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B1A4 – Let’s Fly!

October 24, 2011

Because of the way these boys promoted before their debut, I got quite attached. Seeing manhwa on AKP don’t happen often lol. So it caught my eye to say the least. They’re named after their blood groups, 1 is type B, and the rest are A. That and ‘Be the one, All for one’ another meaning behind their name. And the pretty pretty comic below the cut :DD


Autumn(Fall) Season Anime 2011 – My picks… so far…

October 22, 2011

As I mentioned before, so far I’ve seen Persona 4, Un-Go, Ben-To, Guilty Crown and Kimi to Boku. I’m sure I’ll try a few others, like Mirai Nikki, when I get the chance. I’ve not even seen this weeks Castle yet, or Being Erica… but I’m writing for like 3 different websites now, including a new kpop blog :DD So being kept thoroughly busy :3 Onto the anime I say!! First up, Persona 4!!


Latest Addiction; BIGBANG

March 3, 2011

With the release of Big Bang‘s comeback and newest mini album I’ve become a little… enthusiastic you might say. I completely love this new album of theirs, tis weird, because I don’t think I thought much of a lot of their discography before… but now I’m working my way steadily through the 400-odd MB’s I had on my exHD.

The cover of the mini album, Tonight. Very purdy. I wants. But shall wait. Too many Kpop albums I want haha. If the UK made CD’s this pretty and released them with posters and limited edition card things, I might actually buy more music. BUT they don’t. So its their loss really ;P


This just in ~

October 19, 2010

Ka. Wa. IIIII. Ne? XD

So… this is a like a giant/mass report on the last month pretty much. Everything thats happened and everything thats going to happen in the next few weeks. I think…

So, I’ll start off with the fact I’m back at uni :woop: Living in student digs free from the reign of the parentals! Exact same room as last year, one of the same roommates, but one went awol just after christmas, so we have a new one. Still assessing… might be a bit too chavvy/noisy for our liking :\
Course wise, you may not know I switched. From Animation Design to Graphic Design & Illustration. Just lots and lots and LOTS of drawing. Which is goooooooood. Takes up a fair amount of time, but thats cool. I’m managing to balance the education with the recreation. Skip below the cut to see what I’ve been up to ;).


Super Junior – Bonamana *busy fangirling*

May 10, 2010

Super Juniors new single, Bonamana, 미인아 Its trending right now on Twitter. Love it. Even the YT tag is trending ffs!

So glad I got my timing right and was browsing the SuJu fanforum to know when stuff would be released. And thank god I checked Youtube when I did XD

I really like the new single, does sound reminiscent of ‘Sorry Sorry’ & ‘Ring Ding Dong’ though. Not a bad thing I say. 🙂

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