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A look back at 2018’s anime; How many did you watch?

January 23, 2019

Now, even though I haven’t posted much… in the last… however many years(2 and a halfish), I’ve still very much been keeping up with the anime airing each season each year. Probably because of that I’ve not written anything. But I’d like to try and change that. Juggling work, what I watch, play and sometimes read is always difficult though. BUT!!! Let’s give it a whirl!

screencap anichart

I’ll confess that my taste in anime can sometimes be questionable. But I feel you need some trash in your life to balance out the Oscar/award-worthy titles. That said, I don’t stoop as low as “In Another World with my Smartphone” and “The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar”… but I do enjoy more than the odd isekai, which my best boy has pretty much tapped out on as he feels the market is oversaturated and they all have dumb titles. Which is probably true for about half of anime these days anyway.



November 18, 2015
So many waifu's... how does one choose?

So many waifu’s… how does one choose?

Out of all the shows the debuted during the summer season, few actually gripped me enough to keep watching.
One such show happened to be Monster Musume. Which many manga readers may know of. However if you are not a huge fan of gratuitous fanservice, I’d steer clear of this one. It’s a funny series, but only if you can deal with the levels of nudity and such. Try the opening and go from there 😉


Autumn/Fall Anime Season 2015 – Tasters~

October 22, 2015
From Concrete Revolutio, my favourite new show, so far :3

From Concrete Revolutio, my favourite new show, so far :3

So the new season of anime is upon us. Last season had some damn fine shows. Charlotte. Shimoneta. Monster Musume. Gate. Overlord. So hopefully Autumn will have some good shows.

Some of the shows I’ve listed I haven’t seen yet, some I have. Trying to balance anime and western TV shows AND games is tough. Wednesday tends to be my catch up day. And I still don’t get through all of it. Today I couldn’t just spend the entire day watching stuff either, had to go get me a flu jab. *wooooooo*

So where shall I start…..


On the hunt…

January 11, 2010

…for a new Twitter compatible mobile… I’ve become somewhat addicted…. and my phones too basic to handle any twitter application(that I can find), its a Nokia 2680 Slide. If anyone knows of twitter apps any that work with more basic phones, do tell!

I love Nokia’s to bits… and I’d love to get another one… with a keypad, touchscreen-only bugs me… qwerty would be nice, but the N97 is crazy expensive, and I’m not willing to fork out for that. Ofc I won’t restrict myself if theres a nice twitter compatible phone which has a keypad/qwerty keypad with decent battery life lol.

Any ideas?

How annoying is Parcelforce?!?!

September 18, 2009
I'd like to Geass their asses into providing a better service...

I'd like to Geass their asses into providing a better service...

I mean really! We pay for EMS shipping, the best available on HLJ, and then we get the super sucky, delayed services of Parcelforce when your package reaches the UK! EVEN if it is under the £18 threshold for outside-the-EU imports! Why bother forking out the extra cash, if its gonna take nearly as long as SAL anyways??!! I just wanted to get it before I left for Uni… but I doubt its gonna arrive tomorrow, so my parents are gonna have to either bring it to me or send it too me! GAWD Parcelforce suck, and Mr.Parcelforce, I hope you’re reading this!! Do you know how much pain you cause importers? I’ve seen the cases via google on forums and such, and they’re all horror stories!! Get your butts in gear! Your worse than Royal Mail for crying out loud!! And they’re almost striking at the moment!!!! Little more below, and   vid…


Top Searches – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

August 21, 2009

Today it seems that ‘ass’ has been edged out of place by Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. And I was quite looking forward to doing a post about ass lol. I still haven’t got through the whole Nanoha series… stopped ep 2 of A’s. Got distracted I think.




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