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I am not ok.

October 26, 2015

i shall not cry

Thanks to certain colleagues(now ex-friends) at work I was kind of emotionally ready for it. But I really wasn’t. Because I kept telling myself they wouldn’t. They couldn’t. They would never. But they did.

And now I am sat here with all these creys and feels. And I don’t know what to do. I need something happy and fluffy. I watched Steven Universe and then Concrete Revolutio right after…. but even that’s not enough… it’s not as bad as when the Tenth Doctor regenerated, I’m not in that state. But it’s still pretty bad.

Why do none of my favourite characters live……



WHY DID THEY CANCEL SELFIE?!?!? – And the unjust cancellation of other tv shows…

November 19, 2014

When stuff like The Mindy Project and New Girl(which I do watch to be fair, but I wouldn’t be devastated if it was cancelled) are still going strong, why does Selfie get tossed aside? For the past 3 seasons of new TV, every comedy I have grown attached to, they have cancelled. Two by NBC, Go On in 2012-2013 and The Crazy Ones in 2013-2014, and now Selfie, cancelled by ABC. Why do I always like the doomed ones? I’m the same picking characters to root for, usually they don’t get the girl/fail in their mission.) Why couldn’t I like the popular ones? I’m lucky Community has got to 6 seasons, hell, it was almost cancelled once, the officially cancelled, but then resurrected, so I can be grateful for that at least. But for the past 3 seasons… all my favourites…


Autumn Season TV – Selfie

November 7, 2014


I LOVE this show. I hate the name. But I LOVE this show. It might be down to Karen Gillan and John Cho. But it’s inherently watchable. My friend likens it to New Girl. I suppose in the fact that it’s cute and kooky in places, I’d agree. BUT New Girl has a more ensemble cast. Selfie rides on the loveliness of Karen and John. And the fact there is usually at least one moment in each episode which makes me want to scream ‘MAKE OUT!!’ or ‘NOW KISS!!’ at the TV. Soon…….


Autumn Season TV – Bad Judge

October 29, 2014
This pretty much sums the show up.

This pretty much sums the show up.

As much as I wanted to like this, because of Addison, I mean Kate Walsh, so far it’s just.. ok. It’s entertaining. But it’s not my favourite new comedy. Plenty of familiar faces, even Anne Heche who created it, who I fondly remember from Volcano and Ally McBeal. AND she apparently voiced Root Bear Guy’s wife, Cherry Cream Soda.


Autumn Season TV – Detectorists

October 29, 2014
Crook and Jones. Doing their... "thang".

Crook and Jones. Doing their… “thang”.

My dad mentioned this series, and I didn’t give it much thought, because describing it doesn’t do it justice. As it’s basically about 2 guys who go metal detecting in the countryside. It’s written, directed by and stars Mackenzie Crook. It also stars Toby Jones. Who I only just found out does the voice of Dobby in Harry Potter o___o;. But I knew Jones from Doctor Who, Captain America, Hunger Games, Finding Neverland(perfect as Smeeee) and The Mist, which I must rewatch sometimes. Mackenzie Crook I knew from POTC, Almost Human, lotsa stuff. He’s cool. He’s oddly charming in Detectorists.


Autumn Season TV – Constantine (Spoilers)

October 28, 2014

I’m trying quite a few of the new season shows. Things like Scorpion and Gotham have already dug their heels in and are on my list for as long as they air. But there are plenty of other shows I’m still undecided on, and some I love unconditionally, but don’t see lasting. T-T Yesterday we tried Constantine.

So this is the guy playing Constantine. I think this guy looks better with brown hair.

So this is the guy playing Constantine. I think this guy looks better with brown hair.


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