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Is it wrong?

April 4, 2010

(Not that I would ever get rid of any of my John Cusack collection, just using this as an example pic. Damn I need Pushing Tin...)

If you own a DVD, but you’re thinking about culling your collection, and want to keep a digital copy of the movie or TV series in question, is it wrong for you to download said movie/TV show? Since you’ve already paid for the movie/TV show… and more and more often, DVD’s are being released with digital copies of the movie included on the disc.

Is the ownership passed on when you sell a DVD? To a secondhand shop or someplace, since you’ve paid for it originally, even full price if you were desperate to own something, are you still allowed to keep a digital copy even after you’ve got rid of the actual DVD?

Just a random thought I had… cause I do have far too many DVD’s, most of which I hardly ever watch. Some of course I’d never get rid of, but some, like the naffer of Colin Firth movies, I could see myself parting ways with more happily, BUT what if I wanted to watch them after I’d sold it on… spose theres a similar dilemma with games too… I don’t have the heard to trade in any of my games as I always ask myself ‘what if I have the urge to play that game and I don’t have it anymore?!’ I’d be kicking myself of course…

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge XD

March 9, 2010

What a name for a movie. Less suprising when I found out it was based on a manga, but still, random-ass name.

Sadly for you boys, her skirt ain't that short in the movie. Quite long actually... bout knee length..just above maybe..

Okies, so this movie is fairly simple in plot, so easy to explain lol, a Yosuke, going through a hard time after one of his best friends deaths, steals some meat (yep, meat), nothing like some meaningless theft to make yourself feel better, ne? 🙂 In the process of running away, comes across a girl, Eri, sitting on her own in the middle of a park, tad different to how they met in the manga, but all in all, it seems a pretty faithful translation to the big screen, twas only 8 chapters after all. I won’t go into proper spoilers… but Yosuke kinda tries to help Eri, who’s going out each night to find the Chainsaw man, or so she thinks, but he ends up getting in the way more than actually helping lol. Ofc in the process of teaming up, one thing leads to another and you can pretty much guess the outcome lol. As I said, fairly simple plot. Though I’ve read some people got confused…can kinda understand why… but I ended up comparing the plot to something else which helped make sense out of it.


Please say I’m not the only one who’s thought it…

March 3, 2010

Its mainly the hair.... but still....

I can’t be the only one who has thought of the comparison between Depp’s Hatter & Carrot Top. Before his brief appearance in Scrubs I had no idea who he was, then he popped up in an ep of Family Guy lol. But barely any knowledge of this guy. Depp however… they’ve made him look scary… freaky….nightmarish…. and yet theres still swooning?! lol

Yeaah... HAWT XD

I hope all these tweens going to see the movie for him have NIGHTMARES HAHAHAHA! And much as I like/liked Burton flicks…(Sleepy Hollow still my favourite, his movies seem to get weirder-looking as the years go by…odd…) This Alice in Wonderland looks….loopy… its not the original story ofc, its a Alice-revisited story. Like the recent ‘SyFy’ Alice with the yummy Andrew Lee Pott’s as Hatter. Wasn’t a great version frankly… but which will I like better lol?

Anyways, might see this friday, 2D ofc. Why waste the money on 3D when so far, with every movie I’ve seen in 3D & then seen the 2D to compare, theres been no significant difference in enjoyment? If I don’t see AIW, I’ll see Legion for some Angel-awesomeness. 😀

And a few more scary pics I just found… they have deffo done something to his eyes.. made them a big bigger it looks like… and the green ofc… just….freaky scary….

Its actually properly nightmarish… I’ll need to look at some happy pics to get this out of my head…*shudder* Once again, I hope all you crazed Depp-loving tweeny-boppers(who, lets face it, probably don’t even know the story, Disney or Lewis Carroll original…) have nightmares!!

The 3-Mei sama/The 3 Young Men/Sanmeisama/The3名様 – (Ok… so I helped myself a bit…still want subs..)

March 1, 2010

All pics came from CDJapan

How the hell do I find out anything bout this thing if nothing useful comes up on google! Just the CDJapan/PlayAsia pages that have the DVD’s on… There seem to be enough of these DVD’s on CDJapan… but…. I find nothing about what its about… its not listed on Sato Ryuta’s Dramawiki or his Asian Media Wiki listing… so I’m dumbfounded… How is it nothing exists about this thing in English? Is it a sketch show? A mini series? What?!

I know there was an anime version made last year, with the proper cast, but… theres not much about that either….. And I *think* it might have been based on a manga… or a manga was made after… I’m really not sure…

Ok, theres an officially site for it, but still doesn’t really help much…. It seems to have been going since at least 2005, and new stuff is still being released….

EDIT: Ok, so it seems the DVD’s are listed under a few names, sanmeisama has gotten me new results, and even a video, which I’m looking at now. Linky here, tis a the 1st episode far as I can guess from the ep 1 translation on the official site lol. EDIT: Ok, so Veoh have like 4 episodes, but if I search The3名様 in google, I get up alot of different stuff(like the Japanese wiki article on it), got the ‘The3名様’ from the Veoh vids. Thats 3 different names now… Theres some on youtube, will add some here, shame no subs though…

EDIT: YAY! Found 1 with subs so far, I hope this YT user has more with subs, will check, and then check back lol.

EDIT: And finally, here, theres like a little synopsis & list of all the eps & where they’re available on the web far as I can tell… So it is like a mini sketch show thing, reminds me of Kevin Smith stuff, in that, random/stoner/slice of life kinda thing lol.

Only thing I don’t understand now is why its not listed in Sato Ryuta’s Filmography on any sites I’ve seen…

J/K-drama Watch List

February 28, 2010

Title card for Samurai High School. We loved it. & the ED theme.

Thought I’d make a list of what we need/want to watch lol.

We’ve already got through;

Samurai High School

We’re currently watching;

Bloody Monday
(And I’m watching on my own, Bambino! lol… I shud control myself & wait… but…. its awesome…)

And we will eventually watch;

Gokusen 1/2/3/Movie/Specials
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Massugu no Otoko(Maybe just I’ll watch this lol)
Zettai Kareshi
Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes(Well…maybe this just I’ll watch haha, but still..)
The Game

Theres Full House & some Banjun Drama for the K-drama so far, but its harder to get lol, and we’re picky.

We started out with movies first though, Shindo, Koizora, Detroit Metal City, Aquarian Age, I’m a Cyborg, but thats OK, not in that order lol. Theres still more to watch though, but TV has distracted us…

Ultra Miracle Love Story(which we’re watching tonight finally, awesome Matsuken-ness!!)
Gachi Boy(Which I started watching one night, but forced myself to stop haha, its so adorable… and it’ll be sad…)
Do Not Laugh At My Romance
Gohatto(Already seen it, but Purplezest hasn’t lol)

Transferring files around is a bitch…… 4.7GB should not take over 8 minutes….. grrr…

Otaku? (+ some not-so-random bishies)

February 24, 2010

You don't get it right? Thats cos only hardcore, obsessive fans would. Don't argue with me on that. (This is one of the many epic designs from Detour Design on Cafepress, click to go there.)

Now, I thought ‘otaku’ was just a word for someone who is obsessed with something, yes it’s more commonly connected to anime/manga etc, but thats not the proper-proper use, is it? In Japanese its a word for someone with an obsession for a certain area(there are other meanings I’m aware of too, its also a suffix like -san/-dono/-chan etc which I wasn’t as aware of lol), but some still want to use it just for anime/manga/eroge obsessions. After becoming a fan of anime/manga when I was 13(I think…) I wasn’t really aware of the use of otaku at all, why would I be? I live in a country that once wrote off most Japanese cartoons as pornographic thanks to Urotsukidoji lol. That was then though, this is now. Much more accepting of it… I think lol.
I’ve always been… easy to get obsessed with something, when I was ickle, it was Dalmatians, thanks to 101 Dalmatians. Favourite Disney movie of all time, and will remain that way, for mostly sentimental reasons I think lol. But that lasted with me, and still is with me now really, until I was 9 or so, when Pokemon arrived, and Pokemon is still with me now lol, can’t wait for Soul Silver to come out!! Am soooo tempted to import… even though there’s only a couple of weeks in between US & UK releases… still seems unfair that we have to wait…


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