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My History of Gaming

August 17, 2013

(This is a very very long post, probably TLDR for most. I warn you now. And I’d do cliff notes of sorts, but that’d end up being quite long too I’d bet XD)

So the earliest games I remember playing are on PC. Things like Quake, Duke Nukem, Doom and Bedlam, great things for a 6 year old to be playing I’m sure. But I was playing Catz and Dogz and Adiboo, along with Sonic and other more wholesome PG rated games too. Like Hex. And Prince of Persia. And the Disney platformers of course. My betting is that EVERYONE remembers getting stuck on the stampede level at least 5-10 times. I’m not even sure I ever got past it. Our copy of Jungle Book was glitchy too, so I honestly I can’t remember completing it. Aladdin I also remember very fondly.

As well as PC gaming, from an early age, I remember being able to play Sega and Playstation round my friend’s houses. Paperboy and Echo across the road at my friend’s place, when I was like 5-6. And round my brother’s friend’s house I got to have my first experience of Final Fantasy. 7 to be specific. I remember very well catching Chocobo and trying to breed rare ones on the air ship. And Chocobo racing at the Golden Saucer of course, because who doesn’t love that? And the pointless mini games to make points. We also got to play the slightly less suitable Bloody Roar. Which I reveled in beating my younger brother on, probably button bashing madly, but still, I beat him. And that’s all that mattered back then. I was the rabbit. He was often the lion or wolf. I punched him to the tune of jingle bells. I remember very very well….


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