’m currently doing ;3 (Probably not what you’re thinking lol). But yeah, Love Hina. I’m gonna re-read it, and after each volume, post about what I thought, about how it may or may not have aged. Ken Akamatsu’s style seems to be pretty consistant at least, going by Negima. Granted I’m only on…volume… 17? 18? I own 16 volumes though XD.

So. Yeah. Love Hina. I remember reading the blurb on the back about it being a ‘teen sex comedy’ I think XD. It may have some similarities with movies like American Pie, but not crazily close ones lol.

And the good thing bout manga, takes bout half an hour to read usually, sometimes less. Tis usually why I brought more than one with me to school when I did, because one was never enough and I ended up re-reading XD.

Expect the first post forthwith. And I am sorry for the *counts* 4 month hiatus o___o I missed bloggies 3rd birthday, and it hitting 250k hits too I think. It’s on 274k now XD… makes me feel bad… I’d blame Twitter and Tumblr and forums, but thats not right, been doing other stuff too. And it’s probably mostly down to laziness… Sorry… 😦

Image as (almost) always, came from oreno.imouto, which I still search for as moe.imouto lol.

(Ooooo side thought… live action Love Hina drama XD I can’t imagine it happening, Ouran yes, (thank god) but Love Hina… content wise XD not so much.)

Why don’t art teachers really acknowledge anime/manga style artwork?

April 17, 2010

Yeeaaah cos this isn't technically accomplished at all is it?! -_- And sooo easy to get it looking this pretty....riiiight? ¬_¬

During my time in the education system(so far) I have only met one art teacher who doesn’t completely disregard anime and manga style artwork. The rest have either not considered it real art, thought of it as ‘too easy’ or said its been “done to death”. (Please not, this is veeeeery old now, posted it over a year ago and I was on a rant lol)

Do you know how disheartening this is? How spirit-sucking it is? To be actively dissuaded from doing the things you love? Not because I need to expand my horizons, but because the teachers just don’t seem to like it, or don’t seem to acknowledge it(or understand it, it seems…)? It’s just… it ruins the fun. Most other teachers in school who have ever seen me drawing or doodling in class have at least been impressed by it and commented on it, but never the actual art teachers. English, Science, even maths, but not the art teachers. They just want us to do poncy watercolours and oil paintings it seems. Modern art which alot of the time doesn’t even have any real form. I know art is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz, but really… some of the modern art I’ve seen in galleries is complete shit. Or at least completely devoid of any real prettiness. Sold chunks of colour with a single stripe across it… what the hell is that really? Drawing manga style artwork is NOT easy. If it was every tom-dick and harry could do it. You think all the manga-ka just started out as brilliant as they are now? To be as good when they started drawing as to when they finally got published after all the years or slogging away? The teachers here in the UK just don’t know enough…

I think the main problem is they haven’t seen enough. They think its all the same, whereas a fan will know its most definately not all the same. Most people have only been exposed to the mainstream stuff, Pokemon, Dragonball, Digimon, Sailor Moon, if your lucky, some not even that, mostly like Pokemon usually, and they refer to them as ‘those big eyed Japanese cartoons’ which, in alot of cases, is fairly accurate I’ll admit, BUT its not all that dammit!!!

Its just disheartening is all… they should encourage your passions right? Not discourage them…

Below the cut for some more prettiness 🙂


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